Innovative Features in iPad Creates Ripples of Excitement in the Technology

The popularity of iPad among youngsters encourages iPad application developers to add more interactive applications to it. The App store itself is home to several thousands of iPad applications.

Some of the in-built applications developed by ipad Application Development team include:

iBook store - This application allows you to read books and buy it, if you are interested. All you have to do is just download the free application from the App store. Using this application you can browse through nearly 1.5 million books. You can buy the book and download it to your iPad on the spot. To read it in other devices you can make use of the iCloud app.

Do you have the habit of highlighting texts? In your iPad you can do it. By using reading tools you can highlight text or underline it. You can also make notes and search for the meaning of a word in the dictionary or on the web. By switching on the Voiceover tool, the iPad will read the book for you. Buy books from the iBook store and create an online library.

Photo gallery - The photo application can be used to shoot, view and manage snaps in a well mannered way. The application has tools to make slideshows, view photos and share photo stream. The tool to make slide show can assist in combining favourite shots with your favourite music and creating an attractive slide show. Watch the slide show on your iPad or on your HDTV.

Another exciting tool added to this application by the ipad Application Developers is view photo by location. You may have gone to Switzerland and take some interesting snaps. To locate it make use of the places feature. A map will appear with pins on the places you visited and photos u took. Tap the pin and enjoy the photos you had taken from the visited places right on your iPad. Pick the photos you want to share with your friends and use shared photo stream tool and iCloud to share it with your friends. Your friends can leave comments on the space provided.

Map app - This map app guides you and takes you to places which are not familiar. To find a cafe or a restaurant, follow the directions given on the map app. Maps speak the direction. Along with 3D view, it will show you signs and arrows. This makes it easy to identify the place to which you are headed. The traffic info tool in the map app gives real-time traffic conditions. This will assist in calculating the ETA. You can explore the world like never before by zooming, panning, and rotating the map around your city. The application developed by the ipad App Development made it possible to reach the nook and corner of the world with a single touch. Quite interesting!

The quest for more and more exciting and thrilling applications encourages the ipad Application Development department of different companies to concentrate on those fields that are yet to be exploited. Any applications that meet customers' needs are getting a warm welcome in the technology world.

How To Cut Through the Gimmicks and Lose Real Weight

You can find dozens of articles that deal with the minute details of weight loss. They will tell you things like eat exactly this many calories, do this many reps and sets in the gym, or increase your cardio by this many minutes per week. Well what I wanted to do was look at weight loss from a larger perspective. I want to provide a larger look at the situation, and what kind of mindset you can put yourself in in order to lose weight. Weight loss is a two-fold proposition. It is simply about input vs. output. Simply, you need to be burning more calories than you take in.


First of all, you have to cut calories. Now, I won't give you detailed diet plans because those are impossible to stick to. Instead, there are some basics that you can live your life by. First of all, your diet should consist primarily of lean protein, vegetables, and healthy complex carbohydrates. The protein will provide your muscles with energy and help you rebuild after a tough workout, while the vegetables and complex carbs will provide you with a full feeling for hours. This helps you eat less, and thus consume fewer calories. Make sure to check your labels for calorie information, even for fruits and vegetables. Every calorie counts when trying to lose weight, and I would hate to see you run a calorie surplus for the day because you ate an extra apple and banana.


It is not enough to simply to eat the right foods. Timing also plays a role. Your body will immediately switch into survival mode once a meal is digested because it does not know when it's next meal is going to be. This is why your body stores fat instead of immediately using energy. This system can be overridden though, if you know the right secret. The secret here is to eat several small meals throughout the day, the total of which should just reach your calorie goal for the day. When eating multiple small meals you body is always digesting something. This helps you consume less but still feel full all day, and prevents your body from storing fat because it's not going into survival mode. Yes, it is difficult to eat often and consume the correct amount of calories over a whole day, so your best tool is going to be:

Portion Control

That's right, at the start of every day, week, or whatever frequency you choose, portion your meals up into separate containers. If you're doing this regularly that means that you're not going out to eat, which saves calories, and you're going to save a lot of money at the same time. If you know that you get to eat your next mini-meal in an hour, you have a lower risk of over-eating when you finally get that meal. When you constantly know what you're going to eat next and when, it's very liberating.

