Classic Leggings

Classic leggings are one of the most widely worn garments on the high street. With their versatile nature and the comfort they provide these leggings are bound to be found in every girls wardrobe.

Leggings originated in the 13th century to keep peoples legs warm and protect them from things such as bites and chapping. In the 19th century leggings were used by the military to protect their legs and to prevent debris entering their shoes as well as providing an element of ankle support.

Leggings in the 1990s however became somewhat of a fashion item worn by many women with a large belt and shoes. In the early 1990s they began to outsell jeans however leggings became a dying trend by the late 1990s.

Leggings made a comeback in 2005 taking over the fashion industry and continue to do so at this present time. Made out of materials such as cotton, spandex and nylon in a variety of colours and patterns its hardly surprising that women all over the world choose to wear them.

Leggings come in a variety of styles including...

-Classic leggings available in hundreds of colours and patterns.

-Shiny leggings these can have a leather or wet look appearance.

-Jeggings these are the latest trend in leggings giving the illusion of wearing jeans through their colour and jean like traits such as pockets and zip flies.

-Sports leggings these are generally worn to keep sports players warm. They can also be worn by dancers to enhance movement.

You will find leggings in hundreds of colours so you can find the perfect pair to go with your outfit. The patterns available now are more exciting than ever ranging from tame and subtle to wild and eccentric. Experiment with chain looks, Aztec, stripes, spots, zigzags, themes, flowers, skulls, crosses, flags etc. You really will be stuck for choice.

The fantastic thing about leggings is that they go with almost anything. Dress them up or down to create the perfect outfit wherever you are. Team your leggings up with oversized t-shirts and jumpers to create a faddy relaxed look. They can also be worn casually under shorts, dresses and skirts however you can spruce up and create a look good enough for hitting the town.

Leggings also look fantastic with footwear such as gladiators, pumps, converse, hi-tops, trainers, plimsolls, espadrilles, heels and boots.

Men have also begun to wear leggings more frequently over the last few years. They are often worn and layered with shorts and baggy t-shirts. The London electro music scene has a noticeable fashion trend in leggings as well as at fashion shows. Mens leggings are generally labelled meggings.

Classic leggings don't appear to be going anywhere just yet so get yourself down to your nearest high street stores and see what sort of fashion statement you can pull off.

Learn What a Hearing Aid Can and Cannot Do for You

If you are looking at getting at least one hearing aid, you should know how this type of device works. You should avoid going into the purchase with unrealistic expectations. You can do so by learning what this product can do for you, and what its limitations are.

One thing you can expect from a hearing aid is for it to amplify sounds. This allows you to actually hear them. If you are tired of listening to conversations without being able to understand the words that are being said, you will be happy to get a device that can help the words become a bit clearer and louder. In fact, some devices help you distinguish voices from background noise, which is helpful for many people losing their ability to hear.

Of course, you will also be able to hear sounds that are not voices, since they will be amplified in general. Therefore, music, the sounds of cars, and other daily noises you have been missing out on will be available to you to listen to now. So even if you are not excited to start listening to the conversations around you, now you can focus on the noises at sporting events and other fun activities.

You should keep in mind that although sounds will be louder, your ability to hear will not be completely restored when you use a hearing aid. You may never have the ears you had when you were younger or had less damage to them. However, you should notice an improvement when you wear your new device in one or both ears.

In addition, you should note that wearing this kind of device will not stop your ability to hear from getting worse. In fact, it will not really affect your ears at all. You will need surgery or other treatment for that, and depending on your condition, you may find there is no way to treat the issue. However, putting a device in your ears can help you begin to focus on the sounds you can suddenly enjoy, not the idea of your condition getting worse.

Different types and brands of these devices may have different abilities, so talk to the business selling you the hearing aid if you want to know more. But in general, these are the limitations and abilities of most devices of this kind. You should at least look into getting one for each affected ear if you want to manage the issue of losing your hearing.

The Causes of Relapse for Recovering Addicts

Relapse is a constant threat to recovering substance abusers. It is also a common occurrence, but new episodes always bring fear, frustration, and worry to its sufferers and their families. Given the proper triggers, even addicts who have successfully completed intensive treatment programs and remained clean for years can experience a relapse. These episodes can be as brief as a one-time drug use, but longer relapses can last for years. During long relapses, the addict experiences the same dangers as any other substance abuser, including increased risk of violent behavior, suicide, and even death from overdose. Because relapse is such a threat to addicts' lasting recoveries, it is critical for them to learn to recognize its causes and develop powerful coping strategies. The following are some of the most common triggers for relapse in recovering substance abusers.

Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, or PAWS, is the most common cause of relapse. PAWS sets in immediately after the withdrawal of detoxification, and its symptoms include depression, dizziness, poor motor skills, chronic stress, and heightened sensitivity to pain. These frustrating symptoms often cause addicts to self-medicate, continuing their cycles of addiction. In fact, a critical component of many rehabilitation programs is instruction on how to cope with the symptoms of PAWS and mitigate its risks. Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome typically lasts for several months after detox, but symptoms can linger for years.

Environmental Triggers

Drug addiction is a physiological condition, the result of permanent alterations to the brain's neurological pathways. When the brain forms these harmful pathways in response to continuous, heavy drug use, it also creates associations with the places where that drug use takes place. For recovering addicts, their dealers' homes, parks where they used to get high, and other compromising environments such as bars and clubs can therefore trigger their compulsions to seek the substances they used to abuse.

Personal Triggers

Addicts also form subconscious associations between drugs and certain people. Friends who still use, as well as people whose behaviors drove addicts to use in the first place can trigger relapse episodes. It is therefore imperative that recovering addicts surround themselves with positively-reinforcing people in safe environments.

Physical Objects

As strange as it may seem to someone who has never struggled with addiction, even inanimate objects can trigger relapses. Just as they form links between drug use, environments, and people, addicts often subconsciously associate certain music or movies with their cravings. For instance, a song someone used to listen to while injecting heroin might trigger his compulsion for the drug if he heard it during his recovery process.

Traumatic Events

Difficult or intense situations can cause an addict to relapse. The deaths of family members or friends, car wrecks, personal injuries, and a host of other traumatic events can be too much for recovering drug abusers to handle, especially when they are suffering the debilitating symptoms of PAWS. In fact, great or prolonged trauma can cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a condition which not only causes relapse, but which often drives a person to use drugs in the first place.

Daily Stress

For many recovering addicts, everyday events and mundane tasks can be stressful, as well. Interpersonal conflicts, money woes, and other common stressors can seem like an incredible burden to people struggling to avoid relapse.

Effective rehabilitation centers prepare their patients for the dangers of relapse and teach them how to cope with their triggers. Whether you're fighting the urge to use again or haven't even begun treatment, click the links below for a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation. It's never too late to seek help.

A Rocky Road for Ross Outon - Winner of PBS The Winemakers (Season 1)

For those who are willing to make significant sacrifices to live their dreams, there are often many paths, some with more stones than others. When it comes to Ross Outon, winner of the 2009 PBS reality contest The Winemakers (Season 1), I am reminded of a quote from Morgan Freeman's character Red Redding in the film The Shawshank Redemption, "Andy Dufresne, who crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side." Winning The Winemakers reality show may sound like an express pass to winemaking nirvana but for Outon, his rocky path included start and stop filming for two years, divorce,loss of his house to the bank, loss of his job, the unexpected passing of his beloved dog, threats of legal actions to obtain his prize money, other prizes never honored and post harvest unemployment. But though it all Ross came out "clean," at least until his arms are elbow deep in the first bins of black Pinot Noir grapes from the upcoming harvest. Here's Ross Outon's story.

In 2006, Ross's wife passed along a flyer announcing the Austin, Texas casting call for the PBS reality show, The Winemakers. By that time Ross had worked in various levels of wine retail for 11 years with stints in a grocery store, wine wholesale and a respected local liquor store chain, Twin Liquors. He was ready for the next step in his wine evolution and the show offered endless possibilities. At the audition, Outon stood out from the professionally attired hopefuls, taking the stage in his black t-shirt sporting cropped red hair, tattooed arm sleeves and chest length red goatee. After six months passed with no contact from the show, Ross assumed he did not get the part. But the call finally came.

The 12 contestants were divided between six men and six women. Six wine professionals and six enthusiasts, six from California and six from other locals within the US. The show was filmed at Justin Vineyards outside Paso Robles in central California and focused on Rhone varieties such as Syrah, Mouvedre, Grenache and Viognier. The contestants, who Ross described as "12 wine lovers who were inherently jovial" met for the first time on the set in the fall of 2006. Ultimately the filming of six episodes spanned two years, had a rotating set of judges and was not ready for broadcast until 2009.

As with many reality shows, the contestants were given wine-related tasks such as harvest work, food/wine pairing, business plan development and finally blending their own wine to be judged. Each episode resulted in one or more contests being eliminated by the judges. Ross was an immediate standout, for his confidence and wine knowledge in addition to the tattoos and goatee. "I left the first filming knowing I could win," Ross stated. And win he did.

Three contestants remained for the final episode. They were judged on their wine marketing business plan, wine label and of course their wine. Ross was rebuked for his wine label and name 45RPM, a tribute to the Austin Music scene, for not being "adventurous" enough for what the judges perceived to be an adventurous wine. However, the wine, a blend of Grenache, Mouvedre, Syrah, Petite Sirah and Zinfandel won high praise from the judges. One judge spoke about being "moved" by the wine while another compared it to "a fine Rhone wine... and could have been fooled in thinking I was drinking a Coates du Rhone from France." Ross appreciated such accolades for a novice winemaker from Austin, Texas.

The extended filming schedule, many trips between Austin and California and work in Austin took a toll on his marriage that resulted in a separation from his wife and a protracted divorce. The divorce settlement was complicated by the fact it took Ross over two years to receive only a portion of his cash prize from the show's sponsor, the recently defunct Sonoma-based custom crush facility, Crushpad. In addition, the "two-week all expense paid trip to the Rhone Valley to discover the wonderful wines we make there," offered to the winner in the final episode, never materialized.

