Alternatives To YouTube

YouTube is a very popular and very useful website. It has a lot of features which allow you to use video to promote your business, share personal experiences, or do pretty much whatever you want.

However, YouTube isn't the end-all of video sites. With that in mind, here are some alternatives:

  • Facebook - That's right; the social networking site you likely already use is a great place to put video. You can upload videos, add them with Facebook Mobile, or record straight from your webcam - and still use the "tag" feature.

  • Metacafe - Metacafe's focus is more on short-form entertainment for video games, sports, movies, etc. It's not TV episodes or movies, 10 minutes at a time, but instead short, standalone videos.

  • VideoJug - This site focuses more on instructional videos and how-to videos. This is great if you have a certain expertise you can share with others.

  • Vimeo - It a site to share creative work, short movies, music videos, etc. Most videos are HD quality and a decent production value.

  • yfrog - What is perhaps better known as a photo-sharing site used on Twitter, yfrog also does video. Because it is so popular on Twitter, it allows you to upload, post, and share them on your social networking accounts and from your mobile device.

  • Viddler - This video site is more about branding, and is therefore mostly used by businesses and corporations. However, there's no reason you can't do the same with your business or personal brand.

  • Photobucket - This is another primarily-used-for-pictures site, but it does have video features which are worth exploring.

  • Flickr - Flickr is also better known for its photo sharing, but also have video capabilities. Videos have a 90-second limit; but even though videos are short, the goal is to capitalize on the huge network Flickr already has in place.

  • - If you have the means or desire to start your own webcast, webseries, or webisodes, is likely your best bet. This site is geared toward ongoing content that is uploaded regularly.

  • DailyMotion - DailyMotion is the second most popular video sharing website (second to YouTube) with a wide variety of content. While there is plenty of amateur content, it mostly features professional and quality clips. There is also an emphasis on community and social interaction.

So if you're looking to use video to expand your business, promote yourself, and share your content, there's no reason not to go to YouTube - but that doesn't mean you shouldn't also explore some of the other options available to you. They may be more catered to what you're looking for.

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