Give this diet plan a try. As a side note before we continue however, I want to express my distaste for the term "diet". What this plan is isn't a diet, it's a system of eating that helps you eat less. The term diet insinuates that it is temporary. If you go back to your old eating habits you will gain back every pound. That is how you got there in the first place. For this system to work, you have to stick with it long-term.


The other side of the weight loss equation is filled by working out. In order for your body to lose weight you must run a calorie deficit, which causes your body to use your fat stores for energy. Once your new eating plan is in place, you must sit down and plan out your attack on working out. Try different forms of cardio, and mix in some weight training at least twice per week. You may find that you like biking either inside or outside, or running inside or outside. Try all of them and see what you like the best. The goal here is to stick with this long-term, so you must enjoy what you are doing. For reference, I enjoy running outside the most with either music or talk radio on my iPod. This is very distracting, which is the point. If you get distracted with a song, you can easily run half a mile while it is playing. Anyway, start out slow. When I started running it was jogging half a mile, and then walking home. You quickly gain stamina though, so by the end of the first summer I was running 4 miles. It is very hard to do, but the runners high you get after your done makes it all worth it.

Another option for working out is by doing one the popular workout programs today such as p90x, insanity, or 10-minute trainer. These programs are popular because they work! They raise your intensity so that you can get done faster. If you click one of the links below you can learn more about these great programs!


And finally, the conclusion. If you follow this eating and workout plan, you will lose weight, plain and simple. The funny thing is, after a while of doing this it becomes routine, and you really get addicted. A low-calorie eating plan because normal, and you actually feel bad if you don't workout. It becomes second nature, and soon you will see real results. The results make you feel great. You will have more confidence, more drive, and a lot more energy. Good luck!

Completely Unbiased Review of the Polk PSWI225 Wireless Subwoofer

One thing is sure about the Polk PSWI225 subwoofer - its aesthetics are amazing. However, for a selling price tag of $400, such a product has to boast more than just aesthetics. This article will reveal all of its beneficial features and all of its drawbacks. Using this information, you can then choose whether or not the Polk subwoofer is worth the money.

Wireless transmitter

Wireless is a feature that certainly adds practicality to this subwoofer. Visualize installing a subwoofer without having to deal with wires everywhere! The wireless feature also improves this subwoofer's portability by a huge factor.

Interference, however, is often a problem with wireless devices. The PSWI225 transmits at 2.4 gigahertz, and we initially hypothesized that bringing other wireless devices such as laptops and mobiles phones in the vicinity of the subwoofer would cause at the very least some interference. We are delighted to announce, however, that in our assessments, we surrounded the subwoofer with a several wireless devices and did not notice any interference at all! This was a surprise compared to the usual interference we usually discover when testing wireless products. It seems like Polk took care of the interference issue - we have to hand it to them, they did a fantastic job.

Build Quality

For $400, the PSWI225 certainly has a top-of-the-line build quality. This product has an unbelievably high build quality. If you do choose to purchase this subwoofer, you're not going to be searching for a new one any time in the near future. Like every one of Polk's products, the PSWI225 has gone through the industry's most vigorous quality assessments. Polk subwoofers are constructed from the very beginning with the goal of lasting a lifetime.

Convenience and Portability

Here are some of the PSWI225 physical specs:

  • Height: 13"
  • Width: 12.5"
  • Depth: 12.5"
  • Weight: 27lbs

What these details mean is that, firstly, the subwoofer itself does not consume much room, and secondly, its low weight makes it easy to move around when installing it. Such a tiny subwoofer is ideal for smaller environments, and because of Polk's extremely modern technology, it can be placed anywhere in the room and its bass will stay the same. Merge this with the PSWI225's wireless feature and you've got an extremely portable and pragmatic subwoofer that will perform well in almost every possible setup/situation imaginable.