Crushpad offered Ross a commission contract based on the sales of his 45RPM wine. Crushpad would make the wine and distribute it and Ross would receive payment. Between 7,000 and 8,000 cases were blended from what Ross described as "inferior bulk wines" from those he used to make the original 45RPM. The wine was sold at a much lower price point than Ross expected diminishing his cut. 45RPM did sell out rather quickly once the show aired. Even at the lower price, Ross was to earn about $50,000 in commission. The prize, which was to be a lump sum, was only partly paid over two years, in 20-30 small arbitrary installments after threats of legal action.

To make matters worse, Texas liquor laws do not allow for a wine retailer to receive income from a wine producer. Once the first installment hit his mailbox, Ross's sales position at Twin Liquors amicably came to an end. At this point winning The Winemakers had cost Ross his marriage, his house and his wine retail career even though he had only a small portion of his cash prize and no French wine excursion. Ross said, "If I had gotten only half of my prize from Crushpad in a lump sum, I could have moved to Sonoma, bought some grapes and made a few hundred cases. It would have been much easier." Ross remained as determined as he was during his audition to become a winemaker, even if he started at the very bottom. Ross considered winning The Winemakers was "a sign he was on the right path."

Though he didn't know it at the time, Ross's luck was about to change in the fall of 2009. The Food and Wine Foundation in Austin asked Ross, fresh from winning The Winemakers, to co-host a dinner with heralded Sonoma Pinot Noir producer and former Austinite, Adam Lee of Siduri Wines. The two Texans hit it off and Ross appreciated the fact that Adam, like himself, is a self-taught winemaker. After Ross expressed an interest in moving to Sonoma to make Pinot Noir, Adam said, "Why don't you come work for me?" Five months later Ross "showed up on Adam's doorstep," to work as an intern during the approaching harvest. During the 2010 harvest, Ross learned all he could about Pinot Noir production from the bottom up, but reluctantly returned to Texas in early 2011 to "tie up the loose ends of his divorce."

As the summer of 2011 approached, Ross was committed to moving to Sonoma and finding full-time employment in an environment full of part-time and seasonal jobs. To make his transition more difficult, Ross was competing against younger candidates with winemaking degrees from U.C Davis and others. "I'm always learning," Ross said of his hands-on winemaking education. "My nose is always in a book or a wine glass. I watch while I drive past vineyards to learn how they train their vines. Where else do you see a pickup truck with two bins of grapes headed to some garagista's home to make wine? I find it all so energizing." With a U-Haul packed to the gills Ross returned to Sonoma and landed another harvest intern position at Pratz and Hall. But as is the nature of harvest intern positions, Ross found himself unemployed again once the harvest season concluded.

Determined not to return to Austin with "my tail tucked between my legs," Ross started looking for work. With his wine sales experience a tasting room job would have been fairly easy to find. However with most wineries, entry-level positions are either in sales or production (winemaking), rarely both. Though he thought he had enough savings to make the move, Ross found the sticker shock of living in California wine country quickly drained his bank account. In addition, the credibility Ross assumed he had earned from being named The Winemaker carried little weight within the viticulture establishment. The Winemakers, he found, was not widely followed by wine industry insiders. However, with family emotional and financial support, Ross was able to survive a few months of unemployment. Now he says, "I'm back with the people I know and love, Adam and Dianna Lee of Siduri in a hybrid position," Ross said of the friendly and outgoing Texas winemakers. During slow production seasons, Ross uses his sales skills in the tasting room and will move back into wine production once the first grapes arrive from the vineyards.

The future Ross Outon now sees is bright but not without challenges. "If it was easy, it wouldn't be worth it," Ross quips "and as difficult as it has been, if it were not for the show, I wouldn't be out here (Sonoma) doing what I love." As he continues to hone his winemaking skills with the help of Adam and Dianna Lee and other mentors, Ross hopes to begin making small batches of Pinot Noir in the next few years. Ross will continue to pay his dues but says, "When I was cast on the show, I felt like I stopped treading water and started swimming in a positive direction. It has been hard going, but I am relentlessly sure of the idea that I am headed in the right direction."

Free Security Measures You Should Perform for Your Computer

Are you sure you are safe and secure online? It is essential form most users to have a PC that is fast works perfectly for their needs. However if you connect to the internet, your computer is always under the threat of a virus attack which will hinders the normal working of your PC. Choosing good antivirus software is a best way to protect your computer. Since everybody wants a cheap online solution to protect their computer and important data and reduce the risk of identity theft, it is a good idea to get a free antivirus download.

With a little awareness and some effort, you can secure your online identity from hackers and minimize the attempts of online theft. Protect your information, data, profile and money from malicious attacks by using virus removal software and follow some of advice given below:

Protect your personal information

Millions of people are becoming the victims of credit theft every year. If you share your credit information, account number, passwords or any information related to monetary transactions, you could be the victim of phishing. These phishing attacks will send you an email, text, or pop-up messages and if you respond to that or click on their website you can become easy prey. Legitimate businesses would never ask for your email through pop-ups or text messages. To avoid this, you should never respond to such emails and should never provide your personal details unless you are assured that you are protected.

Do research to know with whom you are dealing with

If you are thinking of shopping online, you should perform some research to know about the website and company. If you are dealing for the first time with a new site, you should call the seller's phone number to see if it is in a working. If not then it is a suspicious site and you should try to make your purchase with someone else.

Avoid sharing files

Sharing files is a common task performed every day by millions of users. File sharing includes the distribution of information like music, games or software. However, file sharing has number of risks since you may download material that is protected by the copyright laws. Therefore, before downloading you should read the End User Licensing Agreement to protect yourself from malware that may be attached to the files.

Keep your operating system and software up-to-date

You should keep your operating system and software up-to-date since hackers can take advantages of various web browser and operating system flaws. You can increase your security by changing your privacy settings and upgrading from the default settings. Stay disconnected from the internet if you are not using it for an extended period.

Protect your password: -

You should protect your password and should not disclose it to anyone through the phone, email or internet since your ISP will never ask for your password. The most important thing to keep in mind that you should not use any personal information like your name, phone number or account number as your password which will be easily traced the hackers. Always use a mixture of letters, number and symbols and never use the same password for more than 1 account.

Follow these instructions and search online to find good PC virus protection and a reputed free antivirus download.

Peru Vacations - 4 Reasons to Visit Lima

The capital of Peru - Lima is home to over 9 million residents and is one of the most culturally diverse cities in South America. Founded in 1535 by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro, the city was the main trading post for the continent until it its demise when the Spanish created a rival vice regency in Rio de la Plata.

Nowadays most people visiting Peru tend to skip Lima and head for the more popular attractions located in the highlands of the Andes, like Cusco and Machu Picchu. Although we wouldn't recommend spending more than 3 days in Lima, we do recommend that you take a moment to visit and get to know this incredible city.

Here are 4 reasons to visit Lima:

1) Lima has incredible cuisine

Over the last few years Peruvian cuisine has started to rise in popularity, and although not quite as well-known as Chinese or Mexican food, it is certainly not to be missed. As the central hub of many cultures from around Peru, it is a city that combines traditional ingredients and flavours from the depths of the jungle, to the highlands and coastal regions, making Lima a hot-spot for incredible food ideas. Furthermore, a new generation of innovative and young Peruvian chefs have taken it to a whole new level, integrating Peruvian dishes with international plates, offering food we all know, but with a tasty Latin twist. Seafood is also particularly excellent in Lima, and we recommend that you head to Calle La Mar in the Miraflores district to try ceviche, a dish of fresh fish cooked in lime juice and gently spiced with ricotto pepper served with sweet potato and corn on the cob.

2) Incredible Heritage

After the Spanish conquered the Inca Empire they searched for somewhere to build a city which would serve as their new home. Lima was chosen for its location on the coast, close proximity to the Lurin River and that fact that for most of the year is covered by low level cloud protecting the residents from the harsh sun. Quickly a city of great magnitude and wealth grew, full of wide avenues with large European mansions and buildings, many of which still exist today. The historic centre of Lima is an excellent place to spend a few hours, and a guided tour of Palacio de Gobierno (Government Palace), Plaza san Martin and Plaza de Armas will give you a real flavour of the incredible heritage and history. In the historical barrio of Barranco lookout for the remains of the first tram system in South America, ancient frescos decorating original colonial mansions and even an ancient club house for the boy scouts.

3) The largest public water fountain display in the world

Located in the former Parque de la Reserva is the world's largest public water fountain display. Known as Curcuito Magico del Agua, the park features hundreds of fountains some of which pass 200 feet in height and others which dance to music. There is also a selection of interactive fountains which are great for kids and adults alike. Open Thursdays - Sundays from 4pm, the park is best visited after sunset.

4) Pachacamac

The temple of Pachacamac is an archaeological site located 40 km southeast of Lima, in the Valley of the Lurín River. Pachacámac was founded by early settlers and subsequently grew during the Huari empire. After the collapse of the Huari civilisation, it became primarily a religious site, used to worship the Pacha Kamaq creator deity, common in South American mythology. Pachacamac is noted for its great pyramidal temples, and for the remains of frescoes adorning its adobe walls. At the time of the Spanish conquest it was a major Inca shrine. Pacacamac can easily be visited in one day from the hotel districts of Lima, and is a great way to see more of the city.

Write a Sales Copy - What to Include in Your First Copy

Everyone says sales copy writing is an easy task. Only problem is, you are yet to write a sales copy that sells a thing. Stop worrying. Follow the steps below to write a winning sales copy.

Do Your Research

Use Google, library, interviews, polls, etc to unearth as much data as possible. Do as much research as you can. It will give you everything you want to create sales copy that attracts prospects and helps you sell your products like crazy.

Just make sure you organize your findings under three different categories, viz.

