Hidden Meanings in Film

This is a copy of a Blog which appeared online in 2006.

Hidden Meanings in Film

Do you ever find yourself re-writing the script of a movie you are watching?

I am interested in peoples' ideas. Any one of us could come up with hidden meanings in films we have watched. How many interpretations can you come up with?

The 1960s film, Rio Bravo was ostensibly a western.

The archetypal good guy, the Sheriff (John Wayne apparently playing himself) was fighting against evil and apparently insurmountable odds

His only allies were a reluctant sidekick (played by Dean Martin, battling his personal demon (alcohol), a young cowboy (Ricky Nelson providing musical relief and representing youth and innocence) and an 'old timer' (representing solid and dependable justice) were a small band in the Sheriff's office making a lonely stand amidst the general apathy in the face of Mexican bandits who were terrorising the border town.

Was this film, having been made just a few years after the McCarthy era, with Senator Joe McCarthy 'battling' against the evil insurgence of what he saw as Communism in the film industry with old Hollywood fighting the new 'Liberal tendency'. What do you think?

Alan Renais' Providence, is a film about a dysfunctional family.

The father was a writer whose children apparently had no choice but to act out their lives according to his script. Whatever they did, they were bound to live out what he had planned for them.

The tensions were largely understated and apparently unresolved. The acting, particularly by Dirk Bogarde, as the son, was astounding.

This film had such an effect on me that I dreamed that the two main characters (father and grown up son) fought to the death with knives and a lot of blood in my bathroom. A comment on my relationship with my own father, perhaps? (It's ok, I did not kill him. I did say HIDDEN meanings.)

Daphne du Maurier's heroine in the filmed version of her novel, Rebecca, curiously a young woman without a name, had famously been described as the story of a young woman who idolised her father and subconsciously wanted to marry him.

She does marry an older man who, at least at the beginning of their relationship, treats her like a child. His former wife, the dead Rebecca, who we never see, being the mother/rival.

It is only when the truth of his former wife Rebecca's death is revealed, that Mr de Winter sees his wife as a grown up.

War films, many of which are favourites of mine, have a strong anti-war message in them. My all-time favourites being of this genre being 'Oh, What a Lovely War' and 'Zulu'.

Do we subconsciously choose films which have hidden meanings? What do you think? However bizarre or surreal, please add them here. I'd love to read them.

copyright Marguerite Hegley 2006

What Exactly Is Noise Induced Loss of Hearing?

Even though the changes in technology and industries around the world have helped make society achieve levels that they never thought possible, it is that same progress that has also made the world that much nosier of a place to live. Noise pollution is one of the top hazards to our health and it can be found just about anywhere you look. Radios, leaf blowers, car alarms and traffic jams flood our cities with sound levels that exceed the recommended hearing decibels. Many people believe that if they live in the country there will not be an issue with noise. However, farmers are at risk for noise exposure as a result of the machinery they use on their farms.

The one thing to remember is that a noise that is potentially harmful may not always be something that you do not want to hear. Music at one of your favorite concerts or a jackhammer pounding away on the sidewalks can both cause a lot of damage to your inner ear. Many sounds that deliver an equal intensity are just as dangerous as the other sounds out there, regardless of from where they are coming. Over time the repeated exposure to the high intensity sounds will end up causing trauma to your ear. Once your ears have encountered this trauma, you may be prone to hearing loss, a ringing in the ears and the occasional bouts of dizziness. Sometimes you may experience non-auditory effects that include an increase in your blood pressure or heart rate.

Approximately a third of the population with some form of hearing loss has an impairment that can be attributed in some way to an excessive amount of noise. Noise is the most common cause of hearing loss that we can prevent.

How Do You know if a Situation is Dangerous to Your Hearing?

People will have different sensitivity levels when it comes to noise. As a rule, noise may be damaging to a person's hearing when any of the following appear:

• The noise causes ear pain

• It is necessary to shout in order to be heard over the noise in the background

• After being exposed to the noise, the person is unable to hear for several hours afterwards

A lot of people once thought that you could make your ears tougher by simply listening to loud noises on a regular basis, but this is nowhere near the truth. In reality, the repeated noise has probably caused such damage to the ears that the person is not able to hear those specific noises as much. There is no treatment available for hearing loss that has occurred from excessive noise once the damage has already taken place.

The Best Work at Home Opportunities

The work at home field has an unfortunate reputation, and it is something that I have discussed at length. Why do work at home opportunities have this reputation? Simple. There are plenty of work at home job scams out there, and they're not hard to stumble on if you don't know where you're going.

You really can learn the best way to work at home, or learn how to market your product online, and even how to start a home business online. However, there are some caveats, and you have to be mindful where you step.

Internet marketing is a completely open field, with almost no barriers to entry. An unscrupulous person has just as much ability to market as an honest person does. Internet marketing can be used for almost anything, and once you've learned how to market online, there is no stopping you from using your skills and abilities for the "dark side.

These marketers will formulate the same kind of work at home job scams that promise you $250 within 5 minutes. They get you to sign up and buy a "full system" that is supposed to help you, but they are often nothing more than a system meant to get you to buy ever more products and services! I'm sure you see where I'm going with this. They are making commissions off all this on the back end, and you are basically paying to be put into another marketing funnel.

With all that being said however, I must also admit that I am guilty of pushing the notion that there are so many scams in the work at home field that one is hard-pressed to find anything "legitimate." Frankly I'm just tired of taking that position, and I don't want to contribute to that line of thinking anymore, because I've come to realize how much missed opportunity can occur as a result of these constant warnings.

Suffice it to say for now that the best work at home opportunities are those that you create for yourself.

Are there work at home job scams out there? Yes. But are they so pervasive that they negate the possibility of finding a legitimate work at home opportunity? No, of course not!

But you might not know it from the rhetoric of some who choose to condemn the very field that gives them their livelihood. I think that internet marketers, myself included, have been too quick to jump on the "don't get scammed" bandwagon and to focus too much on making apologies for the actions of others.

So I want to turn this around here, and take time to look once more at the benefits. There is more positive than negative in my view, and I'm just tired of talking about the work at home job scams! Working at home is such a great opportunity for so many people, and I don't want people to miss out because they think it's impossible to find a legitimate work from home business opportunity.

So what is positive about working from home?
Well first, you get to be your own boss! This is an especially poignant benefit for me, because I'm a bit of a contrarian by nature, and I like to have control - over my finances, my time, and my career. Work at home opportunities offer this control.

Second is a natural consequence of that control - financial security and job security. Because it is your own business, you decide how much time and effort to put in, so you determine how much money you make. And since you own your business, you can never be fired or laid off.

The marketing industry will always exist, and there will always be opportunities to make money with it. In addition, work at home opportunities are not affected by regional employment levels, because you are working online. You can work from anywhere!

Third is flexibility. I have a big family, and there is always a birthday party, an anniversary, a graduation or a baby shower to go to. I've had to miss things in the past due to work, but now I attend everything! There is no time-clock. I still have to put in my time working, but I can make it up at night after my son goes to bed, or in the morning when he's at pre-school - whenever is convenient for me!

Fourth is probably the most important to success, because in order to be successful, you need passion. With internet marketing, you get to do what you love! The best work at home opportunities are the ones you imagine for yourself.

You can learn how to start a home business online, and make money online with almost any product or service you choose - music, art, womens health, physical fitness, Nascar or quantum physics! Marketing is a skill that can be applied to any number of interests, so it's the best way to work at home!

I've covered the most important things - control over your own finances and time, job security and time with friends and family. Fifth are all the "bonuses."

• I love being comfortable, and most days I spend the first half it in my pajamas.
• I do not have to commute to and from work every day, so I spend very little on gas.
• Some of my household costs, like internet service, are used mostly for my business and are therefore tax deductible.

I love working at home. I love internet marketing. I love the research and the creative aspects. The work at home field gets a bad rap, but the benefits are real if you are able to find a legitimate work from home business opportunity.

Five Tips on How to Relax Yourself

Learning how to unwind is vital, specifically if you have anger management troubles. In reality, many anger management classes instruct their trainee's methods and exercises targeted at keeping one's cool in tense scenarios. If you know ways to stay calm, you'll prevent all of the damage you frequently cause when you explode in anger. If you are finding that it's really difficult, here are a few tips that may assist you.

- Find constructive approaches to funnel your anger - Losing your cool isn't completely wrong; it will happen to most people. However, if you tend to turn violent or far too critical when you are getting angry, then that's where the issue lies. In case you assert your rage in unsafe ways, then you will need to search for positive alternatives. As an illustration, for those who hit or break stuff when you happen to be upset, try activities or other physically challenging tasks. In anger management classes, people are taught to have one activity that they could do if they think that they're going to reach their boiling point. People say doing exercises, painting or landscaping can draw attention away from your anger thus making you feel more peaceful.

- Think about your breathing - Breathing deeply will definitely help to calm you down in demanding situations. It'll help control your heartbeat and lowers the quantity of adrenaline in your body. Breathing deeply when you are in a situation which causes you to get angry can also help you to make more rational decisions. According to tutors at anger management classes, you must examine your situation while you are taking these breaths. You ought to determine, "Is it worth getting angry about?". Usually you'll find that certain scenarios are usually not that big a deal once you take time to breathe and think.

