How To Enjoy Your Shower

For many of us, a shower is an integral part of our unwinding process at the end of a busy day. One gets to 'cleanse' away the fatigue accumulated during the day. During the day, we sweat, get dirt and smoke particles on us and as such, that end-of-day shower is important. The recommended duration for a shower is 10 minutes. This is done to avoid drying up of the skin.

There are different ways of accomplishing this. Some prefer to take a hot-bath that is laced with essential body oils and a thick lather whereas others prefer to use shower enclosures. This comes down to personal preference as well as availability. The latter involves a kind of cubicle in a bathroom where a shower is taken while one is standing and in some cases sitting. Modern ones involve a glass casing whereas older ones just had a curtain.

Many hidden talents are exposed as one takes a shower be it at the end of the day or at the beginning of a new day. These talents range from karaoke to dancing or imitating famous personalities. Whether these 'talents' can be performed to a crowd varies from one person to another!

Many bright ideas are also birthed as one unwinds at the end of a day while taking a shower.

Debate exists as to which is better between a hot shower and a cold shower. Well, each has its own advantages. A hot shower can warm one up if it is chilly, relaxes one and is known to cure stiff necks or muscles. A cold shower on the other hand helps one come alive, cures fatigue and increases mental alertness. Some people consider it good practice to turn the shower to cold during the last few minutes.

Other noted benefits of taking a shower include strengthening immunity, increasing hormone production, alleviating insomnia, increasing metabolism among other benefits.

Therefore, before you go to take that shower now, here are some essentials to having a good shower

· Make sure you have a clean towel - This is very important for drying oneself.

· Have a scrub or loofah - used to scrub the dirt from our bodies.

· Shampoo/soap - work up a good lather!

· Bathroom shoes/rubber floor mat - ensures your protection from injury by preventing slipping.

· Sufficient water - You do not want to run out of water with soap in your eyes!

· Some background music can be good.

With that said, enjoy your shower!

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