Floor Firing

The Polk PSWI225 is a floor firing subwoofer. This is a huge advantage to look for when looking for a subwoofer! The reason why floor firing subwoofers are so amazing is because they are very effective wherever you place them. You could place it in the corner, under the bed, or anywhere else you desire. This makes the PSWI225 even more convenient. Floor firing subwoofers fill the whole room with equal amounts of bass.

Note: For the Polk PSWI225 to perform as effectively as possible, it should be placed on a solid surface (e.g. Marble, Wood, Concrete, Tile). If you have a carpet surface, you could put a square wood plank beneath the subwoofer.

Butyl Rubber Surrounds

The PSWI225 has authentic Butyl Rubber surrounds which will help provide the ultimate sound experience for when listening to music or playing games. Such surrounds are also very durable - known to last for more than 20 years. Using this system, you can be sure to get very clear sound while keeping excellent levels of bass.

100 Watt Amplifier

With 100 Watts of continuous power derived from the amplifier, one can be sure that the PSWI225 will have sufficient power to provide the bass demanded of it. Also, the amplifier is able to source up to 200W of dynamic power, ensuring that the subwoofer will never lack the energy to perform effectively.

Furthermore, the amplifier is full of fancy features too: it comes with subwoofer volume control, adjustable low-pass crossover, and phase switch. These technical features are what enable you to possess a high degree of control over the Polk PSWI225.

Other Unique Features

  • Easy-to-access line- and speaker-level inputs
  • Driver materials, speaker geometry and enclosure designed to produce very clean and clear sounds
  • Rugged long-throw dynamic balance co-polymer driver
  • Onboard Polk Digital Logic: Intelligent auto-sensing technology that automatically chooses the appropriate low-pass filter

How to Be Irresistible to Women - 6 Hot Tips

Oh, here is that word... irresistible. Mmmmmm! Who does not have that goal? What man does not want women to have their hands all over him? There are so many ways you can accomplish this, even if there is only one special lady you are looking to get this attention from. It is not difficult at all, really, it isn't. A few tweaks here and there and you can have almost any woman you want pawing at you. So listen carefully to these six secrets and before you know it women will be pounding down your door to get to you.

1. Smell Good

Showers help in this department, but we are talking about spending a little extra bling bling on the after shave and cologne you choose to use. Smell is everything when it comes to being irresistible. Think about it in these terms. You walk into a restaurant and the scent of freshly grilled steak assaults your senses. Instantly your stomach begins to growl and you know right away what you are ordering. The same is true for women. If you walk past her wearing Calvin Klein instead of Old Spice, she knows she wants an order of you!

2. Be a Romantic

Whether you have a lady in your life already, or are having a potential long-term over to your place, romance is the key. Sure, sex is great--okay, a little better than this--but romance is irresistible. What is romantic, you ask? Start off with a dinner you prepare for just the two of you. Eat by candlelight with soft music playing in the background. Suggest a movie afterward, but not just any movie you see. There is not a woman on earth who doesn't love "An Officer and A Gentleman." Oh when Richard Gere comes into the factory dressed in his Navy whites and sweeps Debra Winger off her feet, carrying her off... *this* is romance. Take notes buddy, because after this she is putty in your hands. Stand her up, sweep her off her feet and carry her into your bedroom that is laden with rose petals. Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

3. Show Your Adventurous Side

Women love adventure and unpredictability. So give her what she wants. Try something new as often as possible. When you pick her up for your date, cover her eyes with a blindfold. Won't she be surprised when you arrive for your skydiving lesson? The thrill of not knowing what you have planned combined with the adventure of the date itself sends your irresistibility level off the charts.