- Plan in advance - There are certain things in life which we can't control, but it's certainly a good idea to be ready for things we are able to control. Anger management classes recommend their pupils that if you feel you're likely to be caught up in traffic, then take a stress toy or a bit of music along with other things to distract you. Once you know you're likely to take part in a stressful meeting with people you don't like in the morning, get lots of sleep and arrange to do something you enjoy following your meeting as a treat. Humans are excellent at guessing the effect of a specific situation, so if you believe that any future gatherings will stress you out and get to you, prepare in advance of what you're intending to do in order to relax.

- Be able to write your worries away - Quite a few people, mainly women, find themselves becoming calmer after penning in their journal about tense situations. Most of the time, the only thing people need to reduce their anger is someone to talk with. Nevertheless, if you are angry, you could merely take your anger out on the individual you are confiding in, especially if they offer suggestions, comments and judgements you don't go along with. In line with many anger management classes, trying to keep a journal where one can pour out all of your feelings will stop you from continuing to keep all the hurt and anger in, which can be one of the primary reasons why individuals explode in anger in the first place.

- Locate a fallback spot - Nearly all anger management classes agree that in case you have an anger management issue, when it comes to the fight or flight reaction, it is better to take flight. Confrontation can only end up in trouble; instead you need a secure area you are able to head to in case you feel pressured, anxious or feel like kicking off. Many people retreat to the restroom and splash water on their own face, whilst others go and get some clean air.

These are simply a few of the ways you can stay calm when under tension. If you would like to learn how to maintain composure in the long term, there's lots of anger management classes to assist you to react to situations in a healthy and positive way.

Neighbourhood Lifestyle for Urban Toronto's Condo Living!

The urban setting of Toronto is changing to a vertical landscape blending amongst the existing supply of houses. As real estate prices are projected to increase across the board for single family homes and townhouses, condo living by default is becoming the housing option for those choosing to live close to downtown.

It's a natural evolution in big cities such as New York, Paris, Tokyo and London with Toronto following in tiny footsteps that will have families and singles looking at a condo lifestyle, if they want to remain living close to the city's core.

In addition to the often admired urban vitality found within Toronto, are the unique and flavourful neighbourhoods. There's a shift happening with the demographics of who is found choosing to live there. Not only singles and empty-nesters but young families as well are looking at this choice as a way of having their children living a much less homogenous upbringing with community activities and schools often just steps away. Having a shorter commute to work leaves more time with the family and teenagers grow up with the confidence of getting around downtown by foot or public transportation. It's a way of life, having culture with galleries, music and theatre only a short distance away and accessible without much planning or thought. They don't view the city as the "scary" place that their suburban cousins might.

Another interesting change is finding that many "Gen Y's" are choosing not to get their driver's license, so living close to public transportation is more important than ever. They've been brought up during economic times with soaring tuition costs, expensive insurance and with more exposure to environmental issues than their parents. Driving the car, no longer seems like the rite of passage it was before. Many are opting for bikes, longboards and rollerblades which at the same time send a social message about their views. Another great alternative to owning a car is the popularity of the AutoShare companies that are populating urban Toronto after its' European brainchild.

Neighbourhood lifestyle and community seems to be more important than ever for those deciding that living in the city defines who they are and what they want to experience on a day to day basis. Up and coming hoods are bringing together a blend of what is important for individuals to enjoy, from waking up and walking out the door for their local newspaper to the local café ritual that resembles what many Europeans have enjoyed for decades.

The revitalization of some areas are sparking new interest and creativity that is attracting a dazzling breed of hipsters both young and old that are feeling connected to these hoods and what they have to offer. Publications such as the New York Times are noting some of these neighbourhoods and are giving them a boost with recognition.

The Junction Triangle, a small area recently renamed, sits surrounded by three railroad tracks on the north, east and west side in Toronto's west-end. Once a rough and dull area is now beginning to attract creative types drawn to the cheaper real estate. Artists have begun to leave the Queen West area which is becoming more expensive and unattainable and begun to transform industrial and retail spaces into edgy and hip art galleries. New cafes, restaurants, retro shops and communal gardens are available for this artsy crowd that is drawn to this convenient and still affordable area. Freehold properties in the neighbourhood intermix with townhouse and condo buildings. One of Toronto's leading heritage developers has planned to restore one of the area's oldest high-rise buildings "The Sterling", into authentic lofts, drawing those hip condo buyers.

This vibrant hood offers diversity, uniqueness along with ease to downtown. The local residents have public transportation options ranging from the Bloor Subway line to the Go Transit Station only steps away. No worries about having a car, when living here.

Situated amongst some of the most hip galleries in the city, this area offers those living both in condos and houses a cool choice for living as the neighbourhood blooms.

Steve Jobs: 9 Valuable Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Steve Jobs was a truly inspiring man whose beliefs and practices have inspired many people.

Following are the top nine most inspiring lessons I have learned from Steve Jobs:

#1 Do things right

At a young age, Steve Jobs learned a valuable lesson from his father: to craft the back of cabinets and fences properly, even though they were hidden.

Jobs learned at an early age that it was important to do things the right way. From the inside out, Steve Jobs believed in simple, beautiful design even on the parts of the product that you don't see.

#2 Use simplicity in design

People like easy solutions to problems, and Jobs understood that. Apple devices integrate hardware and software flawlessly through simple design. Apple strips any unnecessary features from their products. Steve Jobs prided himself on his design philosophy that he carried with him throughout his time at Apple:

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Steve Jobs

Jobs felt that design simplicity should be linked by making products easy to use.

#3 Focus is important

Steve Jobs had the ability to focus intensely on only a handful of core objectives. It was important to him to focus on developing 1 amazing product at a time, instead of 1000 mediocre ones.

"People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've got to focus on. But that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully." - Steve Jobs

#4 Don't let others say you can't do something

Jobs was known for his futuristic imagination when developing products. Often, the Apple engineers would tell him that his ideas were not possible and could not happen. Jobs would tell them to find a way to do it.

"What happened was, the designers came up with this really great idea... and the engineers go, "Nah, we can't do that, That's impossible."... the manufacturing people... go "We can't build that!" And it gets a lot worse... And I said "No, no, we're doing this." And they said, "Well, why?" And I said, "Because I'm the CEO and I think it can be done." And so they kind of begrudgingly did it. But then it was a big hit."

Steve Jobs adopted the mindest that if he decided that something should happen, then he was just going to make it happen.

#5 Understand customer needs and wants

Jobs had a unique ability to anticipate future technology that people don't even know they needed. Jobs completely revolutionized the computer, music, phone, and tablet industry. Jobs philosophy is summed up in this quote:

"If we can rap about their needs, feelings, and motivations, we can respond appropriately by giving them what they want" - Steve Jobs

Jobs ability to understand human desire and what the next breakthrough technology would be, allowed him to create great companies founded on well designed products.

#6 It's not about the money

Steve Jobs did not care about money when he built companies. He believed that you should never start a company with the goal of getting rich. Your goal should be making something you believe in and making a company that will last.

#7 Recuit 'A' players to your team

Recruiting A players to your team is crucial! A players are the brains behind great ideas and great products. Surrounding yourself with smart, innovative people is the best way to jumpstart a business.

"Great things in business are never done by one person, they're done by a team of people." - Steve Jobs

But, A players typically like to work with other A players, says Jobs. So, save yourself both time and money by focusing on only hiring A players into your organization.

#8 'Talk the talk' before you can 'walk the walk'

Jobs was very confident in his abilities, yet extremely persistent with his beliefs. He did not always have the power, or the seniority to voice his opinion so strongly, but Jobs taught me to pretend to be completely in control and people will assume that you are. People naturally like to follow others who exude confidence (not to be confused with cockiness). Jony Ive sums up Job's persuasive abilities:

"There can be something he knows absolutely nothing about, and because of his crazy style and utter conviction, he can convince people that he knows what he's talking about." - Jony Ive

#9 Only accept product perfection

Jobs was known to either think something was the greatest thing ever, or think it was awful. There was no in between. Steve Jobs was incredibly passionate about his products, and he showed it. Don't settle for something just to meet a deadline, work on your product until it is perfect and you are 100% proud of it.


These lessons from Steve Jobs can be very beneficial to you and your business. Think about them and brainstorm how you can utilize them within your business.

For further reading on Steve Jobs, I highly recommend you pick up your own copy of Walter Isaacson's Biography on Steve Jobs. To this day, it is one of the best books I have read.

Comment to let me know what you think of this post!

What You Should Know Before Buying Your First Electric Guitar

Buying an instrument usually sounds like a simple idea and continues to be so until you go to the store or look online and see all the options. Your first guitar purchase can be very overwhelming. Hopefully this article will help you know where to start.

The Essentials

One common mistake made by many people when first purchasing an electric guitar is forgetting all the accessories that need to be included. An electric guitar, or any guitar for that matter, requires several specific items.

  • A guitar pick - at least 1, but they are easily lost. I recommend starting with quite a few of varying thicknesses
  • A shoulder strap - though not essential, it will be impossible to play standing up without one
  • A case - protect your guitar and it will last much longer
  • A tuner - ensure your guitar is playing the correct notes

An electric guitar requires a couple extra items:

  • An amp - This doesn't need to blow the windows out of the house. A small 50 W - 100 W amp will be more than sufficient to start.
  • A cable - This will connect your guitar to your amp

It is also recommend buying a simple stand to set your guitar on. Tripping over your new guitar is no fun at all. Another thing to consider is having an extra set of guitar strings in case you break a string while rocking out the new tunes you will soon be learning.