  • Benefits
  • Proof and
  • Credibility Boosters

It will be great if you can put research materials into three different (physical) folders. The digital equivalent is, creating three different text files named benefits, proof and credibility boosters.

Benefits of the Product

Find the benefits the product brings to customers. Is the benefit a trimmer body? Healthier heart? Fine tuning music skills? Ability to write eye-catchy headlines?

Find out what the product does. Put all the benefits under a heading. You lead in with the benefits. With your copy, you make a bold promise of the benefits your product offers. Discover as much benefits as you can. It takes a little patience identifying the different benefits of a product, any product.

Even simple product like a pencil can have more than 50 benefits - only thing is, you have to apply your mind to discover them all.

Proof it Works

Substantiate your claims of benefits with solid proof. Show scientific proof, where possible. If not, show real case studies of people who have benefited from your products. Try to unearth as much proof to back up your claim of benefits as possible.

If you can't prove it, don't claim it. If you can prove it, brag about it. The proof part supports the claims of benefit. Without proof, your copy will collapse.

Build Credibility

Testimonials from experts in the industry helps you establish credibility. Show readers 'who' said about your product. It is always the 'who' part that is more important than 'what'. However, it is not always possible to find a celebrity to endorse your products. In that case, use the photo and real name of the person testifying your products.

The Most Important Step - Connect them All With a Single, Powerful Idea

There is no definite order of using benefits, proofs and endorsements in your copy. You can use them in any order you want.

However, the most important point is to keep them all tied to a specific idea - a unique selling proposition (USP) or a strong selling point.

What is the biggest advantage your customer gets from your product. Answer this question all throughout your copy. Substantiate this answer with all the three elements listed above - a promise of benefits, sharing of proof your product works, and credibility boosters like testimonials and endorsements.

PIRATE Karaoke Operations, and Why You Shouldn't Hire Them

Venue Operators Beware...

The entertainment licensing fees paid to BMI, ASCAP, etc. will not protect you or your business if you have knowingly hired a PIRATE Karaoke Host. The copies of their music, the images and lyrics shown on the screen, and the performances of those works in your venue, are indeed illegal.

DJ's and KJ's who offer thousands of song selections, and cannot offer proof of their legality, are pirates. YOU, as a Club, Venue or Event host may be held legally and financially accountable for a pirate's copyright and or trademark infringements. A venue owner who knowingly hires a contractor that is in violation of the law, risks sanctions including the possible loss of their liquor license. Your Entertainment Licenses will not cover a Pirate, or protect you from possible prosecution!

"Individuals or Businesses that have a financial benefit from providing an opportunity for such infringing individuals or businesses to operate, create a liability for themselves and can be found to have vicarious or contributory liability."

(as quoted directly from: The KIAA WebSite)

It is up to YOU as the person, or corporate representative responsible for employing said Karaoke Entertainment to check the legal status of your entertainers. The easiest way is to view their CD+G Discs, or ask for proof of legal compliance. REAL discs are "original" factory labeled discs, NEVER "burned copies". If Your Entertainers use digital formats such as PC, Laptop, or Hard-drive units, ask to see the original discs that were loaded into their system, or a verifiable digital license. If they hand you excuses, or refuse to comply with your reasonable request, it's time to wish them well, point out the error of their ways, and say GOOD-BYE!

Note: If you hire an entertainment company that has several KJ's working with several different systems, EACH system MUST be supported with it's own individual set of Factory Original Discs or licensed verifiable copies... if they aren't, they are PIRATES! Several systems can not be covered by only one set of original discs or one set of licensed verifiable digital copies. It may be expensive, but it is the LAW.

Little known fact:

The changes in copyright law and "fair use" are on-going. Most legal sources maintain that "fair use" includes the transfer of digital media as: "1 to 1"... HOWEVER the commercial use of copied (burned) Karaoke CD+Gs is not legal for use in venues for profit (even for free drinks)... Commercial for profit Karaoke MUST be either from the Factory Original Discs or from Licensed Digital Copies ONLY.

In closing, please remember... Hiring a "PIRATE" karaoke provider may save you a little money in the short term, but getting caught up in the legal problems of a law suit will always be more trouble than it's worth!

Why Vintage Fashion Is So Popular Today

In modern times, vintage fashion has gained more popularity, since it nostalgically reflects the lifestyle of a golden era that started in the "Roaring Twenties" and lasted up to the late sixties. This was a new trend-setting time when fashion took on completely new traits, beginning largely in the leading metropolitan centers, like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and New Orleans, before rapidly spreading to other cosmopolitan cities like Paris, London and Berlin; during a period that showed sustained economic growth and prosperity.

The phrase 'Roaring Twenties' was meant to portray the cultural, artistic, and social dynamism of the period. As 'normalcy' gradually returned to the political upheavals in wake of the First World War, jazz music began to blossom, modern womanhood was redefined by the flapper, Art Deco touched new heights. The flourishing era was partially disrupted by the Wall Street Crash, when effects of the 'Great Depression' began to take hold. Moreover, this era was set apart by new discoveries and inventions of far-reaching significance; extraordinary industrial expansion; accelerated aspirations and consumer demand; as well as major cultural and lifestyle changes.

The 20s is similarly termed as the pivotal decade in that fashion entered into modern times. This was a time when women and girls first began to abandon the constricting fashions from the past and started to wear clothes which were more comfortable, such as girls ivory lace dress, pretty dresses, champagne cotton dresses, and lace mini dress. In a similar manner, men as well as boys abandoned the highly formal everyday attire in exchange for boys grey suit, charcoal suit, beige suit, 3 piece waistcoat suit, casual suit, youth suits, and clothing suits. For the main part, though their hats show different traits, suits worn by men today are again based on the ones worn by somber gentlemen in the late twenties. Overall, the twenties can be categorized into two distinct fashion periods. In earlier part of that decade, the change was relatively slow since people were somewhat reluctant in spontaneously embracing the new fashion styles, while by mid-twenties many passionately adopted the styles that were associated with the times.

The inner spirit of vintage fashion is marked by a discontinuity feeling associated with a break from traditions or modernity. Everything now appears feasible through adaptation of modern technology. Ever new technologies, innovatively employed in fashion designing, now help to proliferate 'modernity' to wider segment of the population globally. Decorative frills have been shed in exchange for practicality in daily life, compared to earlier fashion trends and moods.

As far as future of vintage fashion is concerned, good quality has the habit of always becoming the norm. Once this occurs, poor quality products will eventually be looked upon as collectible novelties. To find a true vintage fashion product, which though cheaply made has not fallen to pieces, will still be a real scarcity; hence, considered a valuable piece in time to come. Today, some obstinate collectors go as far as even searching for paper dresses belonging to the sixties.

Social Media - A World of Entertainment

Internet has become a very essential thing for everyone in today's generation. Internet is used not only for entertainment purposes but also used for business, recreational and educational purposes. Internet is not only used by kids for making projects or gathering information but is also used by giant MNC's for doing their business activities.

But now in this generation social media has also become a part people's life all over the world. Social media is not only used by teenagers but also used by people above the age group of 30 years not only for making networks but also used as very important tool for marketing as well as branding, for small and big businesses. Social Media marketing as compared with the offline marketing process is very cost effective.

There are 6 types of Social Media:

· Social Networks

· Social Bookmarking Sites

· Social News

· Media Sharing

· Microblogging

· Blog Comments and Forums

Social Networks: Social networking websites have become very important for not only connecting/making networks but also for marketing as well as branding. In these social networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Orkut etc a user can make his profile and connect to people he knows like in Facebook. A user can make friends as well can get access to some good apps and do branding and marketing as well, in LinkedIn a professional person can create his profile, exchange information among all the professional people and connect to people in the same industry. Thus people have got so addicted to these social networking sites that people spend about 3-4 hours daily.

Social Bookmarking Sites:This service of social bookmarking sites is used to save, organize as well manage links to various websites. It provides many useful features like an individual can tag his links so that it becomes very easy for searching on the internet. Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit etc are available which provide such services.

Social News: Social News services allow users to post new links to outside articles and allow the other users to vote on those links. Voting plays an important role in these services as the posts which get the highest no. of votes that are displayed.

Media Sharing: Services that allow users to upload as well as share music, videos, pictures among friends which also come with some extra features like making profiles, comments are websites like Flickr, YouTube etc

Microblogging: The services that focus on short updates and are received by the user who subscribes them like Twitter which is a very popular microblogging site.

Blog Comments and Forum: In Online forums users can comment on the posted threads as well as even share their views for different categories online with many people. Blog comments are quite same however they are attached to blogs. There are many different blogs as well as forums.

These are the different social media's which can be used for networking and as very useful marketing tool and also plays an important role of entertainment in the life of people all over the world.

Gifts From the Bride to the Bridesmaids: Lavish Your Lovely Ladies With Something Super Special

The bridesmaids are an essential part of any wedding. As well as hosting the hen do and smiling lots on the Big Day, they're on hand to comfort, console, multitask, and party hearty at all bridal events.

Who says bridesmaid gifts have to be generic objects with zero appeal? Charm your chums with keepsakes that confront convention - your maids deserve so much more than the proverbial (fake) pearls or toiletries.

When shopping for bridesmaid gifts ideas, keep each individual maid in mind, and plump for original, stylish pressies that come straight from the heart. From crafty and tasty to just plain indulgent, there are oodles of unusual bridesmaid gifts on the weird and wonderful world of the web, guaranteed to help you lavish your affection with perfection.

Play off their passions

If your girls have a soft spot for cocktails, let them learn the art of cocktail making with some of the most influential bartenders in the industry. For slightly more adrenaline fuelled bridesmaids gift ideas, send them all on an exhilarating day out paintballing, white water rafting or even a day flying a helicopter. If they're more "green-fingered" than they are "thrill-seeking", go for personalised gardening-themed gifts such as calendars featuring their name on every al fresco image for every month.