4. Thoughtfulness Goes a Long Way

Women love a thoughtful guy, so you better start thinking. You do not have to rush out to the jeweler and buy her a diamond bracelet. In fact, she will appreciate you more if you just present her with a Hallmark card that says, "You are so special to me," or something along those lines. This tells her you are thinking about her and have the ability to show how you feel. Talk about wow factor--this is definitely it.

5. The Dominance Factor

Okay, before we go any further with this secret, let us get one thing straight. Dominance does not mean you tie her up and tell her it is your way or the highway. You do not purchase a whip to keep her in line. Dominance in this context means you take the lead in situations. It means you are the alpha male as you are destined to be. You make the decisions, but you do not degrade her as a person. Although women have an unconscious attraction to dominant men, it does not mean you are aggressive in any manner. It simply means you take strong action to get what you want. This is what she finds irresistible about you.

6. Be Funny

Women will find you irresistible no matter what if you can make them laugh. They love to laugh, they love being positive. It does not matter how attractive she is, or if you think she is completely out of your league. If you can get her to giggle and smile, she is all yours my friend.

So here are the secrets to being completely irresistible to women. You see, they really are not as complicated as you thought they would be, are they? Implement them into your life today... right now. I promise you that you will have your choice of the opposite sex soon, very soon.

Understanding the Impact of Duplicate Website Content

When you begin to create a web presence for your work from home business, it can be tempting to look for short cuts to get things up and running. We all know that the best websites are fantastic sources of information, telling us things we don't know from news to how-to guides and articles.

The quickest way to create a rich website that is full of great content is to bring together some of the content that is already available online. But did you know that duplicate content on your website can seriously harm your reputation? Even copying just a few pages from a competing website can result in damage to your reputation, your search engine performance and - ultimately - your success.

The simple answer is to make sure that everything on your website is entirely unique. But, even if you spend the time and money creating an original online home for your business, you can still be affected by duplicate content. After all, there are hundreds of other people that might think it is a good idea to 'borrow' some of the work that you have done.

Read on to find out more about duplicate content, what constitutes online plagiarism, and the impact of this on your business. You will also learn more about what you should be doing to protect your website against the constant threat of content theft.

Why must your website content be unique?

As you browse the Internet, you will see that some websites include a statement on every page that tells you who owns the copyright. The reality is, though, that the copyright symbol and statement of ownership mean nothing.

As soon as somebody creates something, it is their intellectual property. There are no exceptions, and no further action is required.

Taking this information passing it off as your own is a criminal act. If that is not enough of a deterrent, duplicate content will also affect your search engine ranking. Search engine crawlers trawl the Internet, analysing the quality of web sites and their individual pages. These crawlers all have one goal - to find the pages that are the source of great information.

If a crawler thinks that your website is a source of valuable information that visitors will find useful, you will be placed higher in the search engine results. That means that you will attract more visitors and, in turn, more customers.

But the most important word here is source. If you are not the source of information but just a person that repeats it, search engine crawlers will either ignore your website altogether or actively downgrade your rank.

Search engines even grow concerned if you duplicate your own content. If pages on your website repeat the same information, you will appear to be making your site look bigger and more useful than it really is.

For more information on Google's attitudes to duplicate content, visit

Protect Your Website Against Content Theft

There is little doubt that you need to invest the time that it takes to create a website full of valuable, original content. That is why so many businesses write blog posts, articles and web pages on a variety of subjects related to their business.

But if you are going to invest your resources in top quality content, what can you do to stop it from being stolen? After all, the Internet is a public place and putting valuable business assets online such as articles and blog posts is like leaving a window open to your home, or handing someone the code to your safe.

Unfortunately, there are very few ways to protect your content against theft. Some webmasters and business owners take drastic measures, such as switching off the ability for customers to right click on images, making it harder to save a copy. Although this is a moderately effective deterrent, it can interfere with the experience that your legitimate customers get.

Another common technique is to add hidden lines in content. These lines provide a date, time and credit for your content, but can't be easily seen by people who would plan to use the content for themselves.