Package Options

As you can see, there are quite a few items involved in buying your first guitar. One great option for new players is starting with a Guitar Kit or a Guitar Value Pack. These can be found at your local music stores or on any number of online shopping websites.

Common brands that have their own guitar kits are Ibanez, Fender and Epiphone. Going with one of these kits is a sure way to know you'll be ready to play the moment you open the box. Many guitar kits come with everything you need including picks, a tuner, an amp and the guitar. Quite a few even include a basic chord chart to get you started.

The average entry level guitar kit would be priced around 200 dollars. I started with a simple Epiphone guitar kit many years ago and still play and love that guitar.

Buying a guitar kit from generic brands generally are very low quality and not worth spending money on.

Learn To Control Your Anger Towards Co-Workers

The workplace can be a stressful place and tension between co-workers is very common. A recent example of this was this past Friday morning, August 24th, 2012. Jeffrey Johnson was apparently distraught after being laid off from his job in the garment industry last year. He couldn't get past his anger issues and he would continue to return to the company, instigating confrontations with another employee during each visit. The two men filed harassment complaints against each other, but the arguments continued on. The situation came to a head last week when Johnson completely snapped and went to his old office, this time shooting and killing this co-worker. Two people were killed, including gunman Jeffrey Johnson and 9 people were wounded all because of a simple argument between two co-workers. This behavior could have easily been avoided if the gunman had effectively utilized therapy and anger management techniques.

Here are 5 simple techniques you can use to deal with your anger towards a co-worker to help eliminate this kind of anger and hatred from escalating:

#1 - Change your self-talk. Often times individuals interpret situations when they get angry that cause negative feelings to arise. For example, if you are late to a meeting, do you think that everyone is disappointed in you because you haven't met their expectations? Learn to change this conversation with yourself, so it doesn't cause angry feelings.

#2 - You might want to invest into a handgrip or a squeeze toy. If you work at a desk job, you can sit and squeeze the grip or toy. This has been scientifically known to help release tension and relax your mind. Squeezing something or having something to grip in your hand releases some of that tension you've built up in your muscles which makes them tight.

#3 - Take a timeout from the situation. Count to 10, breathe deeply and go on an adventure in your mind to reduce some stress, anxiety and anger all at the same time. Imagine a place you want to be and truly put yourself there. Close your eyes and just try to imagine what you want to be doing at this very moment. If you have access to headphones, put them on and play some soothing and soft music.

#4 - Don't try to encourage debates or arguments as this will only cause the situation to deteriorate. Try assertive communication. Try to be polite and respectful while expressing your feelings in a clear and calm manner. It's not just what you say, but how you say it that will gain you respect with your bosses and co-workers.

#5 - Try to use humor to resolve and diffuse anger. If things are tense between you and a co-worker, look at the brighter side of the situation and bring up something funny about what has happened. This will relax everyone and help calm things down.

Being angry isn't healthy for anyone. Besides the devastating things it can do to your cardiac system, your brain and other vital organs, no one wants to be around someone who is always shouting or angry. If you're an employee that's having issues keeping their anger under control, you might benefit greatly from taking online anger management classes. Online classes are completely anonymous, they offer great support and are great for anyone looking to stay under the radar without letting their friends and family know they have a problem.

How to Officially Copyright Your Work

Every now and then, someone unfairly copies the novels, stories and plays produced by unsuspecting writers. This is why it's important for professional writers to consider copyrighting their work. But very few writers know how the copyright process works, leaving their work susceptible to exploitation from others. Here, we'll breakdown how writers can protect their work from not-so-honest people.

According to the United States Copyright Office, a copyright is a form of protection that U.S. law extends to authors of literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and other creative works, including novels, films, plays, songs, sculptures, architectural designs and computer software. To be protected, a work also must have a minimum amount of creativity or "original authorship."

Copyright law was created to enable authors to benefit from their work, while limiting the term of protection helps to make knowledge widely accessible. The law protects art that explains, illustrates or describes the system. Copyright law does not give authors the right to prevent others from using ideas, procedures, processes or methods in works. The copyright protection-which lasts for the life of an author, plus 70 years-allows teachers to copy parts of copyrighted works for classroom use.

One important note that many writers miss: Words and short phrases (such as names, titles and slogans are not protected by copyright law). Additionally, the law does not protect familiar symbols or designs, standard forms of typography, printer's ornamentation or coloring-logos and slogans can be protected by trademark laws.

This means that trademarked logos and slogans do not qualify for copyright protection, but poems, screenplays and song compositions are original works that can be protected. Copyright law does not protect the following:

  • Names of products and services
  • Pen names or stage names of artists
  • Titles of works
  • Catchwords, catchphrases, mottoes, slogans or short ads
  • Listings of recipe ingredients

Many people don't know this, but budding writers can feel free to use the copyright (©) symbol before they officially apply for the copyright protection. How can they do this? Well, writers can do this because copyright protection takes effect the moment an original work is created. However, the downside to using the copyright symbol and bypassing the official process is that registration is required to secure certain remedies in legal cases alleging copyright infringement.

Those interested in registering their work can apply for the protection in several ways: online, via mail and the Copyright Form CO. As of this writing, it costs $50.00 to apply for copyright registration via the Copyright Office, the agency that maintains the public record of American copyrights.

Get more pointers at http://wrightspeak.com/2012/11/how-do-i-copyright-my-work/

Rejection in Modeling: Minimizing Your Mope, Maximizing Your Cope

What's the most routine part of a model's life?

"Ooh, earning $15,000 a day, working with legendary designers!"

"Flying in private jets from Paris to Rio!"

"Living lovely in Park Avenue penthouses!"

True for a small percentage of models. For the rest of us in the industry, a more accurate answer would be (drum roll!)...rejection.

"Nope, you're too plain looking."

"Your face isn't edgy enough."

"In my eyes, you're not model material." Usually not explicitly stated, but disguised in a number of tactful turn-downs.

This rejection occasionally liquefies the most rock solid of self-esteems. What's more, we cannot always change the reasons why clients and agents reject us. Our cheekbones are not going to get higher, and neither is our height.
Unless we are thirteen and our bodies are still developing, or if we have plastic surgery. No guarantees there either.

It's no surprise that models struggle with feelings of shame, inadequacy, and resentment. Hopeless wishes to have been born with "better" genetics. I have been to this painful place of self-loathing. While I still get lost there occasionally, I have found ways to return to that sanctuary of confidence and inner peace. I hope they help you too.

1. Embrace your intangible talents.

"Thank you so much for getting here early!"
-A beauty client, at 5:30am.

"What an exceptional business sense you have."
-Several entertainment lawyers, during business meetings.

"You're a true professional: you wore wool clothes in ninety-eight degree heat and you never complained."
-A makeup artist, during a photo shoot.

Do these statements sound familiar to you too? I'll bet you also have professional strengths that can only be created by character and not by Photoshop. Maybe clients appreciate that you check your attitude at the door--not that you had an attitude to begin with. Perhaps your bookers trust you as one of their most reliable models. You don't come down with "sea sickness" when it's raining outside. Maybe your exceptionally shrewd business sense lead you to make wise decisions in your career.

Yes, modeling is a superficial business where your looks matter more than your gray matter does. Let's not pretend otherwise. Nevertheless, it is a business, and let's examine what that means.

Producing photo shoots and shows is no day at the beach, even when they take place on the beach. Consider the figurative and literal storms to weather. Six (or lucky number seven) figure budgets are on the line. Along with jobs. Contractual agreements with agencies, venues, rental places--the list goes on. Models, makeup artists, et al, who show up late, or don't show up at all. Delayed shipment of wardrobe. Time constraints. Disagreements with _____ (fill in the blank 100 times over).

Let's put a saving grace in this equation: you. You turn off your phone and listen to the show director who says, "May I have everyone's attention?". You keep a level head come hell or high water. You radiate with beautiful energy both on and off camera. At the end of the assignment, the client gives you a big hug and thanks you for your outstanding performance. This isn't in vain, but in gratitude.

Clients can easily find striking beauties. Casting directors can log into one of the many agency websites and see hundreds of beautiful faces staring back at them. Furthermore, beauty can become even more beautiful with makeup, styling, lighting, and calculated camera angles. Where (not if) these fall short, photo shop rises up. Beauty is easy to find and create.

But professionalism, on the other hand, is more elusive and less attainable. So if you have this quality, you have a priceless gift to offer.

2. Remember, the modeling industry is unpredictable...

And it can be unpredictable in your favor! The model who is dismissed as "too American" this year may rise as the Timeless Beauty next year. The girl who is deemed "too curvy" today may become the dynamic bombshell tomorrow.

Look at the "unlikely" success stories that have cropped up in recent years. Refreshingly, we see more Asian models gracing the international runways and the pages of Vogue. We see more models over 25 landing lucrative contracts and appearing in high-profile campaigns. Imperfect circumstances make for more compelling success stories.

You may have just gotten an email from an agent that said, "We're not interested in representing you. Good luck."

Good luck may come in the form of another agent saying, "We're very interested in taking you on. Oh, and by the way, one of our clients is looking for a model. Would you be free to fly to Bali next week to shoot an ad campaign?"