Entertain them

Bestow your special ladies with tickets to a musical or wine and dine them at a swanky restaurant. After all their hard work, why not treat your faithful friends to a pamper day? Gift experiences make perhaps one of the best bridesmaids gifts ideas because it's something they can actually do, therefore, they're more likely to remember it.

Wine and dine them

So you're a great cook? Host a five-course dinner party as a tribute to your bridesmaids - feature the finest wine you can find the money for along with the most luxurious dishes you can prepare to create the best gifts for bridesmaids ever!

Instead of plumping the regular bottle of vino, consider having one custom-made for them. These days, you can get thank you-themed bottles of personalised wines, cava, sparkling rose and champers displaying each of your bridesmaids' names on the stylish bottle labels.

Most girls have a weakness for anything sweet. And with this in mind, instead of opting for a box of ferrero rochers (as yummy as they are), personalise a delicious bar of choccie with the names of your favourite girls. If that doesn't cut the mustard, how about a ginormous jar of retro sweets featuring each of their names on the label? Yum, yum!

Hopefully you've now got a better idea of how to go about choosing chic and unique bridesmaid gifts. The key is quite simply: the more personal the better.

The Ecosystem Advantage

Apple has an ecosystem advantage. There is no denying it. Everyone knows it. But what exactly does it mean? In typical, reductionist fashion, iOS detractors acknowledge the ecosystem advantage,wile dismissing it by describing it as a million fart apps. Is a million apps, fart or otherwise, really the entirety of the ecosystem advantage? This deserves a closer look.


Detractors love to exaggerate the numbers in order to diminish them. Rather than 700,000, the number is stated as a hundred million. A hundred million of anything is incomprehensible. It is a made up number that is offered as a criticism of the real number. It is a way of saying that the number of iOS apps is too big, unimportant, and a liability. The only people who make those sorts of arguments are those who support platforms with smaller numbers. Recently, Google announced that the number of Android apps had tied that of the App Store. Suddenly, numbers mattered. The numbers will matter even more when Google can boast a substantially larger number.

A second part of the criticism is the quality of apps that make up that number. It is not just a hundred million apps, but a hundred million fart apps. This is a way of saying that even though the App Store has a ton of apps, they are all garbage. This argument does not hold up to scrutiny. The App Store has 700,000, well curated apps. It would not surprise me if Apple has not rejected three or four times that number. Google does not curate apps. They take whatever anyone wants to put in their store, and consider themselves lucky to have it. The Android app store is the clearing house for rejected, iOS apps. Frankly, it should be much larger.

Also, there are many more categories of apps available in the Android Market. A popular category is system-level utilities that can replace basic functionality like the keyboard. Another popular category is themes. A theme is a skin that changes the look and feel of the UI. It is very popular to make an Android phone look and feel a lot like an iPhone. Blackberry users do the same thing. Apple does not allow themes. The final category I will mention is pornography. Google welcomes pornography into their marketplace. Apple does not. As I said, Google should have a lot more apps than they do. The argument for quality of useful and innovative apps is heavily skewed in Apple's favor, with little chance of that shifting in the foreseeable future.


The number and quality of applications make up just one aspect of an ecosystem. Services are another important factor to consider. Netflix is not just an app; it's a service. It is a platform unto itself. Hulu+, likewise. Services are, portals for third parties to do business on another platform. iTunes is a conduit for studios to sell music, movies, and TV shows. Apple does not make any of that content. They just provide the infrastructure. The iBooks store is a similar service, as is the Amazon Sony, and Barnes and Noble offerings.

A service does not have to involve content. It could also be access to a bank or financial institution. Card-less payments would also fall into this category. Federal, State, and local governments may also offer services via applications that are platform specific. Just ask WebOS and Blackberry users how it feels to be locked out of popular services. The ecosystem game doesn't matter until you find yourself on the losing end of it. There is no platform more services rich than iOS.


iOS users love to accessorize their devices. The main reason for this is simply because we can. Everyone who has an idea for an accessory, brings it to life for iPhones and iPads. They were doing this long before iDevices became so prevalent. iOS users tend to spend more money than users of other platforms. That is a long-established fact that has not changed over time. Detractors suggest iOS users buy cases because their devices are so fragile. That bit of sophistry, however, does not explain the market for every other kind of accessory. The fact is, iOS users accessorize because they can.

Users of other products can't, at least, not to the same degree as an iOS user. Accessory makers do not make as many accessories for other platforms. There are many reasons for this. One reason is, while there is only one, flagship iPhone at a time, there are several hundred Android phones released at any given time. Obviously, the vast majority of Android devices cannot be targeted for the most popular accessories. For iPhone users, all accessories are available. There is simply no comparison with any other platform.


One more aspect of ecosystem that is often overlooked is interoperability. That is a measure of how devices, software, and services interoperate with one another. All wifi enabled iDevices share data via iCloud. Those devices can also be mirrored on any television connected to an TV. Notes you write on your iPhone can be continued on your iPad, and completed on your Mac without ever saving the document. Take a picture with that excellent camera on the iPhone 5, and edit it in iPhoto on your iPad mini. Start reading an article on your desktop, and continue reading it on the bus from your iDevice of choice. That is interoperability, and it is unmatched by any other platform.

The Ecosystem Advantage

When you see the word, ecosystem, bandied about, it is easy to be lulled into believing that all ecosystems are created equally. "You have apps; we have apps. Therefore, we're the same." This is how the argument goes. Competitors do their best to offer something similar to one of Apple's high-profile offerings, and suggest that they are just like Apple. It is simply untrue. The ecosystem advantage of Apple over their closest competitor is so great, they shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence. Apple's ecosystem advantage is, indeed, enough to make the case for an iDevice over anything else in the marketplace.

That said. I believe that iDevices would be the clear choice apart from the ecosystem advantage. Some acknowledge Apple's ecosystem advantage only to suggest that it is the only reason anyone would choose an iOS device. That is hogwash!. Take away the ecosystem advantage and Apple would still make a superior product with superior build quality and materials, accompanied by superior service and support after the sale. Apple's dominance cannot be reduced to an ecosystem advantage, and simply dismissed.

Apple gained its ecosystem by being preferred by more, ordinary people. The ecosystem followed the success of iDevices. iDevices did not become successful on the coattails of the ecosystem. Apple does not need their staggering ecosystem lead to be successful. But make no mistake about it; they have that lead, and will for a very long time to come.

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Learning Guitar Online - 3 Useful Tips

Traditionally, learning guitar was only possible via face to face lessons, or through the use of often times dull music books. You may have experienced those outdated chord and song books that were both tiresome and frustrating. Fortunately with the advent of the internet, guitar learning has never been revolutionized forever. Never before has it been so affordable and fun to learn to play guitar.

The aim here is to give you three useful tips for learning guitar online.

Tip #1 - Free Online Video Lessons

It's often been said that we better through seeing then doing. This is especially true when learning guitar. User based content video websites such as have led the way in free video training. It's now possible to find free lessons on every conceivable aspect of guitar learning and practice.

The problem can be sorting through the huge volume of content to find what's of good quality and right for your level. Try to narrow your search by being as specific as possible. "Guitar Lessons" is too broad. Better to try "Beginner Guitar Lessons", "basic guitar chords", or if you're trying to learn a particular song, "How to play... on guitar", or "... acoustic lesson" (where... is the song title).

Tip #2 - Open Source Free Chord Directories

Once you've found a video lesson for a song you want to learn to play, the next step is to locate the lyrics and chords. There are numerous online chord and tab directories that are contributed to by users. Typically, popular songs will have several versions, some being more advanced than others. An easy way to search for these is to enter "song title + chords" into your proffered search engine. You will typically find several good options from a range of sites. Take the time to look through the top results to find the websites you like best, and then be sure to bookmark them.

Tip #3 - Free Trial Lessons

So far we've looked at online video streaming websites and chord directories to find free online guitar learning material. There's another source of free content that's often of a higher quality than the first two choices. This is free product trial lessons.

Many quality guitar learning sites have free introductory lessons available by signing up for email notifications or via their website. These sites value their customers and go to great lengths to convince new visitors of the quality of their material. It's the nature of the internet for users to want to "try before they buy". Take some time to search for free introductory lessons that cost no more than your name and email.

We've just learnt about three free methods for learning guitar online. User generated training videos are a great source of free lessons and instructional material, though vary in quality and level. The second, chord directories, give you other guitarists' interpretation of popular songs. These are a great reference, though can also vary in quality. The final suggestion was to take advantage of free trial lessons or newsletter sign-ups. If you incorporate one or all of these into your online guitar learning strategy, you will see some real progress.

Phone Sales On The Go - Your Secondary Starbucks Office Dilemma

It seems that whenever I go to Starbucks there is at least one individual there who is a traveling salesperson who has stopped in to use their laptop and the Wi-Fi, get a cup of coffee, meet someone for a sales call, or regroup between sales appointments. This makes sense, it's a great place to stop real quick, get some caffeine in your system, and then go back on the road. It's a good place to kill time, catch up on e-mails, and perhaps make last-minute adjustments. Okay so let's talk about some of the challenges with doing this on the road.

You see, ever since they made that rule that you can't use your cell phone while you are driving, more and more salespeople are pulling into parking lots to make their sales appointment calls, or they are popping into Starbucks. There's only one problem with making calls from Starbucks whether you are inside the lobby, or outside on the patio. If you are inside, you have to deal with the music in the background, and the occasional chatter or noise.

The other day, I started my motorcycle alongside the patio while someone was making a sales call, I felt bad, and I waited for a few moments, but the individual never acknowledged me. I therefore eventually started up the motorcycle giving it a little bit of gas, and I'm sure I disrupted his phone call, and made him look stupid with whoever he was talking to, and he gave me a dirty look. However, had he been paying attention to what was going on around him, he would have realized that I was going to start the motorcycle, got up and walked around the corner for a moment.

