History of Irish Pubs

Ireland is world famous for its Irish pubs that were introduced in the 19th century. These pubs were meant to provide a legal area for the consumption of alcohol to avoid any nuisance. Many people find solace in these Irish bars to enjoy their evenings with friends and have a couple of drinks together. Before arrival of supermarkets and grocery stores pubs were used to provide these items. They also offer the regular grocery, hardware and other essential things needed by the local residents. Despite of these services they were primarily meant to serve alcohol. With growing time Irish pubs become famous all over the world so much so that they are now opened in almost every city.

Most these pubs are regarded as the place of Irish culture and cuisine. They are famous for creating great pubs and a variety of drinks provided by them. Due the popularity of Irish whiskey and other quality beverages served by these places they have become world famous. Fun loving people love to visit them with their near ones to enjoy the youthfulness of this place. Apart from serving the standard quality drinks the pubs are also known for famous Irish cuisines and delicacies that are served simultaneously. That means those who enter here in search of quenching their thirst can also feed their hungry stomachs also. Keeping in mind their rising popularity you can find an Irish pub at every holiday beach or island and even in ancient cities.

The word pub comes from the short version of public places. They are actually public places started in Ireland to provide a facility for common people. A person does not need to acquire any sort of membership before entering the place. It was open for all with their favorite drinks. It has become a place of solace for the working class of Ireland. Though these places faced strict opposition and ban from British legislation in the 19th century they flourish more and more. Since then they have gained more popularity among the masses due to the opposition to the British government. One of the main reasons for their fame was other essentials like food items, hardware and grocery items at these places.

It is the place which is considered for its warm welcome to the visitors. You can also enjoy the classic Irish music that soothes your ears and provides peace to your mind. With time the place starts to become a central point for local residents to gather, socialize and exchange words. On a lighter note it has also become a place of gossip for the socialites. Many such pubs have been built in Ireland as well as in other countries to maintain the authenticity of Irish essence that these places carry. Irish pubs are constant victims of facing challenges and oppositions from authorities but they managed to survive despite these hurdles. With new establishments it is hoped that they will again flourish and gain popularity like they had in early times. Most of the people are trying to bring back that era once again.

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