With uncertainty comes possibility. That possibility may become your reality.

3. Accept rejection graciously.

One warm summer day, I received a phone call from my agent. "I am so excited about this booking I have for you!" she said. It was an assignment for a well-known client on Fifth Avenue. I was excited too!
"Check in with Amy (not her real name), the client's assistant, when you get there." instructed my agent.

Amy greeted me with welcoming smiles and enthusiasm. The client? "No, I cannot use her." the client said to Amy. "She does not have the right look."

Ouch. Being passed up at a casting is one thing: you know it's hit or miss. But showing up to a job you've supposedly booked, and getting sent home? This wasn't just added insult to injury, this was added assault to injury!

Still, I had to speak from a place of professionalism rather than a place of emotion.

"I understand." I said to the client. "It's the nature of the business."

Amy apologized profusely as she walked me out. "I am so sorry, I don't understand, I just feel bad for you, you came all the way here and--I'm just so sorry!"

"It's not your fault, you need not feel bad. This is the nature of the business. It's important to take the bad with the good." The bad had a good ending here. The client agreed to compensate me.

Mind you, I am not in love with rejection. Ask my friends who have listened my sobbing, swearing rants. Ask the punching bags at my gym. Ask my diary (actually, don't do that...).

On that note, some advice about "venting". When it exceeds moderation, it becomes self-pity, which prevents progress. Be very careful how you verbalize your frustrations, for you never know who may be listening.

Your response to rejection determines the ultimate outcome. Sometimes no means "Not yet". If a client sees that you gracefully respond to rejection, that no may blossom into three yeses when the time is right.

Another reason to remain hopeful about rejection? Not only do fashion trends change, people within the fashion industry change positions. The editor who rejected you for the ten page layout may become the casting director who books you for the ad campaign. We often misinterpret no as "never".

Besides, what does "never" mean anyway? A lot of supermodels were once told that they would "never" make it in this business.

4. The warm embrace of a healthy personal life

When you can look forward to healthy relationships and pastimes, rejection is far more bearable.

Surround yourself with people who appreciate your character. Your kindness. Your charisma. Your "cookyness"!

The friends that you can count on, hold them close. Cherish the trust and the laughter that you guys share. Reach out to them when you need a hug. Hug them when they reach out to you.

Have some good ol' fashion fun with your friends on a regular basis. Sing karaoke, play video games, go skiing, and just be silly! Whether a client books you or not, your life is worth living and loving.

Love yourself in your alone time too. Play guitar. Scrapbook. Listen to your favorite music. Indulge in an occasional massage or mani-pedi.

Bottom line, you're bigger than the rejection. No fashion powerhouse has the authority to determine your self-worth. A failed modeling career wouldn't mean a failed life. That said...

Don't consider failure as an option. Get back onto your best feet and put them forward.

Definitive Technology Procinema 800 Reviews Demonstrate The Power Of This Amazing Speaker System

For those who are looking for a speaker system that can shatter their windows and also their bathroom tiles and have stopped for taking a look at the Definitive Technology Procinema 800 review, well, they will be in for good news, as this is one of the most accurate systems that we tested so far and it really manages to deliver pristine sound that's no less than 5 stars. Let's begin with some of the pros and cons of this system:

The good: The Definitive Technology Procinema 800 is a piece home cinema theater speaker system that features advanced driver technology. The woofer is compact in size, boasts out three hundred W RMS of sound power and it's enough for most apartment rooms.

The bad: The satellites look very sleek, yet the woofer's design might leave more to be desired in terms of looks.

Conclusion: This system definitely impresses and for us it redefined what a small 5.1 subwoofer system is all about.

The system comes with ProMonitor loudspeakers and this means that users who are looking for state of the art performance will get what they're looking for from them. They are also full range speakers so this means that you can easily use them separately, on your desk, on your wall or whatever space you find them to be fit in. Paired with a good subwoofer they can deliver an astonishing sonic concert that impresses and amazes everyone eavesdropping on it. The Definitive Technology Procinema 800 boasts out a tremendous dynamic range, a wonderful transient response, room filling and rich & warm filling 3D imaging.

Each of the Definitive center channels and C\L\Rs were designed with the exact high standards and performance goals as the main right and left front speakers. Their top notch feature number the HD polymer coned cast basket bass, intricate Linkwitz Riley cross-over networks, butyl rubber surrounds for the midrange drivers and aluminum dome tweeters that come with magnetic fluid cooling.

Taking a look at the subwoofer, you will be impressed by the bas performance it offers, so that your movies' lows will sound deeper and more realistic than ever. The Definitive subwoofers are nine time award winners as being some of the best subwoofers on the market featuring high current amplifiers and crossovers that are a blend of gentle musicality and explosive power for one of the most accurate bass reproductions ever.

Listening to the subwoofer of the Definitive Technology Procinema 800 with its sound waves that go well beyond the human hearing level, you will feel that energy gathering up in the room, shaking you, penetrating your body and stirring up your very soul. This is a rare achievement in 5.1 audio systems that is now available for you whenever you feel like experiencing such titanic sound.

Being one of the best 5.1 surround sound systems in the industry, the Definitive Technology Procinema 800 doesn't fail to deliver awe inspiring sound whatever the expectations users have. Sound that comes out of it is crystal clear, bass is heart moving and the concert of decibels it creates has no equal. With a price to match up for this superior sound technology there's no doubt this system is only made for true audiophiles and people who know what fantastic sound quality is all about.

Portrait of Artist's Second Wife - Henri Rousseau

Paintings are among the most impressive expressions of art depicted in different genres. Some famous painters who have marked their name in history are Van Gogh and Da Vinci. One style of painting is Naive art where works portray childlike simplicity. It is in this manner of expression that Henri Rousseau became recognized.

People usually get interested in a piece of art or a collection of it not just because of the overall creation but also with the story of the maker itself. This is because chosen genres or techniques are often based on the painter's frame of mind or his attractions also. Read further to learn more about how Henri Rousseau started with his passion.

At some point in his life, Henri Julien Felix Rousseau became a tax collector which gave him the label of "Le Douanier" or "the customs officer". Despite the disrespect of some people around, this artist managed to survive criticism and emerged a genius through self-education. His pieces show a great artistic quality.

Potential artists are usually observed in early childhood in their field of interests or hobbies. Henri, who was born in Laval, France on May 21, 1844 did not really excel in some subjects at school but this was not the case in music and drawing. His love for art has been apparent even as a kid considering his remarkable grades including series of awards.

It was in 1868 that Henri decided to transfer to Paris to be of assistance to his mother after his father's death. He worked in the government and married his first wife, Clemence Boitard who was still 15 at the time. She gave him six children however only one remained. When Clemence died, Henri remarried a year after to Josephine Noury who became a subject in one of his artworks. This portrait of the artist's second wife was created on 1903 with a style of Primitivism.

Henri Rousseau concentrated more in his painting career during his forties and finally left his job in the government to focus on doing artworks full-time. Although Henri has been so passionate about his Naive art, some people just cannot find any reason to appreciate his work. Critics either mock his paintings or get shocked by his idea of art. It was not easy for him to earn his place in the art industry. Nevertheless, Henri continued to show his technique in Naive art even if some people consider his works just like of a child's painting. Despite the scornful criticisms, Rousseau successfully influenced other well-known artists like Picasso and Jean Hugo.

How To Enjoy Your Shower

For many of us, a shower is an integral part of our unwinding process at the end of a busy day. One gets to 'cleanse' away the fatigue accumulated during the day. During the day, we sweat, get dirt and smoke particles on us and as such, that end-of-day shower is important. The recommended duration for a shower is 10 minutes. This is done to avoid drying up of the skin.

There are different ways of accomplishing this. Some prefer to take a hot-bath that is laced with essential body oils and a thick lather whereas others prefer to use shower enclosures. This comes down to personal preference as well as availability. The latter involves a kind of cubicle in a bathroom where a shower is taken while one is standing and in some cases sitting. Modern ones involve a glass casing whereas older ones just had a curtain.

Many hidden talents are exposed as one takes a shower be it at the end of the day or at the beginning of a new day. These talents range from karaoke to dancing or imitating famous personalities. Whether these 'talents' can be performed to a crowd varies from one person to another!

Many bright ideas are also birthed as one unwinds at the end of a day while taking a shower.

Debate exists as to which is better between a hot shower and a cold shower. Well, each has its own advantages. A hot shower can warm one up if it is chilly, relaxes one and is known to cure stiff necks or muscles. A cold shower on the other hand helps one come alive, cures fatigue and increases mental alertness. Some people consider it good practice to turn the shower to cold during the last few minutes.

Other noted benefits of taking a shower include strengthening immunity, increasing hormone production, alleviating insomnia, increasing metabolism among other benefits.

Therefore, before you go to take that shower now, here are some essentials to having a good shower

· Make sure you have a clean towel - This is very important for drying oneself.

· Have a scrub or loofah - used to scrub the dirt from our bodies.

· Shampoo/soap - work up a good lather!

· Bathroom shoes/rubber floor mat - ensures your protection from injury by preventing slipping.

· Sufficient water - You do not want to run out of water with soap in your eyes!

· Some background music can be good.

With that said, enjoy your shower!

What Do Intellectual Property Lawyers Actually Do?