People beep their horns in parking lots, and there is a lot of noise, and you never know what someone is going to say next to you while you are on the phone. There may be a somewhat less than politically correct song on the radio at Starbucks, you never know what the lyrics are going to be, but the other person, on the other line is listening, and they will judge you, the salesperson, based on what is playing on the radio. If you explain to them that you are at Starbucks, they might be okay with that in some cases, but it might not be considered professional in your industry.

In any case, phone sales on the go are a tricky thing, and you should understand what you are getting into if you choose to answer the phone, or make a phone call while you are at a busy retail establishment. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Sacred Places Spiritual Travel Gaining Popularity

One of the newest and hottest niches noticed by the tourism industry is spiritual travel. Not that going on pilgrimages to sacred sites is anything new. According to history, one of the first pilgrims was the emperor Constantine's mother, Helena, who went to the Holy Land in 326 A.D. to visit places linked to Jesus. During the Middle Ages, probably the most popular Christian pilgrimages was to Canterbury Cathedral, as described by Chaucer in the Canterbury Tales.

A wide range of spiritual beliefs around the world have espoused the concept of sacred places providing a benefit to those who visit them. In ancient Greece, the oracle site at Delphi was so located because it was believed the area contained an abundance of "plenum," a substance thought to stimulate the human life force.

In popular culture, a resurgence of non-traditional spirituality came to the forefront when the Beatles met up with a guru in India. Soon the tone of the "Fab Four's" lyrics had transitioned from teenage love and hand-holding to deeper explorations of illusion and reality, sung to the music of George Harrison's sitar.

When the New Age movement rose to popularity in the '70s and '80s, destinations such as Sedona, Arizona and Mount Shasta in California became known as power centers where creativity was stimulated and practices such as yoga and meditation became more productive.

The greatest observed growth of spiritual tourism has come about at the closing of the 20th century, and the reason for this phenomenon is believed to be the aging of the so-called Baby Boom generation.

According to Robert Scheer, the former editor of Power Trips, a travel magazine devoted to spiritual travel to sacred places, "After the Baby Boomers grew up, got good jobs and accumulated lots of wealth and possessions, they realized there was still something missing in their lives. That was when they turned to Mother Earth and her sacred places to help them discover their true purpose in life."

When the Chamber of Commerce of Sedona commissioned a survey in the late '90s to determine what it was that drew visitors to their area they discovered that 64% of those who replied said their trip was because they were looking for "some kind of spiritual experience."

For the vast masses of the general public who are not already aware of many sacred places, it takes something like a blockbuster book to get them interested, such as was the case when Dan Brown published "The da Vinci Code" in 2003. Suddenly travel companies were rushing to organize tours to Scotland's Rosslyn Chapel, associated with the mysterious Knights Templar and Rennes le Chateau with its supposed links to the bloodline of Jesus.

It is not uncommon for travelers who participate in spiritual tourism programs to report positive changes in their lives as a result of the experience. For example, a W. Beeton whose tour of England included a meditation ceremony on Glastonbury Tor said, "My meditation has helped me to make some major changes in life where I had been stuck for a long time."

Perhaps the key to spiritual tourism was best summarized by Ila Sarley of Rhinebeck, New York's Omega Institute who remarked, "People are choosing vacations that offer more than a change of scenery and connect them to what's inside as well as outside."

Things To Do In Sydney With Kids - Sydney CBD Adventures

Sydney City has so much to offer tourists, but have you considered taking your kids there for a day or two? There is so much to see and do that one day is not enough. If you are feeling adventurous why not book a night or two in one of Sydney's CBD hotels. You can get some great deals on websites such as and and if you choose one of their secret stay packages, you may get to stay in a 5 star hotels for a budget price.

Before you head into the city, plan your adventure and depending on the children's ages, work out how much fun and excitement they can handle. Being a busy and noisy business district can be overwhelming for kids and they can get tired more quickly, so make sure you plan for lots of breaks, snacks and play time in between.

Make sure you pack your camera, as you will be snapping lots of photos as your create some amazing memories.

Sydney Aquarium

Sydney Aquarium is a spectacular attraction and a home to many interesting sea creatures. The most popular exhibits include:

The tropical bay of rays - featuring the most colourful combination of Australian stingrays.
Saws and Claws - a creature feature of smalltooth sawfish and huge Japanese spider crabs.
Southern rivers - freshwater fish such as the Murray cod, platypus, yabbies, turtles.
Northern Rivers - barramundi and lungfish - the only fish species that can breathe air.
Southern Oceans - sea dragons and pineapple fish, octopus, moray eels and penguins.
Dugongs at Mermaid Lagoon - Pig and Wuru are the only captive dugongs in Australia.

Sydney Wildlife World

Get close to koalas and kangaroos, visit one of the world's largest crocodiles named Rex or walk through nine animal habitats, where you will see over 100 species of Australian animals. Every day Wildlife World features 14 zookeeper talks and animal feeds, so your children are guaranteed to have lots of fun, while learning about the animal world. Some of the most popular exhibits include Butterfly Tropics, Gum Tree Valley, Wallaby Cliffs, Daintree Forest, The Outback, Kakadu Gorge and Bugs Garden.

Walk Across The Harbour Bridge

Enjoy spectacular views as you walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge. The kids will love seeing the boats and ferries in the harbour and also the trains that run across the bridge. The walk takes approximately 30-60 minutes, depending on the age of your children and how often you stop to admire the view.

Sydney Eye Tower

Located right in the centre of Sydney, this is definitely a must visit with your kids, especially on a clear day. The building is approximately 309 metres tall and offers 360 degree views of Sydney. Besides the observation deck, you will also find restaurants and cafes, where you can relax for a while and take in the spectacular views - Blue Mountains to the West, Sydney Airport to the South, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and if you are lucky you may even see your own house.

If your children are aged 10+ and you are feeling adventurous, then book in for a Skywalk and walk on air 268 metres above Sydney. An experience you will never forget.

Royal Botanic Gardens

These stunning gardens are perfect for letting your children run and play, feed the ducks or enjoy a family picnic. There are several cafes and restaurants, so if you prefer an easy breakfast or lunch in these spectacular surroundings, then check out one of the following - Botanic Gadens Café, Pavilion on the Park, Pavilion Kiosk or Palace Gate Cafe

The Rocks Discovery Museum

This free museum is very family friendly and tells the story of The Rocks area from pre-European days to current time. You will find a unique collection of images, archaeological artefacts and interactive exhibits. Kids will love playing the Artefact Hunt, using clues provided by the museum. Suitable for kids aged 4-12

Imax Theatre

Imax Theatre offers an amazing movie experience with its huge screen that is 10 times larger than a regular cinema. You can see 2D and 3D movies with crystal clear images, which make you feel like you are part of the adventure. You can purchase tickets at the Imax Theatre website to save yourself waiting in queue.

Darling Quarter Playground

One of Sydney's most awesome playgrounds, featuring great slides, water games, climbing ropes, swings, slides, flying foxes and so much more. Suitable for young children as well as teenagers and the best thing is it's all free. Get to the playground early, as it tends to get busy, especially on the weekends and during school holidays.

Powerhouse Museum

Powerhouse Museum is a science and design museum with ever changing exhibits, so there is always something new to explore. During the holidays you will find many workshops and displays for children of all ages. The museum's courtyard has been transformed into a great outdoor playground, so you can relax over lunch while the children play.

Maritime Museum

A child friendly museum which features interesting exhibitions, artefacts and you can even board ships and experience life on the water. Suitable for children 2 years+, with lots of great activities and workshops for kids of different ages.

Chinese Garden of Friendship

A stunning place to visit in the heart of Darling Harbour, with amazing waterfalls, exotic plans and hidden pathways. On the weekends and during school holidays, children will enjoy origami, kung-fun workshops, Chinese paper fan making and lion dancing.

Hyde Park Barracks

Located across the road from Hyde Park, this museum is not only educational, but very interactive and allows you and your children to experience what convict life was like. Explore archaeological displays, try on convict outfits and get spooked by the SoundScape.

Sydney Observatory

During the day you can see the Sun with special filters and 3D space theatre sessions which explain why we're all made from stardust and you will also learn about our solar system and the immense scale of the Universe. At night, you can see stars, planets in the solar system, the Moon or even nebulae (gas clouds where stars are born). Be sure to book in for a night tour, as spaces are limited.

Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island is a former imperial prison, industrial school, reformatory, jail and the site of Australia's biggest shipyards. Take a guided tour and find our more about its fascinating history. Kids will enjoy exploring the island as they discover the spooky convict prison, ship building machinery and giant cranes. You can get to Cockatoo Island by a ferry from Circular Quay.

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is a new attraction located between Sydney Aquarium and Sydney Wildlife World. Displaying over 70 life-life figurines from all walks of life including world leaders such as Barack Obama and Dalai Lama, music stars - Michael Jackson and Rihanna, movie stars - Hugh Jackman and Audrey Hepburn, sports stars - Layne Beachley and Mark Webber as well as historical greats - Ned Kelly and Albert Einstein. The museum also shows a fascinating behind the scenes documentary of what it takes to make each wax figurine. Children will have a chance to get dressed up in costumes and pose for photos with their favourite stars.

As you can see there are plenty of things to do in Sydney with kids no matter what the weather is like. With a little planning ahead, you can experience some exciting adventure and create amazing memories.

Unlocking Your Passion As a Student: The Wonderful Mind of a Designer

Designing is a mindset first, and a skillset second. I love it when I find the designer's mindset in people - it gets me excited. They'll identify the typeface before they read the word, their favorite genre of music is "anything that is good", and they never fail to mention how much they love or hate the packaging of a product. The world desperately needs those kinds of people.

I'm not going to sugarcoat it - you in an industry that is both challenging, and competitive. If you want to survive, you need to be skilled at more than just design; you need to understand the arts of communication, branding, psychology, marketing, and more. Above all, I implore you to guard yourself carefully. I have seen talented people get put in a box, and have the creativity pulled right out of them. That designer's mind that you have - never lose it. It goes beyond your ability to create a nice website or logo. Designers are the innovators, the artists, the doers; the ones who analyze a problem and feel compelled to fix it. That creative energy is so valuable, and deserves to be recognized.

