Teaching Degrees Are Great For Those Interested In Teaching At Any Level Of Education

If you are interested in becoming a teacher at the elementary, middle school, or high school level then earning your Bachelors degree in education can be a great path to follow. Teachers are in need at a variety of levels all over the globe and choosing to get your degree in education can open up many teaching opportunities for you.

Individuals who wish to teach students in kindergarten or at the elementary school level should be ready to become a vital player in shaping the development of children. Teachers at these levels will teach students multiple subject areas that include math, science, language, and social studies. Many teachers utilize games, music, film, books, and computers to aid in the teaching of their students. At this level teachers usually instruct one class throughout the school year and may even work in team teaching situations where two teachers work together within one classroom.

Those who would rather teach at the middle school or high school level are required to expose students to a more in depth knowledge of subject areas. If you want to teach at these levels you need to specialize in a specific content area. Many teachers at the middle school and high school level are also required to oversee homerooms, study halls, as well as to supervise extracurricular activities.

While working with children and being integral parts of their education can be rewarding, teaching can also be stressful. There are many factors that can lead to stress for teachers. It is possible that teachers will have to deal with unmotivated and disrespectful students and at times they may even have to deal with unruly and violent behavior of students. It is not unusual for teachers to have large classes and heavy workloads as well.

Teachers do have the option of teaching within the public and private sectors. Private schools tend to have smaller classes and more control over establishing their own unique curriculum, standards, and discipline. However many private schools pay less than public schools. Public schools often offer teachers more benefits and better retirement packages but it can be difficult to earn a position in a top rated public school right out if college.

In addition to obtaining a Bachelors degree in education, individuals who wish to teach must also obtain licensure and certification in order to teach at public schools. Many private schools do not require individuals to have a teaching certificate; however, it can give you greater leverage and also more opportunities if you ever decide to teach outside of the private school setting. Certification is available in early childhood, middle grades, and at the secondary level which includes grades seven through twelve.

In order to become a successful teacher you must also have the ability to inspire, motivate, and effectively communicate with your students. You also need to be able to determine and understand your students' educational and emotional needs. You will likely have a diverse mix of students and being able to respond to their individual needs will help you succeed as a teacher.

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