Intellectual property lawyers do what the name suggests and register, protect and fight for your rights regarding your intellectual property (IP). To fully understand what an IP Lawyer does, we must first define what "intellectual property" actually is.

Starting at the very beginning, ownership of property is essentially a bundle of rights, a relationship between a person and the property. For example, I would argue that the main right of ownership of property is the right to exclude all others from that property. We see this every day, if someone owns an MP3 player and they are listening to it on the street, you have no right to go and take it, in fact you would land yourself in very hot water if you did. The same for real property, if you own land you have the right to exclude all others from your land. There are of course obvious exceptions to these rules, right of entry to police for example amongst others. These examples confer rights in personal property and in real property, but the same can be said for intellectual property.

Intellectual property (IP) gives its name to property from your mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in business. A brand is a good example of this, as any business owner will tell you, a good name or a good reputation for products or services in a competitive market is an incredibly hard process. It involves blood, sweat and tears, a lot of hard work and time away from your loved ones. This "good will" is intertwined and bound together within your brand, the thing that separates you in the marketplace from all others, essentially you are your brand and your brand is your business. This property needs protecting and this is where an intellectual property lawyer can help you. Intellectual property law is separated into different categories;


Trademarks are a symbol, word, or words used as representing a company or product. We all know good examples of brands which are successful in the marketplace. Other manufacturers and strictly forbidden by law to use those words on their products because the brand you are thinking of is probably a registered trademark and as such have a lot invested in them. It would be unconscionable for another manufacturer to be able to exploit the word for its own gain.


Patents are defined as any device, substance, method or process that is new, inventive, and useful. An invention doesn't have to be totally unique but must involve an inventive step and be able to be made or used in an industry. An inventive step means that the invention is not obvious to anyone with knowledge and experience in that particular business. Big soft drink manufacturers and fast food businesses own patents on the equipment used at their factories, which was designed by them. This confers the exclusive right to use, lease or sell that property as they wish and also gives them the right to bring an action against anyone who uses this property without permission.


As I have hopefully explained above, ownership of property is a bundle of rights, one of which is the right to exclusively modify, copy, reproduce or license to modify, copy or reproduce the property. Books, music, poems, movies and others, if they are going to be exploited for commercial gain, would need to be protected by copyright. Soft drink manufacturers own copyrights of the shape of their bottles, tv commercials, theme songs and anything else that was created using creative effort.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are the secrets in a business which makes that business different from the rest of the market and makes your product unique. "The Colonials secret recipe" for fried chicken or the recipes for soft drink are examples of trade secrets. For the law to recognise a trade secret as intellectual property there are certain steps or precautions which must be taken. The secret must be out of view, behind locked doors, limited amount of people who know, password protection and essentially any other reasonable steps to ensure that the secret is kept secret. This ensures that a breach of a trade secret is a true and reasonable breach of confidentiality rather than more common knowledge.

Design Rights

A design refers to the shape, pattern or configuration which gives a product its unique appearance, and must be new and distinctive. For example, a fashion designer would seek to protect the rights of their work to enable them to exploit their design in the marketplace or to license their design to others.

Do you need intellectual property lawyers?

Whatever business you are in the need to protect your intellectual property is very important. If you are starting a business you will need to ensure that before you spend money of logos and branding that you are not infringing any rights of others. Then, after you check you should ensure that your rights are protected against all others. If you are buying a business then you need so ensure that you get the full transfer of the IP as well as the tangible property. You don't want to buy a business from an unscrupulous vendor who retains the rights to the brand, copyright or trade secrets. If you are selling a business you need to ensure that the IP is not transferred incorrectly which could lead to costly litigation down the track. If you are looking to franchise your business then you need to protect your brand and trade secrets from franchisees who could try to use your good will against you. If you are looking to expand overseas, even if it is to your nearest neighbour, the rights will need protection in that country and every country to do business in.

A good intellectual property lawyer will know all the complexities involving your IP and be able to offer you the best advice on how to protect your intangible assets.

Paintings Exhibition: Melange - One for the Senses

To expect an argument, heated or restrained, at an art exhibition isn't expecting frogs to fall off the sky. But to witness someone who passionately instructs someone how to put up a canvas for display at an art exhibition once the exhibition is open is something else. And when this person who was shouting orders wasn't one of the featured artists, you wonder just what in the bold brushstrokes' name did the curator mean when the art show claimed to be one for the senses...

Many of the works at Mélange stood true to the claim of inspiring the senses. Featuring more than 20 artists from across India the displays include watercolors, oil on canvas as well as a handful of sculptures, some of them by relatively lesser known artists. Like the definition of its title the show is multi-layered and evokes myriad emotions and some of the works demand sustained viewing.

On some level there's hardly any big difference between art exhibitions and when the artists on display don't have a recall many of the shows end up looking the same. This is a notion that might be grossly unfair towards not only the artist but also the concept behind the exhibition but this, sadly, is the truth. If one skips Melange on the basis of the names it'd be a big let down for there are more than a handful of works that more than make up for the effort.

Instantly evocative and refreshingly classical, Gautam Dey's palette infuses a newer energy into watercolours. His strokes transcend the boundaries that his colours might impose and it's this facet of his cityscapes that captivates the eye. Dhiren Sasmal's oil on canvas labeled 'Me and Butterfly' reflect a similar transformation the subject is undergoing. Infused with a barrage of vivid colours, 'Me and Butterfly' is one of the best works you'd have seen in recent times.

Indian artists worth noticing at Mélange

An overbearing number of displays might tend to take away from an exhibition but in addition to Gautam Dey and Dhiren Sasmal there are few more that stand out. Swapan Maitey's large works replete with the lines, the colours, the strokes and the allegory are very reminiscent of Picasso's Guernica; Basudev Ghosh's deftness with oil colors make his rendition of the 'Ghats of Benaras' come alive and so does Samik Dey's 'Raas Leela.'

There are works of a few artists from Germany, Canada, Bangladesh and Pakistan on display as well. Mélange has a few sculptures spewed across the hall and it's the works of one artist that makes for an exceptional discovery. Soumen Pal's 'Nirvana', a head with a part of it made from leaves and 'Power of Sword,' a huge sword with an army charging sculpted on its blade nothing less than extraordinary.

Much like an artist who seeks to stir up responses to emotions, Mélange manages to do the same for the viewer...even though light elevator music would have been enough for the ears instead of the arousing outburst from one of the curators that greeted this writer...this one's undeniably a pleasure for the senses.

SD Cards - Tips and Tricks

You don't have to be a computer expert to realize that 64GB is a big amount of storage space. 100 up to 200GB of storage are provided by the majority of laptops out there and with a 64GB SD card, what you really are getting is a pretty big chunk of your laptop's HDD. And don't forget about the fingernail size of memory cards! However, it is a known fact that the more space we have, the more space we tend to need. It happens to everybody - getting the latest 250 or 500GB HDD and after a few months, you start to wonder where did my precious storage space go? Filling that space up is very easy and this is why we're disappointed because we can't fit that extra movie or song when we go for a holiday. Or can we? You should be happy to find out that making things fit on your SD cards can be done through many ways. Let's have a look at some of them!

Firstly, in the case of software, the whole directory is usually copied across. This is a bad move because if, for example, you own a game called "Supreme Fun Zoo Game", you don't want to copy the entire folder of the game as it is. All the folders and sub-directories that that game needs to run will be copied but the biggest mistake of novice users is that they don't know a crucial fact: a game doesn't need all of the files in its folder in order to run. Things that you actually don't need to run the game such as screen captures, instruction manuals, images, adverts or even full demos for other games are included in these folders. Needless to say is that you have to be very careful to copy across all the required files for the game but by using your intuition, you will succeed. Look for the folders' titles as "Extras" or "Demos" are surely unnecessary files that you simply don't need.

Secondly, what do we do if we want to copy a video or some music on our 64GB SD card? There aren't any we can skip and sadly, we don't have this luxury. In this case, our best bet is compression. If you are not familiar with the term, the end result of compressing a folder or file is its smaller size. Keep in mind though that encrypted files make your PC work slower and get a hit in the performance department. This is why we don't compress all of our files. In addition, many devices, such as cameras, don't handle compressed files and you must decompress them in order to use them. On the other hand, compression is perfect when you have a lot of pictures or small files that you want them bundled together in a small archive. Another useful tip is cropping a picture to make it smaller and thus saving storage space. All in all, 64GB cards are big cards indeed but knowing to make more space is always welcomed.

Dare to Communicate With Your Child

Conventional wisdom says that a child usually communicates using his vast imagination, and as a parent you try to discern what message your child is trying to convey. Slowly as you try to rationalize your child's apparent inquisitive behavior and to prove certain things that he would not understand at his age.

Every single day both parents and child seek an opportune time to bond with each other. It is a kaleidoscopic endeavor in communicating with your children and there's nothing more exciting than to hear them telling their own story.

Allow me to share with you this noted hearty conversation between my wife and our son:

Our son: "Does God love music? I know, I'll pray and ask Jesus." (Then our son prayed and returned shortly to confirm that God said yes.)

My wife: "Yes indeed God loves to hear every child's prayer and you should be thankful for all His blessings."

Our son: "Why is there a big shining star in the picture?"

My wife: "It is the Star of Bethlehem which led the three Magi to the birthplace of baby Jesus."

Our son: "Oh, I know, God wants to say 'good job' because it had a picture of a star."

