ABC Of Speeding Up Your Computer

Fact - Computers require regular tuning-up and maintenance for it function efficiently. However, this does not actually require us to hire or pay someone to do this for us. Believe it or not, keeping a computer functioning efficiently, and at high-speed is as simple as A-B-C.

ASSESS - Know your computer, and make a mental note of its average performance. Check if softwares (office programs, internet browsers, etc.) are performing well or not; or if it takes more time than usual to open a movie or music file. Knowing your computer's baseline performance speed is crucial in early detection of problems, giving you more time to fix it, to protect your files and your computer.

BLOCK - Keeping your computer free from viruses, spywares, and malicious softwares will not only improve your computer's overall performance, it will also help keep your data safe. Although there are countless softwares in the market that offers much protection and fixes, it always pays to do a little research on which one suits your needs (as well as your budget) best. Keep in mind that whichever anti-virus or protective software you choose, do not forget to run and update it regularly.

CLEAN - Physically cleaning your computer is important in keeping it in optimum function. Dusting-off your computer's fans and exhaust will help your computer maintain its temperature and function faster. Keeping your files clean and organized also helps a great deal in keeping your computer running smoothly. Regularly run clean up tools such as Disk Cleanup, Defragment, and Error Checking to optimize your computer's performance. The CLEANUP TOOL deletes unwanted files and frees up space in your hard drive - the more space you have, the more speed. DEFRAGMENTING your hard disk on the other hand, re-organizes all your data so that your computer uses up less time in trying to find those files whenever you need them. While the ERROR CHECKING TOOL find and fixes "bad" sectors in your hard drive making it more efficient and faster. When used regularly, these tools are more than enough to keep your computer safe, and fast.

Keeping your computer fast and efficient is not as complicated as your think. Sometimes, you just have to know where to start. The first step is ALWAYS learning about your computer and how it works. From there, maintaining your computer's speed is pretty simple. As a matter of fact, is as simple as A-B-C.

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