Most jobs and client-work can put you in a creative box. It wasn't long before my business partner and I realized that most people didn't hire us for our mindset; they hired us for our skillset. In other words, we weren't asked to create something original; we were asked to put our creativity aside, and just do what we were told. A large portion of my job was to communicate to our clients that what they were asking for, is not what they needed, and that we were hired for our creativity, not for our complacency.

This was fine work for us, and we were very successful. We would do the work, collect a solid paycheck, and then repeat the cycle. However, there was a problem; it never fulfilled the creative desires inside of us. If I could go back in time and tell my younger-self one thing it would be this: "Only work with people who appreciate who you are, and not just what you do".

I love designers. When most people aren't happy with a product or service they give it a bad review, toss it aside, or find something better. The designer sees why something doesn't work, and how to fix it. You are the innovators, the doers, and the ones who actually improve things. You do for a living something that is almost divine - you create something out of nothing.

You were meant to create! It breaks my heart to see a designer's creativity locked up. Have you ever noticed how you education changed as you grew older? Think back to when you were a kid. We wanted to be astronauts, ballerinas, businessmen, professional athletes, and in my case - a fire truck. We would paint, dance, sing, play, and using our imagination was rewarded, not discouraged.

Then came the box. The arts took a backseat to maths and sciences. We didn't explore anymore, we were limited to a room, and a desk, and a pen. You were taught not to think of a creative solution, just learn the equation and do the work. That mindset of "I can do anything I set my mind to" changed to "get good grades, attend a good college, and get a good job".

In my experience, I have found that the most successful people around me have the mind of a designer; that creative mindset that refuses to be locked up. Often we are often taught to play it safe, and not to take risks - I say "to hell with that"! Where would we be if Einstein, Da Vinci, or Edison didn't take the risks? Our entire world could be set back and we would be living in the 80s (I shutter to think about that possibility).

Please understand, I am not saying to avoid working for clients, or to quit your job and start a business in your garage. What I am trying to say to you is that you have value far beyond what you can do; you have value in who you are. Find people who not only respect your gift as a designer, but encourage it (and are willing to pay for it). If a client wants someone who will just do as they are told, they can find someone else - you are a creator, you are the professional, and your mindset is just as valuable as your skillset. That wonderful mind of a designer is something to be treasured.

The Top 15 Writing Productivity Tips for Article Marketing Success

Every new skill that you take on learning has some challenging aspects to it. When you start to write articles for article marketing, one thing you'll start to learn is how to write articles on a consistent basis over the long term.

Writing is a discipline and a skill, and even if you feel like you aren't particularly disciplined or skilled, you can still have article marketing success. There are all sorts of writing tips and productivity strategies that you can try. Here are a few that I have found helpful:

1 - Incorporate your article marketing campaign with your blog. Look at your blog for article topics. You can use the main points of a blog post as an outline for creating a new article.

2 - Sleep on your topic. Once you have an idea for your topic, lie down for a while and let the idea of your topic roll around in your mind. Let your mind relax, and take a nap. When you awake, you may notice fresh inspiration for your topic. There have been some studies that show that napping stimulates creativity.

3 - Set a goal, any goal. Just working on one article at a time with no end in sight can be daunting. It helps to have a goal that you can shoot for. You can aim for a specific number of articles each week or focus on a writing a certain amount of time, such as 30 minutes a day.

4 - If you get stalled at a certain point when writing your article, and you can't figure out how to go forward, try reading your article from the start all the way through to the point where you stopped, and you'll be more likely to know how to continue.

5 - Write from an article outline. Your outline doesn't need to be formal-- you can start by jotting down main points that you want to cover in your article, and then fill in the information. It is much easier to write when you aren't starting with a blank page. Jotting down notes is a very effective way to get an article rolling.

6 - Try writing in the morning. Many professional writers are early morning writers. The say that their minds are freshest before the distractions of the day are upon them, and the early morning is often the quietest time of day as well. Experiment with writing at other times that are quiet in your household--late at night or after the kids have gone to school.

7 - Think about your general topic, and break it into sub-topics. Use the sub-topics as a guide to brainstorming article ideas. For instance, you can make it a goal to write 2 articles a month on sub-topic A, 2 articles a month of sub-topic B, etc.

8 - Pay attention to the questions that your customers ask you. If one person asks, it's likely that others have the same problem as well. Write articles to address those questions.

9 - Change your work location. Instead of working from your office, go to a coffee house, the library or a book store. The new location can help you focus and stir up your creativity.

10 - Organize your desk. A messy workspace can make you feel overwhelmed. The clutter reminds you of everything you need to do but haven't done, and that can create anxiety about your work and your writing. If you're feeling burnt out on writing, try making your desk as neat and clutter-free as possible.

11 - Put your office in the quietest spot you can find. Maybe it's a garage with no windows or an attic closet. Writing requires concentration, and distractions can come from sounds (people talking, traffic noise, etc) and also from objects that cause your mind to stray. Many professional writers try to make their offices as remote and as plain (bare) as possible.

12 - Use your headphones to block out any unwanted sounds. You could listen to your favorite music or even try listening to "white noise" to insulate against a noisy environment.

13 - Don't give up on the idea of writing just because you don't feel like it. Writing when you're not feeling up to par or "in the mood" can actually be a benefit. You're more likely to be relaxed, to not be so concerned about "getting it right", and you may try writing on aspects of your niche that you wouldn't have otherwise.

14 - Warm up your hands and your mind before beginning to write your article. For 3 minutes typing anything, even if it doesn't make sense. At the end of that time, you'll have an easier time writing.

15 - Create a pre-writing ritual to help you get in the mood to write. You may have the ritual of having a cup of coffee and reading the morning paper. Maybe your ritual will include taking a shower or going on a walk before sitting down to write. Keep your ritual short though--it's just supposed to prepare you mentally for the act of writing.

If you're feeling challenged to write articles on a regular basis, go through this list and try each one. You may develop some powerful writing habits that serve you for a lifetime. Many of these tips are ones that professional writers use to make the writing process easier. Even if you're not a professional writer (and most people doing article marketing aren't), you can still easily incorporate these tips into your writing.

Review on Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears

Ozzy has put out many different live cd's, tribute cd's and greatest hit compilations. No matter who is in the band, Ozzy has a way of bringing out the best in his musicians. When he needs to refocus or re-energize the writing process, he just replaces his guitarists. Many times his touring band will differ slightly from the studio band. That being said, Zakk Wylde has played longer with this band than any other guitarist before or after. Yes, it is true, Zakk has moved on but he has left his mark all over the Ozzy catalog.

This is a classic hard rock gem. This cd actually had 5 singles released from it. I am not sure if any Sabbath cd's could say that, but there is still time.

Mr. Tinkertrain is a hard-driving song with a creepy feel to it. One can only hope that Ozzy is singing about a faceless, fictional entity that would only come out in one's worst nightmare.

Ozzy has spent his entire personal and professional life being labeled evil, a sinner and just plain rebellious. I Don't Want to Change the World sounds like his statement to the world saying, "Before you point your finger at me, check yourself."

One of the biggest hits off of No More Tears is the live concert favorite, Mama I'm Coming Home. That song, alone for me, is the reason to buy this cd. To date, this cd has sold over 5 million copies. I would bet Mama has a lot to do with that. It is a slower song that some would call a power ballad, but don't let that fool you. Most of this cd has faster, louder, harder rocking songs that would even make Lemmy proud.

Desire has a pounding opening riff that has you rooting for Ozzy to never stop. It sounds like he is stating that no one can ever take away his desire and deep felt passion for hard rock.

The album's title track No More Tears was written around the bass run of Mike Inez, who later played with Alice in Chains. This song catches you from its first beat. It really sums up the history of Ozzy's life. This means, don't cry for Ozzy. As many times as he leaves the public eye, he always comes back.

S.I.N. is the 6th track. These initials could stand for so many things; shadows in the night, screams in the night, silence in nightmares, the list could go on. One thing for certain with this song, demons never rest.

Motorhead actually recorded Hellraiser on their 1992 release. I believe Ozzy and Lemmy both collaborated on writing it. Who's version is better? It depends on who you ask. Hellraiser should be the anthem for all rockers.

Time after Time is a really good ballad and a very deep song. This is one of the songs that actually shows the true quality of Ozzy's voice blending perfectly with the emotions and feel of the music.

With A.V.H. you get to see the multi-talents of Zakk Wylde. It starts with a country sound and leads into one of the funkiest rocking riffs on the entire cd.

The lyrics to Road to Nowhere have been in every single persons head at some point in their lives. This tells a story of self-reflection, something we are all familiar with.

No More Tears is one of Ozzy's best releases from the 90's because of the powerful tracks and the way they flow and mix together. When it comes to classic hard rock, this is one of my personal favorites of his entire catalog. Ozzy Osbourne is a true entertainer in every sense of the word. This cd grabs hold of you and doesn't let go until the last note has been played.

Naming Your Dog With Purpose

Monster. Halo. Feliz. Sammie. Darwin. Quixote. From the cute to the ridiculous to the threatening, choosing a name for your dog can provide moments of fun - or hours of agony.

There are a number of things you can look at or think about when trying to come up with the right name. First of all, there is no right name. Or wrong name.

Your dog's name could reflect your dog's appearance, personality, or history, or it could say something about you. If you have an interest in music, you might name it after a composer or performer that you admire. Or if you like writing or editing, you could call it Comma or Stet.

It could be that your new pet reminds you of a character from a book or movie in some way. Maybe that furrowed brow looks just like House. Or the way that the dog yawns is reminiscent of Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura.

You might be looking for a name with a deeper meaning. Maybe you want to avoid common appellations like Tiger and Max, and yet when you learn that Max means "the greatest," you decide that it isn't such a bad name after all.