Of course, this does not really help to protect your content, but instead makes it easier for you to identify websites that are using it without your permission. What's more, this is not easy for novice website owners to implement.

Thankfully, there is an easier way to make sure that your content is not copied.

Using CopyScape To Check If Your Website Has Been Copied

There is one free online tool that makes it easy to check for plagiarised (copied) versions of your content online. Copyscape allows you to enter the address of your website and automatically check for similar content on other domains. In just a few seconds, you can see if somebody has been copying your work.

In addition, CopyScape offers an affordable paid plan that constantly monitors your website and checks for copies around the web. This is a great way to get on with focusing on your website, safe in the knowledge that you will be notified if somebody else copies it.

Of course, another effective solution is to search Google every now and then for some key phrases from your website. Most people that steal content make no attempt to edit it, but leave it intact. That makes it incredibly easy to find!

Images Are Intellectual Property Too!

Finally, don't forget that images are also an important kind of intellectual property. With the advent of Google Image Search and other similar tools, it is easy for people to stumble on photos that you have taken and copy and paste them to their own websites having never seen your page.

At one time or another, most of us have used tools like Google Images to find some inspiration for website images, but using these photos without permission equates to theft of intellectual property.

If you are looking for royalty free images that you can use on your website, two great resources are Compfight and MorgueFile. Both of these sites are easily searchable to find the images that you need in high resolution.

If you find that somebody else is using your images without your permission, they are still subject to the laws of intellectual property.

What To Do If Your Website Has Been Copied

If you find that somebody else is using your work, without your permission, to improve their website, your first reaction will probably be anger.

I have been the victim of plagiarism before now, and felt prepared to pick up the phone and start shouting at the webmaster in question! The truth is, though, that this is rarely a productive solution.

But as you take time to think and plan a response, you have several options available to you. Make sure that you consider them all fully.

1. Do Nothing

Depending on the content and how duplication will affect you, you might decide to do nothing at all.

For example, if an image has been borrowed that is fairly generic, there may be little reason to be annoyed.

It is also important to note that, providing you are the original source of information and search engine crawlers found your website first, you have nothing to lose. Your search engine rank will remain unchanged, while the other site is seen as a duplicate and ranked down accordingly.

But if you do nothing, you give permission to people that steal content. It might be okay this time, but what happens when they steal more?

2. Contact The Offending Website To Ask For Credit

Often, it is enough to simply get in touch with the offending webmaster. Write a polite email that explains that you have found their website and have noticed that the content is duplicated.

Usually, you should ask for the content to be removed. Putting search engines aside, if a potential customer happens to find this duplicate content before they see yours, it is only natural that they would assume you are the duplicate, not the source.

But, particularly with regard to blog posts and articles, it can be a great idea to allow the content to be used, providing that you receive credit and a link back to your website. Simply put, you have very little to lose and if the offending webmaster just happens to find success, it could be helpful to have a link sending traffic back to your business.

3. Use A DMCA Notice To Stop Duplicate Content

If the situation cannot be resolved in a friendly, cooperative way, webmasters can now use recent legal changes to have the content removed.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a specific set of regulations that applies to copyright and ownership of content on the web. This is the same law that is used to prevent music and film piracy, so you can be confident that it is taken very seriously!

The first step in pursuing a claim for removal of content under the DMCA is issuing a takedown notice. You can create your own using the templates available at

Of course, particularly unprofessional and unhelpful webmasters may just ignore your notice, or not be accessible via email. If so, you should take steps to contact the web hosting provider that runs the offending website - they are also obliged to remove stolen content on their servers. You can find out which hosting provider the website uses by visiting

The Law Is On The Side of Content Creators

One blogger and e-book writer issued his own DMCA Takedown Notice after he found that his book was being illegally distributed around the web. In his post on the subject, he reports that the content was removed by the host in less than six minutes!

Duplicate content can harm your website and your reputation and, if you are unable to reach an amicable conclusion, it is good to know that the law is on your side. So start creating that rich original content now, safe in the knowledge that it is protected against theft!

