Review on Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears

Ozzy has put out many different live cd's, tribute cd's and greatest hit compilations. No matter who is in the band, Ozzy has a way of bringing out the best in his musicians. When he needs to refocus or re-energize the writing process, he just replaces his guitarists. Many times his touring band will differ slightly from the studio band. That being said, Zakk Wylde has played longer with this band than any other guitarist before or after. Yes, it is true, Zakk has moved on but he has left his mark all over the Ozzy catalog.

This is a classic hard rock gem. This cd actually had 5 singles released from it. I am not sure if any Sabbath cd's could say that, but there is still time.

Mr. Tinkertrain is a hard-driving song with a creepy feel to it. One can only hope that Ozzy is singing about a faceless, fictional entity that would only come out in one's worst nightmare.

Ozzy has spent his entire personal and professional life being labeled evil, a sinner and just plain rebellious. I Don't Want to Change the World sounds like his statement to the world saying, "Before you point your finger at me, check yourself."

One of the biggest hits off of No More Tears is the live concert favorite, Mama I'm Coming Home. That song, alone for me, is the reason to buy this cd. To date, this cd has sold over 5 million copies. I would bet Mama has a lot to do with that. It is a slower song that some would call a power ballad, but don't let that fool you. Most of this cd has faster, louder, harder rocking songs that would even make Lemmy proud.

Desire has a pounding opening riff that has you rooting for Ozzy to never stop. It sounds like he is stating that no one can ever take away his desire and deep felt passion for hard rock.

The album's title track No More Tears was written around the bass run of Mike Inez, who later played with Alice in Chains. This song catches you from its first beat. It really sums up the history of Ozzy's life. This means, don't cry for Ozzy. As many times as he leaves the public eye, he always comes back.

S.I.N. is the 6th track. These initials could stand for so many things; shadows in the night, screams in the night, silence in nightmares, the list could go on. One thing for certain with this song, demons never rest.

Motorhead actually recorded Hellraiser on their 1992 release. I believe Ozzy and Lemmy both collaborated on writing it. Who's version is better? It depends on who you ask. Hellraiser should be the anthem for all rockers.

Time after Time is a really good ballad and a very deep song. This is one of the songs that actually shows the true quality of Ozzy's voice blending perfectly with the emotions and feel of the music.

With A.V.H. you get to see the multi-talents of Zakk Wylde. It starts with a country sound and leads into one of the funkiest rocking riffs on the entire cd.

The lyrics to Road to Nowhere have been in every single persons head at some point in their lives. This tells a story of self-reflection, something we are all familiar with.

No More Tears is one of Ozzy's best releases from the 90's because of the powerful tracks and the way they flow and mix together. When it comes to classic hard rock, this is one of my personal favorites of his entire catalog. Ozzy Osbourne is a true entertainer in every sense of the word. This cd grabs hold of you and doesn't let go until the last note has been played.

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