You could easily pinpoint from these perspectives that a child's determination is based on what he sees and hears. In this way, you are giving your child enough leeway to express himself with confidence; cognizance of how to conquer fears, and how to satisfy dreams through his imaginative intellectual play.

On why there should always be stories to tell with your child is a fun way of getting to know him better. On how your child perceived information is how deep your understanding and adjusting to events will be tested.

Your child has his own logic to explain situation. There was one moment when my wife has to convince our son that the game is called "hide and seek" and not "hide and see" (as what our son believes). Our son explained that when playing the game, he was tagging every searched friend by saying, "I see you." And that was how our son arrived to call the game as "hide and see."

A child's play is always accompanied by imagination--where he would usually create a story, assign characters to act in (just like watching a great shadow puppetry act), and try to create the impression of moving humans (of why they are there and how they would think and act). It is impressive to see that a child has his own way of using creativity.

You should try to limit your child's use of screen media and electronic toys. Instead, take the advantage of letting your child play outside with other children of his age and mingling with them will teach your child the art of interaction. Once more, share with your child the good old days playing on traditional games that he might be interested in exploring.

Child shows interest in art. He starts making a straight line, a circle, or any shape that his uncontrolled hands could go so far. And through his imagination he can be able to interpret his drawings.

Go invest in art supplies that your child may see and use for his creativity, and at the same time building and enjoying each other's imagination. In setting free a child's imagination is aiding his dreams to come true.

How to Avoid Stress During the Holidays

Whether you like it or not, if the calendar says it's November and you want a stress-free holiday, it is time to take a little time for planning. Stake out a twenty minute time slot, grab an empty notepad and pen, and sit down with nothing in mind but your plans for the holidays. More than likely, any one or all of the following can stress you out, so let's plan:

  • Travel
  • Decorations
  • Food
  • Gifts
  • Wrapping

Now you might want to get in the holiday mood by putting out a pretty, holiday-scented candle. Then, instead of thinking about decorating as a tedious, time consuming task, consider putting up just two or three decorations per day. Your home will look festive, and you'll be less strung out about it and ready to tackle the other fun stuff.

Next, think about the where you will be celebrating:

  • Are you travelling to someone else's home or will you be at your home? If you haven't made plane, hotel and car reservations, do it as soon as you finish this list. Ask for the lowest rate, or the clerk probably won't give it to you. I used to work for a major hotel chain, and was only allowed to give lower rates when specifically asked.

  • Next, if you are cooking the meals, take some of that stress away by planning now what meals you will cook, and how much you will need. As you go to the store each week, pick up a few of the imperishable items such as canned goods, stuffing, and frozen foods you have room for in your freezer.

  • Take a few minutes and think about each person. What do they like to do? Look online for ideas. Sign up to get a few stores' emails so you can get some discounts sent to you. Sometimes you can even get free shipping right up to the week of the holiday.

  • Finally, do you ever get to Christmas Eve and you have all the gifts ready to wrap, the stores are closed, then you discover you don't have enough wrapping paper, ribbon, tape, or name tags? Solve that problem now, and pick up a couple rolls of tape and start stocking up on cute wrapping paper. There's even a wrapping paper and card company that has excellent quality wrapping paper that can't be seen through and doesn't rip really easily as you are wrapping something.

Holidays can be so much more enjoyable when you have things planned ahead of time. This year, decide to enjoy the music, the smells and the people. Make a good memory this year. Make notes this year about what went right and what went wrong, and start planning for next year. Your stress and anxiety will be a thing of the past, and your family will enjoy you more too!

Immortal Picasso Paintings

Our world is sometimes blessed by the legacy left behind by artists who weave magic with their talent. Picasso's paintings are a reflection of the magic Pablo Picasso wove in his time. A Spanish painter and sculptor who left his indelible mark on the 20th century, Picasso continues to survive in the hearts and minds of countless artists through his paintings.

The Treasure Of Picasso's Paintings

Picasso paintings exhibit a soul of their own and are renowned for their realistic look. They have been placed in different periods of his painting career namely, the Blue, the Rose and the Cubist periods. These paintings showcase Picasso's immense talent and his fearlessness as a painter experimenting with different techniques and ideas.

Picasso loved to paint dead nature, musical instruments and friends. He went beyond the rules of academics, exploring the painting art in his own way. His paintings often broke the cliches of tradition and stood tall and proud displaying a uniqueness of their own. Some notable paintings of Picasso include The Two Saltimbanques (Harlequin And His Companion, 1901), Gertude Stein (1906), Les Demoiselles d' Avignon (1907), Guernica (1937) and Weeping Woman (1937).

Picasso's 'Guernica' deserves a special mention as this painting is considered to be a powerful statement in politics. Depicting the suffering and war induced tragedy, this work is truly monumental and a combination of two styles, epic and pastoral.

Paintings from Picasso's Blue period are believed to have taken birth from his state of mind following the death of his friend Casamegas and express a state of melancholy. These paintings are characterised by their monochrome and cold effects, the coldness highlighted by the clever use of blue color. 'La Vie', 'Evocation', his 'Self Portrait' are the names of a few paintings from this period.

Paintings like 'Garcon a la Pipe', 'Woman With Crow', 'Acrobat With Young Harelequin' and 'Girl In Chemise' are from Picasso's Rose period and often feature local people and characters from the entertainment industry. In contrast to the downbeat Blue period, The Rose period paintings led to the birth of a typical 'Picasso' style and were optimistic in their mood.

Paintings like the 'Three Musicians' and 'Guitar' marked the Cuban period of Picasso's art. The paintings depicted a transition of forms, from natural to geometric and angular. Multi-view figures also took shape mainly in dull colors and redefined Picasso's paintings.

It has been proven, time and again, throughtout the art community of the world and otherwise that there was something special about Picasso's paintings. His paintings speak for themselves and come alive in more ways than one. They happen to be a status symbol of sorts and are a prized possession anywhere, anytime.

Paintings by Picasso were never amateur. His art developed gradually, in phases, brightened and strengthened by experience and genuine talent. His expression of raw emotions took one's breath away and left one and all craving for more.

Pablo Picasso himself said, "Are we to paint what's on the face, what's inside the face or what's behind it?" His paintings redefined every face and finally contributed immensely to the face of the painting fraternity. Here's to all Picasso paintings that continue to enchant and fascinate us.

HTC - Maker of the Best Phones

When somebody is looking for good brand of smartphones, one of the top responses that they'll get would be something from HTC. The High Tech Computer Corporation has penetrated the technology industry through its various offerings of appealing and multifunctional smartphones to the market. The company was primarily geared into manufacturing smartphones using the Windows Mobile operating system. However, the company rethought its strategic direction and changed its approach towards developing smartphones using the Android operating system as well.

The primary focus of the company lies in the design and manufacturing of smartphones since 2008. smartphones, which are mobile phones that have been customized with slightly advanced computing functions, has made its impact on the current generation. The device allows its users to utilize different applications in order to browse the Internet, snap photos, play music and videos, read digital books, and navigate through GPS system and many more.

One of the most popular models that they offered to the market is the HTC One S. Like most smartphones, this device runs using the upgraded Android 4.0 operating system. This phone can process 1.5 gigahertz using its quad-core CPU system. The device is made up of RAM totaling to 1 gigabyte and memory storage totaling to 32 gigabytes. This large memory capacity is appropriate for people who wanted a mobile device which can store all the data files that they want. However, this memory cannot be further expanded because of the absence of memory card slot.

Ambient light sensors, a digital compass, gyro sensor, proximity sensor and G-sensor are installed in this smart phone so it can be easily used by the users. The device comes with 4.7 inch touch screen display with 720 by 1280 resolution. The touch screen is secured with the presence of a corning gorilla glass. The capacitive touch screen of this device can generate 16M colors which results to brighter and more vivid images and videos.

Data capabilities should always be considered when buying any cellular device. This device allows the use of GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi in order to initiate data connections. Bluetooth and USB port are also installed in the device for easier data transfer capabilities. The operating life of the device's battery can last for up to thirty seven hours on standby. The device requires the use of MicroSIM card.

This device overshadows other smartphones because of its 8 megapixel back camera. This can take images with a 3264 by 2448 resolution and can be further enhanced because of the presence of the LED flash and autofocus option. The camera can also be used to record HD videos. Geo-tagging and face detection can also be enabled in the device. The device is also installed with a secondary 1.3 megapixel camera.

How to Improve Children's IQ

Parents need to realize the important role they play in the overall development of their children's intelligence. Parents can positively influence every aspect of a child's life, including their I.Q. - (Intelligence Quotient). Recent research has suggested that it is possible to improve intelligence in children. The activities listed in this article focus on developing a child's mental faculties.

We will examine how the I.Q. can be influenced by several factors. Some of the factors include environment, overall health, reading, and parental influences.

One of the biggest contributors to improving a child's I.Q. is the creation of a home that is educationally stimulating. This can start as early as when the child is still in the mother's womb. It involves reading and talking to the fetus daily. After birth and as the child grows older, the reading should continue, especially at bedtime. Reading is so important. Parents need to understand that children should be encouraged to read at all times. Children should read several books a month, at least 3-4. This way their intelligence can increase with the knowledge they gain by reading a variety of subjects. Do not limit a child's reading to one subject. Allow them, within reason, to explore a variety of subjects and interests. In addition to reading, singing songs or playing music that is void of profane language and haunting rhythms and lyrics is stimulating for infants and young children.

