How to Be Irresistible to Women - 6 Hot Tips

Oh, here is that word... irresistible. Mmmmmm! Who does not have that goal? What man does not want women to have their hands all over him? There are so many ways you can accomplish this, even if there is only one special lady you are looking to get this attention from. It is not difficult at all, really, it isn't. A few tweaks here and there and you can have almost any woman you want pawing at you. So listen carefully to these six secrets and before you know it women will be pounding down your door to get to you.

1. Smell Good

Showers help in this department, but we are talking about spending a little extra bling bling on the after shave and cologne you choose to use. Smell is everything when it comes to being irresistible. Think about it in these terms. You walk into a restaurant and the scent of freshly grilled steak assaults your senses. Instantly your stomach begins to growl and you know right away what you are ordering. The same is true for women. If you walk past her wearing Calvin Klein instead of Old Spice, she knows she wants an order of you!

2. Be a Romantic

Whether you have a lady in your life already, or are having a potential long-term over to your place, romance is the key. Sure, sex is great--okay, a little better than this--but romance is irresistible. What is romantic, you ask? Start off with a dinner you prepare for just the two of you. Eat by candlelight with soft music playing in the background. Suggest a movie afterward, but not just any movie you see. There is not a woman on earth who doesn't love "An Officer and A Gentleman." Oh when Richard Gere comes into the factory dressed in his Navy whites and sweeps Debra Winger off her feet, carrying her off... *this* is romance. Take notes buddy, because after this she is putty in your hands. Stand her up, sweep her off her feet and carry her into your bedroom that is laden with rose petals. Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

3. Show Your Adventurous Side

Women love adventure and unpredictability. So give her what she wants. Try something new as often as possible. When you pick her up for your date, cover her eyes with a blindfold. Won't she be surprised when you arrive for your skydiving lesson? The thrill of not knowing what you have planned combined with the adventure of the date itself sends your irresistibility level off the charts.

4. Thoughtfulness Goes a Long Way

Women love a thoughtful guy, so you better start thinking. You do not have to rush out to the jeweler and buy her a diamond bracelet. In fact, she will appreciate you more if you just present her with a Hallmark card that says, "You are so special to me," or something along those lines. This tells her you are thinking about her and have the ability to show how you feel. Talk about wow factor--this is definitely it.

5. The Dominance Factor

Okay, before we go any further with this secret, let us get one thing straight. Dominance does not mean you tie her up and tell her it is your way or the highway. You do not purchase a whip to keep her in line. Dominance in this context means you take the lead in situations. It means you are the alpha male as you are destined to be. You make the decisions, but you do not degrade her as a person. Although women have an unconscious attraction to dominant men, it does not mean you are aggressive in any manner. It simply means you take strong action to get what you want. This is what she finds irresistible about you.

6. Be Funny

Women will find you irresistible no matter what if you can make them laugh. They love to laugh, they love being positive. It does not matter how attractive she is, or if you think she is completely out of your league. If you can get her to giggle and smile, she is all yours my friend.

So here are the secrets to being completely irresistible to women. You see, they really are not as complicated as you thought they would be, are they? Implement them into your life today... right now. I promise you that you will have your choice of the opposite sex soon, very soon.

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