Learning Guitar Online - 3 Useful Tips

Traditionally, learning guitar was only possible via face to face lessons, or through the use of often times dull music books. You may have experienced those outdated chord and song books that were both tiresome and frustrating. Fortunately with the advent of the internet, guitar learning has never been revolutionized forever. Never before has it been so affordable and fun to learn to play guitar.

The aim here is to give you three useful tips for learning guitar online.

Tip #1 - Free Online Video Lessons

It's often been said that we better through seeing then doing. This is especially true when learning guitar. User based content video websites such as YouTube.com have led the way in free video training. It's now possible to find free lessons on every conceivable aspect of guitar learning and practice.

The problem can be sorting through the huge volume of content to find what's of good quality and right for your level. Try to narrow your search by being as specific as possible. "Guitar Lessons" is too broad. Better to try "Beginner Guitar Lessons", "basic guitar chords", or if you're trying to learn a particular song, "How to play... on guitar", or "... acoustic lesson" (where... is the song title).

Tip #2 - Open Source Free Chord Directories

Once you've found a video lesson for a song you want to learn to play, the next step is to locate the lyrics and chords. There are numerous online chord and tab directories that are contributed to by users. Typically, popular songs will have several versions, some being more advanced than others. An easy way to search for these is to enter "song title + chords" into your proffered search engine. You will typically find several good options from a range of sites. Take the time to look through the top results to find the websites you like best, and then be sure to bookmark them.

Tip #3 - Free Trial Lessons

So far we've looked at online video streaming websites and chord directories to find free online guitar learning material. There's another source of free content that's often of a higher quality than the first two choices. This is free product trial lessons.

Many quality guitar learning sites have free introductory lessons available by signing up for email notifications or via their website. These sites value their customers and go to great lengths to convince new visitors of the quality of their material. It's the nature of the internet for users to want to "try before they buy". Take some time to search for free introductory lessons that cost no more than your name and email.

We've just learnt about three free methods for learning guitar online. User generated training videos are a great source of free lessons and instructional material, though vary in quality and level. The second, chord directories, give you other guitarists' interpretation of popular songs. These are a great reference, though can also vary in quality. The final suggestion was to take advantage of free trial lessons or newsletter sign-ups. If you incorporate one or all of these into your online guitar learning strategy, you will see some real progress.

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