Producing Video for Business - 10 Essential Tips

Video is the quickest growing - and most useful - communications channel today by far. From the incredible popularity of YouTube to marketing strategy, your business success depends on video.

But starting a production, you need to make the following informed decisions:

1. What's Your Objective? What's your video's goal? General info? Advertising and Marketing? Training and Instruction? Entertainment? The only way for your production to succeed is to be crystal clear about what you want viewers to do after they've seen your video.

2. Video Quality Reflects Your Company Quality: whatever your objective, the better your video production, the better it will attract viewers and achieve your objectives. From filming to editing, make sure every part is highest quality.

3. Get Video Professionals: hire an experienced video company, unless you are experienced in production and editing. The most successful people focus on core competence, and delegate the rest.

4. Better Video, Lower Cost: What's your scheduling deadline? The key to successful production is in planning or pre-production - and you need sufficient time.

5. Who Is Your Audience? Who will be watching your video? Employees? Potential customers? Students? For each and every audience, production needs to be planned and created for your audience.

6. Who Is On Camera? Who will be on camera? Real-life customers or other people? You and your employees? A professional host or actors? A mix of the above?

7. Show, Don't Tell - The best video shows rather than tells. When planning your production, figure out what visual images might support your message. A great way to boost the element is with animation or motion graphics.

8. Where to Film Your Video? Where will it be filmed? Know the pros and cons of on-location production versus in a studio, indoors versus outdoors, weather, etc. Creative, attractive locations are also a great way to boost the production value of your production.

9. Video: What You See and Hear: Video has two parts - what you see, and what you hear. For example, music can add a lot to retaining viewer attention and getting your message across.

10. How Will Your Video Be Shown? How do you plan to show the video? Streaming might have different production strategies than DVD. For example web video is usually shown on a much smaller screen, so hire an experienced web producer.

Now is the ideal time for you to take advantage of the world's fastest-growing communications tool.

Teach Online to Make Money

It's amazing how the internet has changed our way of daily lives. Hundreds of years ago, who would have thought that instant messaging would transform the education system in a fun and convenient way? That's right. Online teaching is not just an excellent means to augment your income. It is also a fantastic way to carry out your passion in teaching.

Why teach online?

For most teachers, flexibility in work schedule is the main reason to pursue this career. Unlike in traditional schools and universities, you don't have to be tied down to a particular session or class hours. You can choose students who have the same time availability as yours.

What are the requirements?

Native speakers of English are much needed in countries where the mentioned language has become a major part of the educational programs. You must have a certification in TESOL (Teach English to Speakers of Other Language) and TEFL (Teach English as Foreign Language). These are short-term courses that would train you how to teach children in natural and interactive ways. Aside from academic subjects such as Math and Science, online tutors of music are also very in-demand. Piano and violin lessons are also taught via Skype and YM nowadays.

What are the tools?

In formal schools, teachers and pupils stay together inside a classroom for hours. But in online teaching, the tutor and the student will conduct the lesson via video chat. Computer, stable internet connectivity and a Skype account are necessary. Choosing to work in a schooling website means that you will have to follow a module and set of instructions which they will provide to you. However, going solo means that you will have to compose your own lesson plans.

How can I find students?

The easiest way to do this is to post your resume in the most reputed online institutions and language bulletin boards. You will see that plenty of parents from China, Korea and Japan are also looking for tutors who can teach their children at an affordable price. Before you get hired, you will be given a chance to introduce your self with the child. If the kid likes your teaching style, they will hire you.

How much can I earn?

On average, most online tutors are receiving from $25 to $60 per hour depending on experience and certificates of training. You can possibly make lots of money from this career but you will have to work 50 to 60 hours a week. So the question is, do you want to spend all your time in this job and do nothing else but teach?


Teaching online is a fantastic way to have another stream of income. You can be employed on a full-time basis in a formal university then teach online when time permits. The best part is that it allows you to meet different types of people from the other side of the world.