Their environment should be conducive to progress at all times. That can be done by being in a good school, having positive and intelligent friends, participating in activities that are challenging, and a home environment where educational achievement in stressed. Children should be encouraged to exchange ideas, listen to people and give an intelligent opinion on age appropriate topics without the fear of repercussions from adults. Parents should encourage their children to talk and not be afraid to initiate productive conversation.

Children should always be involved in several activities, both physical and mental. This will help boost the blood flow to different parts of the body including the brain and nervous system. Physical activities will promote clear thinking, stimulate brain activity, and increase concentration. Continuous physical activity will also help to develop gross motor skills, which will allow the body to function properly and give children more endurance for their daily activities.

There are several games and activities, which can help improve I.Q. They include computer games, chess, checkers, backgammon or any board games - which will help children utilize mental strategies, and critical thinking skills which are needed in school. In addition children can learn how to play an instrument which is a great way to help eye and hand coordination as well as improve reading and concentration skills When parents purchase toys for their children, they should purchase those that require mental stimulation as well as physical exertion. These challenges will help improve a child's I.Q. level.

Children should start early taking I.Q. tests to see how intelligent they are. The test can also be used to see what subject areas the child needs to focus on for improvement. Parents can go online and find several free I.Q. tests that only require carefully reading the directions before administering the exam. When taking these tests, parents should make sure that the child has an area conducive to test-taking, and is quiet and peaceful with no distractions.

The following list is a summary of some additional things that can be helpful with improving a child's I.Q. level:

Note: P = Parent Focus / C = Child Focus / P-C = Parent and Child Focus

P-C Eat plenty of foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids for brain development and function.

One excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids is fish - salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna, halibut, and herring; flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, canola oil, soybeans, soybean oil, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil, walnuts, and walnut seed oil, to name a few.

Online Resource: University of Maryland Medical Center http://www.umm.edu/altmed/articles/omega-3

P Breastfeeding is important for supplying lots of vitamins and nutrients if the mother is eating a well balanced diet. Otherwise, supplements will need to be provided to assist with the diet.

P-C Eat plenty of vegetables, and fruits. Approximately 5 servings per day.

C Keep children away from lead to prevent lead poisoning. This is leading cause of mental deficiencies often found in lead-based paints.

P-C Daily exercise will promote intelligence. This promotes blood flow not only to the brain, but also to other vital organs of the body.

P Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol while pregnant. There is a direct link to lung cancer from smoking/chewing tobacco products and fetal alcohol syndrome from excessive amounts of alcohol.

C Learn to play some kind of instrument at a young age. This promotes eye-hand coordination and brain concentration.

P Read to and with your child daily and/or at bedtime. This promotes shared, quality time with your child, intellectual stimulation and reading comprehension.

C Children should read for themselves everyday other than at school. This promotes intellectual stimulation and reading comprehension.

P-C Parents should play creative and mind/physically challenging games with their children. This included the new Wii Game.

P Introduce games that have math, spelling, grammar, memorization and logic. This promotes intellectual stimulation and reading comprehension.

P-C Limit mindless, unsupervised television watching.

P-C Limit the amount of sugar and caffeinated beverages that are consumed.

P-C Make breakfast a mandatory meal for all members of the household.

P-C Eat the evening meal together as often as possible to discuss the day's events. Sharing time is important to let each other feel that they are a contributing member of the family unit. Discussion stimulates brain development.

P-C Repetition of facts is needed for some areas of skill development. For example: repeated practice/review of multiplication facts will promote learning and skill acquisition.

Increasing a child's I.Q. is possible if the parent is willing to work with that child. Parents should be patient when working with their children. The I.Q. does not increase overnight. We are all blessed with gifts from God and there may be a limit to what a person can achieve. If parents are ready to provide good nutrition; sound sleep, uninterrupted sleep; enough exercise opportunities, and additional brain boosting activities, children can and will improve their I.Q. level.

Ways To Get Your Toddler To Drink More Water

Children should drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day. However, drinking water for children can be a constant struggle. Here are several ways to get your toddler to drink more water.

Make It Available

When you think your toddler is feeling thirsty, give him water. Even if he is not thirsty, ask him to drink a few sips. Once he starts, he will realize he is thirsty after all. Also, leave a sippy cup filled with water where your toddler can easily reach it so when he does get thirsty, he can just reach the cup and drink.

Do Not Offer Options

If your toddler is the type who prefers to drink soda and juice over water, it would be best to keep soft drinks and juices out of his sight. Or, you may impose a rule that your toddler is only allowed to get to the next beverage until his cup is empty. Sure, he may whine and complain at first, but that is okay. He will get used to it in no time.

Give Your Toddler His Own Water Bottle

Have a variety of fun and colorful sippy cups, water bottles and jugs available. You can buy affordable BPA-free plastic sippy cups, bottles and jugs. Have him pick out his own special containers. He will surely have a fun time filling and refilling the containers by himself.

Use Straws

If you give your little one a straw to drink with, water will taste yummy to him. Straws are inexpensive and readily available in grocery stores. Buy some heavy duty plastic straws, preferably straws sold in multi packs of different colors so you can wash and reuse them. Swirly, sports, connectible and glow straws are a big hit and they make drinking water more entertaining.

Flavor It Up

Water is tasteless, which may be the reason why toddlers detest drinking it. Flavored and colored water might just be the answer to your problem. Add sliced lemon, lime or orange to water. This will give the water a little color and taste. You may also put some food coloring in the water. In a clear glass, add 1 or 2 drops of food coloring so your toddler can see the color flow and transform his water from plain to cool.

Turn It Into A Game

Why not make drinking water a playtime activity? Here are two fun examples to try:

·Buried Treasure - Place a slice of lemon or banana at the bottom of a clear glass of water and let your toddler try dragging up the fruit with the pressure from a straw. Your toddler will gulp up a lot of water just so he can retrieve the fruit.

·Musical Cups - Fill a few clear glasses to different levels and have him tap them with a pencil. Explain to him that with every sip, the notes will change in pitch.

Keep It Cold

As much as possible, offer a cold glass of water. Put some ice cubes in his glass to keep the water cool. Toddlers love drinking anything cold especially after playing outside. It will be such a refreshing treat.

Set An Example

Be an example and drink water yourself. If your toddler can see you drink water, he will do it as well. Remember, children tend to imitate what they see, especially their parents' actions.

Water is crucial to a toddler's health. It keeps children healthy and when they are healthy, they feel good and perform better.

What Is Content Marketing? How Can It Benefit You?

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is an innovative strategy you can put into practice, using web-content to communicate about your business without direct sales. It uses elements of story-telling as opposed to direct marketing to create an image that any consumer can relate to. This buyer persona encompasses the traits of your business and product, and uses it to respond to market trends.

Successful content marketing often encourages consumers to share experience and product relevant information. The success of your company's marketing strategy comes from engaging consumers in open conversation and using consumer-generated content. Often, the web-content created by your company simply acts as the fuel needed to generate direct market response.

Where is Content Marketing Used?

It uses many open-source online platforms for distributing content and interacting with your consumers. Instead of being limited to industry-specific software or websites, you can choose to integrate your company with the public using popular social media.

- Search Engine Optimization: Increase web-traffic and exposure for your business using popular keywords in your content.

- Blogs: The tone tends to be informal and instructional. Blogs can be used for event publicity, journalism, and influencing other respected blog-community members.

- Social Networking: Social networking allows you to create a business profile that reflects your buyer persona. With such tools as Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn, your company profile can personalize content marketing to casual and professional crowds alike.

- Social bookmarking: Content marketing with social bookmarking tools gives your business access to vast mills of resources that create communities and webs of related content.

- Image sharing: A form of visual and high-impact content marketing that stimulates immediate emotional response from consumers and has a tendency to be particularly viral.

- Audio-visual marketing: It can also use audio-blogs, pod-casts, and video sharing websites such as YouTube to connect products with popular entertainment media.


  • It is intended to appeal to a larger demographic than traditional advertising strategies allow. Direct advertisement depends on many limiting factors, such as who sees the ad and when they see it. Interactive content marketing allows consumers to interact with your content and share a personal response.

  • Buyer personas can be created and manipulated by the consumer market, based on popular response. Product criteria is not necessarily created in the board-room, but defined by consumers.

  • It breaks out of a limited advertising framework into a virtually unlimited marketing potential. This is made possible with mobile and social media marketing which is available at the consumer's convenience.

  • Appeal is created for consumers who might not normally invest in your company's products, by using attractive presentation. Consumers do not have to be attracted to your product, but will respond to the attractive videos, music, visual design, and engaging social environment.

  • You have a chance to communicate in a language that is relatable for your audience, instead of being removed from the public by specialized advertising jargon.

  • The platforms used for it create distinct communities of consumers, market researchers, and producers, encouraging your company transparency and integrity.

  • Consumers respond to the content in their own forums, opening venues for distributing brand knowledge. Consumers can build relationships with brands, and as a result, prefer to invest in the ones that were most open and communicative.

  • There is a certain psychological edge over direct marketing, by giving consumers a chance to learn about your products and services without the pressure of being told to buy something.

Do You Reveal Your True Esssence When You Speak?