If you can settle on a type of name that you would like, you have already won half the battle. For example, if you want a name that will make people laugh, then you've eliminated many human names, as well as a slew of more prevalent dog names. On the other hand, if you are looking for something dignified that will command respect, you might consider a serious yet unpretentious name like Solange.

It can also depend on your dog's role in your life. For a guard dog, you probably don't want to choose something sweet and silly like Buttercup or Barkley. Who is going to run away when they hear you calling for Puffy or Bam-Bam? No, you want a tough name that will strike fear into the heart of any intruder. Blade or Psycho might do the job better.

But perhaps your dog is going to be around strangers a lot, especially children, and you want them to feel at ease. In this case, a tough name might be unsuitable. Kisses might be more apt than Jaws, just like Waddles could be more appealing than Pilsner.

Then, of course, there is the group that likes to give their dog a new or very obscure, sometimes nearly unpronounceable name. For this crowd, names from other languages can work, like Fjodor or Schotzie. The best bet is to go with a language like Russian or Hebrew that doesn't share the English alphabet. In this way, the transliteration could look so outlandish that nobody will even dare to try to say it out loud. You can rest assured that no one else in the neighborhood has a pet with that name.

On a more practical note, you should pick out a name that your dog can learn to recognize as his or her own. If you yourself can't even say it properly, there's a good chance that your pet will never understand that they are supposed to respond to this garbled noise. Similarly, names that sound a lot like commands could be confusing to your dog, so they are best avoided as well. Mitch and "sit" might be a little too similar for him or her to pick up on.

When it comes down to it, it is your choice what to name your dog, but just remember that they will get older. Most likely, you'll want to choose a name that will remain suitable for the rest of your pet's life.

Student Group Travel: Tampa In a Day

A short distance from Central Florida you will find a city on the Bay that is perfect for student groups of all ages. There is so much to do in Tampa that it is hard to fit it all in. Recently, I decided to take a day trip to Tampa to share this great destination and a few of my favorite attractions with my family. There are beautiful beaches, water and plenty of sunshine, however we decided to enjoy the metropolitan area of Tampa.

It is great to begin your day at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo to get an early start and to beat the heat. The Lowry Park Zoo has been named the #1 Zoo in the U.S. by Parents Magazine for many reasons. There are Cheetahs, and Tigers, and Bears (Oh My), but they also have some more unusual animals like the Clouded Leopard, Bornean Orangutan, and Koala. Besides their amazing collection of rare and exotic animals, this zoo has so much more. There are rides, such as the Gator Falls Flume Ride, Jungle Carousel, and the Tasmanian Tiger Family Coaster, in addition to their very popular Safari Ride which offers the best view of the animals around Safari Africa. For an additional charge, you can also ride a Camel, Gypsy Vanner Horse, or even a Llama. The Florida Boardwalk & Wildlife Center offers guests a chance to see many of the species that can be found right in our backyard, but are usually hard to spot. My favorite experience has to be letting a Giraffe eat ride out of my hand. On certain days you can even touch and feed the White Rhino. What an amazing experience!

After lunch we made a short trip to Channelside Drive to visit the Florida Aquarium. We started our visit with a Wild Dolphin Cruise on a 72-foot catamaran, the Florida Aquarium's Bay Spirit II. With a 95% chance of spotting a dolphin we were ready for an adventure. The cruises are 90 minutes long and provide a great tour of Tampa Bay and the history of the area. And, the Wild Dolphin Cruise is narrated by an educator from the Florida Aquarium who is able to answer questions about the area and the dolphins. Tampa Bay is home to more than 500 bottlenose dolphins and is one of the best places in Florida to view endangered manatees and numerous species of birds, many of which are threatened or endangered.

After our cruise we were ready to continue our adventure inside the aquarium. Though it is extremely large, the Florida Aquarium has a well-designed flow, which allows everyone the opportunity to enjoy the exhibits in an orderly, yet leisurely pace. Your adventure begins on the second floor and takes you through the Mangrove Forests of the Wetlands before heading out to the bays and beaches of Florida's coastal areas. The Coral Reefs offer some of the most spectacular panoramic views of fish, sharks and other creatures swimming through the Gallery. I can stare at this exhibit for hours. The aquarium offers a couple of hands on experiences with the No Bone Zone and the Stingray Touch Tank which are popular with kids of all ages. The aquarium also offers a behind the scenes tour for an additional cost which allows guests the opportunity to visit areas that are off limits and experience feeding time for some hungry residents. This is a great way to spend the day.

We ended our day trip to Tampa with a visit to Splitsville Luxury Lanes & Dinner Lounge. The atmosphere is fun and the food is great. Their approach combines bowling with billiards, dining, music, and nightlife. This place is clean and the service is exceptional. We would highly recommend Splitsville to a student group for lunch or dinner.

There is a lot more in Tampa that we did not visit on this trip, including Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry), or, my personal favorite, a Tampa Bay Rays Baseball Game, but we will have to save those for our next visit. Our friends in Tampa know just how to welcome our student groups and have designed educational experiences to meet any school requirements, while maintaining an element of fun in all that they do.

What Is Actuarial Science? Studying To Be An Actuary in South Africa

What is the big fuss over Actuarial Science?

Attention all high school distinction students! If mathematics and problem solving is your passion and you would love a course that will challenge and motivate you, then a qualification in Actuarial Science is meant for you.

Now what does this degree entail exactly and what career could you pursue with it? Actuarial Science is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in the insurance and finance industries. It consists of a number of interrelated subjects such as probability and statistics, finance and economics.

So in short, Actuaries are professionals who qualified through examinations, assess the risk of disability, death, loss of property, cost of things, the lifespan, and financial risk of human beings.

Does that sound like something you are interested in? Excellent! Actuarial science is a field sought after in South Africa and has a great international window of opportunities. And for this reason only a few institutions offer degrees in actuarial science. These institutions are the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Wits University, Stellenbosch University, University of Cape Town, University of Pretoria and the University of the Free State.

Knowing where you can study this degree is one thing but to be admitted is another story of its own. Actuarial Science has one of the highest admission requirements for entry to a degree programme. You need to obtain a B aggregate in Mathematics on higher grade or a C aggregate in Mathematics on standard grade along with great achievement in a language or accounting.

The programme aims to develop a good understanding of the nature, scope and application potential of Mathematics in the financial sector. Additionally, you will also acquire the skills pertaining to the use of computers in the exact sciences.

This is a highly sought after qualification, especially in the field of insurance. Actuaries are also working in the fields of general management.

To qualify as an actuary will take about 8 years after you graduated from high school. You need to complete the undergrad degree, postgraduate degree, write the necessary examinations with the professional actuary bodies and then gain sufficient experience.

Only you know your potential and what you're capable of. Study hard and in just a few more months you'll start to build your future in a career that has a potential annual income close to R1 000 000 per year. Now that's music to anyone's ears.

Teaching Degrees Are Great For Those Interested In Teaching At Any Level Of Education

If you are interested in becoming a teacher at the elementary, middle school, or high school level then earning your Bachelors degree in education can be a great path to follow. Teachers are in need at a variety of levels all over the globe and choosing to get your degree in education can open up many teaching opportunities for you.

Individuals who wish to teach students in kindergarten or at the elementary school level should be ready to become a vital player in shaping the development of children. Teachers at these levels will teach students multiple subject areas that include math, science, language, and social studies. Many teachers utilize games, music, film, books, and computers to aid in the teaching of their students. At this level teachers usually instruct one class throughout the school year and may even work in team teaching situations where two teachers work together within one classroom.

Those who would rather teach at the middle school or high school level are required to expose students to a more in depth knowledge of subject areas. If you want to teach at these levels you need to specialize in a specific content area. Many teachers at the middle school and high school level are also required to oversee homerooms, study halls, as well as to supervise extracurricular activities.

While working with children and being integral parts of their education can be rewarding, teaching can also be stressful. There are many factors that can lead to stress for teachers. It is possible that teachers will have to deal with unmotivated and disrespectful students and at times they may even have to deal with unruly and violent behavior of students. It is not unusual for teachers to have large classes and heavy workloads as well.

Teachers do have the option of teaching within the public and private sectors. Private schools tend to have smaller classes and more control over establishing their own unique curriculum, standards, and discipline. However many private schools pay less than public schools. Public schools often offer teachers more benefits and better retirement packages but it can be difficult to earn a position in a top rated public school right out if college.

In addition to obtaining a Bachelors degree in education, individuals who wish to teach must also obtain licensure and certification in order to teach at public schools. Many private schools do not require individuals to have a teaching certificate; however, it can give you greater leverage and also more opportunities if you ever decide to teach outside of the private school setting. Certification is available in early childhood, middle grades, and at the secondary level which includes grades seven through twelve.

In order to become a successful teacher you must also have the ability to inspire, motivate, and effectively communicate with your students. You also need to be able to determine and understand your students' educational and emotional needs. You will likely have a diverse mix of students and being able to respond to their individual needs will help you succeed as a teacher.

ABC Of Speeding Up Your Computer

Fact - Computers require regular tuning-up and maintenance for it function efficiently. However, this does not actually require us to hire or pay someone to do this for us. Believe it or not, keeping a computer functioning efficiently, and at high-speed is as simple as A-B-C.

ASSESS - Know your computer, and make a mental note of its average performance. Check if softwares (office programs, internet browsers, etc.) are performing well or not; or if it takes more time than usual to open a movie or music file. Knowing your computer's baseline performance speed is crucial in early detection of problems, giving you more time to fix it, to protect your files and your computer.

BLOCK - Keeping your computer free from viruses, spywares, and malicious softwares will not only improve your computer's overall performance, it will also help keep your data safe. Although there are countless softwares in the market that offers much protection and fixes, it always pays to do a little research on which one suits your needs (as well as your budget) best. Keep in mind that whichever anti-virus or protective software you choose, do not forget to run and update it regularly.

