PIRATE Karaoke Operations, and Why You Shouldn't Hire Them

Venue Operators Beware...

The entertainment licensing fees paid to BMI, ASCAP, etc. will not protect you or your business if you have knowingly hired a PIRATE Karaoke Host. The copies of their music, the images and lyrics shown on the screen, and the performances of those works in your venue, are indeed illegal.

DJ's and KJ's who offer thousands of song selections, and cannot offer proof of their legality, are pirates. YOU, as a Club, Venue or Event host may be held legally and financially accountable for a pirate's copyright and or trademark infringements. A venue owner who knowingly hires a contractor that is in violation of the law, risks sanctions including the possible loss of their liquor license. Your Entertainment Licenses will not cover a Pirate, or protect you from possible prosecution!

"Individuals or Businesses that have a financial benefit from providing an opportunity for such infringing individuals or businesses to operate, create a liability for themselves and can be found to have vicarious or contributory liability."

(as quoted directly from: The KIAA WebSite)

It is up to YOU as the person, or corporate representative responsible for employing said Karaoke Entertainment to check the legal status of your entertainers. The easiest way is to view their CD+G Discs, or ask for proof of legal compliance. REAL discs are "original" factory labeled discs, NEVER "burned copies". If Your Entertainers use digital formats such as PC, Laptop, or Hard-drive units, ask to see the original discs that were loaded into their system, or a verifiable digital license. If they hand you excuses, or refuse to comply with your reasonable request, it's time to wish them well, point out the error of their ways, and say GOOD-BYE!

Note: If you hire an entertainment company that has several KJ's working with several different systems, EACH system MUST be supported with it's own individual set of Factory Original Discs or licensed verifiable copies... if they aren't, they are PIRATES! Several systems can not be covered by only one set of original discs or one set of licensed verifiable digital copies. It may be expensive, but it is the LAW.

Little known fact:

The changes in copyright law and "fair use" are on-going. Most legal sources maintain that "fair use" includes the transfer of digital media as: "1 to 1"... HOWEVER the commercial use of copied (burned) Karaoke CD+Gs is not legal for use in venues for profit (even for free drinks)... Commercial for profit Karaoke MUST be either from the Factory Original Discs or from Licensed Digital Copies ONLY.

In closing, please remember... Hiring a "PIRATE" karaoke provider may save you a little money in the short term, but getting caught up in the legal problems of a law suit will always be more trouble than it's worth!

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