In this piece you see how revealed essence creates a bond linking you and your audience. You are moved to capitalize on your essence, allow it out and let your audience witness the authentic you. When you do this relentlessly, you may anticipate more success, enhanced reputation and repeat public speaking bookings.

Revealed essence is a shining beacon. Unrobed, unashamed, authentic, it stands proud and true.


1. Martin Luther King delivers his I Have a Dream speech: This is memorable revealed essence.

2. Michelangelo's sculptures: The form, grace and detail he evokes is magnificent essence revealed.

3. Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture, capturing as it does, the spirit of shelter, is essence revealed.

4. Vermeer, the master of portraying light. His paintings illuminate his unique essence.

5. The native American Zuni potters capture the hues of the desert, the mountains, the sky, in forms cherished by all who experience them. This sensitivity is a sterling example of essence revealed.

6. In classical music, Mozart reveals his essence with incredible ease.

7. In political leadership, his frontier simplicity and his sense of justice reveals the essence of Abraham Lincoln.

These are examples of essence revealed. Now let's look at you: You have your personal essence too. Like your fingerprints, like your DNA, it is yours alone. Like every snowflake, your essence is one-of-a-kind, unduplicated anywhere in time or space. And, it is magnificent, as is all essence.

Only you can allow it out. Only you can reveal it. Only you can share it with your world, with the universe of lives you touch. You touch these lives with your presence, with your words----and most of all, with your state of being.

Reflect upon the great speakers you have been privileged to see. Replay----in your mind----a favorite experience watching a top speaker. Observe the stance, the moves, the look in the eyes, the choice of words, the facial expressions, the pauses, everything about this person.

Is all of this contrived? Were you seeing an example of a clever performance by a skilled actor? I doubt it. You probably experienced essence revealed.

Some years ago, through a high level personal connection, I got a Press Pass, a credential that got me into a major USA political party's national convention. A USA presidential candidate was to be nominated. A prominent politician won the nomination. You'd know his name.

The time came for him to give his acceptance speech. I managed to maneuver myself----as part of the Press Corps---- within 15 feet of where he stood. I watched him carefully. I saw a masterful performance. That's what it was----a performance. It was brilliant, except for one thing. There was no essence revealed. (In retrospect, I now feel there was no essence to reveal.)

The speech was an example of hollow excellence. Like a classic wine bottle with no wine in it. There was ho heart, no soul, no authenticity. (He lost the election, drifted into obscurity.) The memory of this speech burned itself into my brain. This may be why I have such a passion for revealed essence.

Do you choose to reveal your essence every time you stand before an audience?


1. Look within: Look for your authentic gift, your talent, your knack, your aptitude.

2. Tune in to your intuition, to the tug at your heart.

3. Note the field, the topic, the issue you are drawn to.

4. When you recognize it, accept it, embrace it, and engage it.

5. Study it like Leonardo, "with an unprecedented ardour of delight and curiosity."

6. Organize your findings. Start to write articles, papers, maybe a book.

7. Promote yourself: Cause your target market to know of your unique expertise and your availability.

Expect the confluence of these elements, powered by your energy and iron resolve, to propel you as far as you can go as a speaker.

How Do Online Kindergarten Classes Prepare Young Students for Success?

It's never too early to start your child's education. From reading to your baby while he or she is still in the womb, to getting your child enrolled in classes at a young age, there are lots of things you can do to encourage early educational growth.

Online kindergarten classes are one option you may want to consider pursuing. Designed to provide a solid foundation in the most basic subjects, these classes are also great for helping your child's focus, concentration and thinking skills develop.

Teachers who provide instruction in these classes understand that they have an opportunity to instill a lasting love of learning in their students. Activities are structured around certain cognitive skills, but they are designed to be as enjoyable as they are educational.

Children who take online kindergarten classes get a jump start on a lifetime of learning. They have access to top-notch curriculum materials that include online lessons, workbooks, art supplies, math manipulatives, science kits and more. Texts, stories, activities and discussions give students lots of practice with the fundamental skills and concepts they will need to be successful in later learning.

In addition to the standard subjects of language arts, math, science and social studies, online kindergarten classes also give students the opportunity to: do art-based activities, learn basic musical concepts, and participate in active learning that requires them to run, jump, sing, build, plan, guess and observe. Some classes will be conducted through real-time sessions where students can interact with one another and the teacher through the computer. Plus, some online schools may even offer the option of a mobile classroom that students can visit when it's in their area.

Online kindergarten classes are great for showing young students the joy of learning. Many online schools supplement these classes with field trips that occur throughout the year, as well as extracurricular activities that get students interacting and learning how to build positive relationships.

Your student may also be able to get involved in clubs and activities that are designed to further engage them and foster their creativity and critical thinking skills. These are great opportunities for them to meet other children who share their interests, while growing skills that could turn into hobbies and talents later on in life.

Overall, online kindergarten classes are a great launching point for your child's academic career. Learning fundamental skills at such a young age can help them prepare for educational opportunities down the road. Plus, starting them on a path of enthusiastic, lifelong learning is a wonderful gift to give.

Spiritual Life Coaching - Characteristics of a Kundalini Arousal

A Kundalini arousal brings with it the challenge to transcend the primal drives, instincts, and fears of the egoic mind so that a new stage may be set for the coming unity consciousness of the Next Human. The process of transcendence takes time, however, and may require as the duration of five to ten years after a full-fledged awakening for its entire effect to take root.

Usually, the initial Kundalini activation lasts about six months. But this is only the first wave. Before the second wave hits, the initiate may become deeply involved in a project, a venture, or a business that is altruistic and beneficial for all of humanity. This is quite common because during the first wave, the Kundalini will always open up the heart chakra, allowing for a generous flow of pranic energy to be channeled directly into areas and fields of enterprise that are in desperate need of service, healing, or compassionate attention.

Feelings of confusion, unbalance, anxiety, guilt, and fear will alternate with intense feelings of joy, love, bliss, compassion, and euphoria. Initiates may find their bodies contorting into odd postures resembling yoga positions and hand mudra gestures. It is also common for initiates to experience involuntary and sporadic jerking motions, muscle cramps, contractions, and skin-crawling sensations.

When the third eye chakra is activated by the pranic energy sent forth from the Kundalini rising, the initiate may experience visions of lights, people, symbols, alien entities, or reviews of personal past lives. Audible instruction regarding current problems or challenges is common, including channeling or automatic writing for long periods of time.

No doubt, spiritual teacher and author, Neale Donald Walsch experienced a kundalini awakening at the time he began channeling his "Conversations With God" series of books. Spiritual teacher and author, Eckhart Tolle, has described a "spiritual awakening" that occurred spontaneously when he was twenty-nine that permanently and profoundly transformed his life. Lasting for about six months, Eckhart has said that it intensified all of his senses and perceptions and allowed him to see the world from an entirely new perspective.

Inner sounds, chants, mantras, and music is common among the initiates of a Kundalini awakening. All of the senses will be ramped up. Olfactory, tactile, sight, taste, and sound perceptions will all be amplified. Every form of life will become more vivid and alive. Many have even reported seeing their own mirrored reflections temporarily morphing into a more beautiful or angelic appearance. Initiates may also lose a sense of self as a body, or feel that one is much bigger than the body, or out of the body, with the resulting confusion and disorientation.

Ideas for Jazzing Up a Dull Classroom

Classrooms tend not to be the most inspiring of environments in which to teach and learn. Often, they're aged and fitted with ugly-looking furniture that looks like a relic of the dark ages with an extra bit of graffiti scribbled all over and dried chewing gum stuck in strategic places. While modern classrooms may be cleaner and boast more ergonomic and aesthetic furniture, they can be overly sterile.

To transform a dull classroom into an inspiring, nurturing environment, put your creativity to the test. Changes don't need to cost the earth but will make kids and teachers much happier to spend time cooped up indoors.

If you're not an arts and crafts teacher yourself, strike up a conversation with your colleague at lunchtime. Perhaps the kids' next project in art class could be to brighten up their classroom? They could create paintings, murals, collages, or bring a bit of nature indoors by creating a "garden" from branches and crepe paper leaves and flowers. For added fun, perch origami or felt-cut animals and birds on the branches.

Got the budget and the nerve to ask your school principal for permission to do some painting? Brighter walls or furniture could be just what's needed to improve the atmosphere in the classroom.

In some countries such as Latvia and Lithuania, parents are expected to contribute to the costs of painting of redecorating a classroom, and volunteer to do the work. While asking for money may not be possible in most cases, you could ask for help in getting the work done that considerably cuts costs.

There's also another way you could enroll the help of the kids' parents. If everyone could donate a rug, a blanket or a cushion, you'd have exactly what it takes to build a cosy reading corner on one side of the classroom. This should encourage children to spend time reading, particularly if the weather's grim and outdoor fun and games aren't possible during lunch break.

If you're keen on encouraging an academic vibe in the classroom, themed posters are probably your best bet, as well as academic achievement awards and motivational quote boards. Depending on the subjects taught in the classroom, you can purchase posters that relate to the content of the syllabus. For example, for a music room this could be note charts or lyrics, and for an English Studies room it could be extracts from historical novels.

Science classrooms are among the easiest to jazz up as science teaching resources usually provide a whole host of visuals to illustrate obscure concepts from gravity to viscosity. Often, posters feature animations or photography.