CLEAN - Physically cleaning your computer is important in keeping it in optimum function. Dusting-off your computer's fans and exhaust will help your computer maintain its temperature and function faster. Keeping your files clean and organized also helps a great deal in keeping your computer running smoothly. Regularly run clean up tools such as Disk Cleanup, Defragment, and Error Checking to optimize your computer's performance. The CLEANUP TOOL deletes unwanted files and frees up space in your hard drive - the more space you have, the more speed. DEFRAGMENTING your hard disk on the other hand, re-organizes all your data so that your computer uses up less time in trying to find those files whenever you need them. While the ERROR CHECKING TOOL find and fixes "bad" sectors in your hard drive making it more efficient and faster. When used regularly, these tools are more than enough to keep your computer safe, and fast.

Keeping your computer fast and efficient is not as complicated as your think. Sometimes, you just have to know where to start. The first step is ALWAYS learning about your computer and how it works. From there, maintaining your computer's speed is pretty simple. As a matter of fact, is as simple as A-B-C.

Planning To Take A Trade Show Exhibit To Your First Event? Don't Forget These Tips

If you're taking your first trade show exhibit to an event, there are plenty of things to consider. There's creating the booth itself, packaging it up and shipping it to the event, designing promotional materials, making travel arrangements, perfecting your sales pitch and more. If you're not sure where to begin when going to your first event, use these tips to make it a success. Once you have a successful exhibition under your belt, you might be surprised at how much easier the next one can be.

Learn About Attendees

Before you even consider booking the space for your trade show exhibit, learn more about the people who attend. If you're trying to reach a certain market, make sure that those people will be attending. For instance, if you sell golf clubs and other golf accessories, it won't do you much good if you're attending an event for the restaurant industry. Although it seems like common sense, researching attendees is one of the things that most exhibitors think about least.

Cut Costs By Using A Rental Display For A Trade show

A display for a trade show can be pricy! Although the cost is generally thought to be worth it, if your company is just starting out, it might be prohibitively expensive to buy one. Instead, look for a company that can provide you with a trade show exhibit rental. These exhibits can be completely personalized with your own graphics and logos, which means visitors won't even realize that you're using a rental unit.

Choose The Smallest Space Possible For Your Booth

Display space isn't cheap, but if you're looking to cut costs as much as possible, choose a space that your booth fits into. Many booths are a standard 10x10, which means there's no reason to pay for a 10x20 space. Choosing the right size isn't just economical, however. It can also make your trade show exhibit look more professional. If your space is larger than your exhibit, consider including additional elements like banner stands to fill the space in a way that looks intentional, not haphazard.

Create A Welcoming Space

Have you ever seen those exhibits that are just a table set in front of a few banner stands? While likely unintentional, the table creates a barrier between the people working at the display for a trade show and the visitors who are trying to learn more about a company's products and services. Instead, take the time to make sure your exhibit is a welcoming one that invites people to learn more, rather than make them feel like a bother.

Check With The Venue If You Have Special Requests

If you're planning on using lighting systems, music, computers or other things that require electricity, check with the venue to make sure your trade show exhibit space will have access to an outlet. If you're planning on connecting a computer system to the Internet, ask whether the venue will provide WiFi and whether there will be an additional fee for using it.

These are only a few things that new exhibitors can do to help ensure that their first event is a successful one. Once your first event is under your belt, you might be surprised at how relaxed you are when the next one rolls around.

Advantages of Cash Back Credit Cards

A hot trend in the credit card industry meant to entice new customers to use their credit card over the competition, is offering cash back on purchases. Cash back credit cards give the account holder a percentage of their spending back. The actual "cash" may vary and be awarded in gift cards, credit toward other purchases, money transferred to a bank account, or actual checks. The popularity of these cards is growing as smart consumers want to get something extra for their purchases.


Credit cards offering rewards programs occasionally come with extra requirements in order to earn, use or retain the points you earn. Some cards come with an annual fee as the requirement for the cash back bonuses, and some have minimum spending limits. Cash back cards can, at times, also have higher interest rates than their non-rewards card counterparts. Some of these cards carry an interest rate of up to 21%. Some cards have a fee to redeem your reward points or to get your checks.

Various Cards and Perks

Some programs specialize in certain items; and many have incentives during different quarters. This system, often called rotating rewards, is very common among the card companies offering cash back rewards. These bonus rewards tend to focus on the types of purchases made most often like department stores, grocery stores, gasoline, or travel.

  • Cards like the Citi Forward Card offer great cash bonuses for college students or teens. On all purchases get you one point for each dollar towards your cash rewards. In addition to that, you get 5 points for each dollar spent on books, movies and music.

  • For families a great choice is a card like the Blue Cash Everyday from American Express. This card offers the standard rewards earning of 1% on all purchases and gives 2% back on gasoline and department stores and even 3% back at supermarkets. On top of these rewards program offers, the Blue Cash Everyday card offers interest free purchases for the first twelve months.

  • Some rewards programs, such as the rewards offered through the Discover Motiva Card, offer extra cash bonuses for managing your credit well. By just paying your bills on time, not going over your spending limit, and keeping your balance on the card relatively low you get more rewards.

Cash back cards give an amazingly high number of options suitable for every type of person. There are cards to benefit those trying to build credit and for those who want to reinforce their good credit. For people who tend to purchase with cash, these cards offer the bonus of the cash back programs while allowing you to pay off your balance each month, keeping that "cash" lifestyle. The perks are definitely worth taking a look at when you are choosing a new credit card.

Let's Go Mobile!

Recruit using a cell phone? Why not? We seem to do everything else on our mobile devices. From groceries, to directions, downloading music, checking our bank account, emailing, texting, checking weather, checking time (who needs a watch) and sometimes we even talk on the cell. The bottom-line is that information is important and getting information from anywhere at any time is the norm rather than the exception today.

Using a mobile device (phone or a tablet such as an ipad) is simply an extension of cloud computing. The key is using software that is optimized for such a device. Optimized software allows you to get around the application utilizing the functions of your device and the screens are sized for mobile usage. When you access the application, it detects the type of device that you are on and reacts accordingly.

So, how can you get started? A good way is to access your office database of candidates and clients when you are out on the road. For client visits, lookup phone numbers, email addresses, and map your client location. No need to carry around address books because you should be able to log into your staffing software and find all of the information you need to connect with clients when out of the office. Your phone features should all work so you will be able to click on a phone number and auto-dial or click on an email address and launch an email.

The one thing to keep in mind is that you are on a mobile device. If you are using a cell phone, your screen size will be limited. This means that you probably won't see a screen that looks like the one you have in the office. However, you should have some basic search criteria to be able to bring up information quickly and easily. The software, if optimized, will display key information and allow you to move around and drill into additional data.

A good mobile solution will update your information at the office immediately. This increases the flow of communication and lends to better customer service for clients and candidates. As you will be able to see the communication efforts of those at your office, your office can in turn see your communication efforts. This infuses a controlled open line of communication that translates to more effective team.

Just like your system at the office, you should be able to check on orders, see who is interviewing and which assignments have been scheduled. If you visit a client, you can even look up information on candidates while on site. Enter your visit notes as soon as you leave while everything is still fresh in your mind for more effective notations. Enter follow-up dates so that they can go directly to your staffing solution's planner to ensure accuracy.

Of course with mobile access, you can also keep in touch with candidates and do some on-line sourcing. When you run across top talent, you want to make sure to communicate with them at the earliest possible time. By the same token, you would not want to miss a big order while you are out of the office. Making yourself accessible to clients and having the ability to actually look up and forward information instantaneously, is a huge step forward. There is a difference between responding to a client and telling them you will get back to them vs. returning their call and being able to respond at that moment. In temp staffing this is huge, as orders can be stolen by competitors in seconds. Everyone has a phone but not everyone has access to their staffing software.

But the ability of the staffing firm to utilize mobile technology is only the beginning of a fully functional mobile strategy. Affording candidates the ability to enter their time via phone and having clients approve time can make a difference when recruiting quality candidates and landing a key account. Other customer service tools may include allowing candidates to look up payroll information or allowing clients to look up invoices. Perhaps your clients would enjoy the ability to enter orders from their phone or tablet.

Another way that mobile technology can be used is alerting candidates to new opportunities via mass text message. This is a great service to provide to candidates that would appreciate such notice; and it provides the extra bonus of being able to fill orders quicker. This same text message technology can be used to remind candidates of start times and directions on how to get to the site. In certain industries such as medical, it is necessary to remind candidates of expiring certifications and tests.

In other industries, such as day labor, an ipad could be a very effective tool to register labor and immediately assign them to jobs. This process facilitates the same day pay and improves the management of such assignments.

Mobile access to candidates can be a tremendous aid in managing cancellations and no-shows on assignments. Imagine having access to all of your information immediately so that situations can be managed and services can be delivered promptly.

With the technology strides currently available, who could afford not to take advantage of this new way of working? But there is another side that must be seriously considered. Security. If you implement a mobile solution, you must make sure that there are certain security measures in place. First, everything must be securely password driven. Maybe Mickey Mouse was an OK account and password for logging into your software while in the office, but on a mobile device, you must make sure that everyone is using a strong password system. Next, you must be able to immediately disconnect people that you no longer wish to have mobile access to the database.

Your server should have all of the appropriate firewall and anti-virus/malware software installed so that it is guarded against virus and malware attacks. In addition, you can install mobile security on your phone so that it too is protected.

The software application designed for mobile should guard against database and HTML injection attacks as well as cross domain scripting vulnerability. The application should be able to be set to timeout and disconnect if inactive. This is so that the application disconnects when not in use. If your device is lost or stolen, you can be assured that the application has timed out and ended before any harm could come. You also want it set so that the user must identify themselves by actually keying in the account and password every time they log in, rather than an automatic login.

Everyone is "going mobile" and so the staffing industry shall too with "Mobile Recruiting".