Samsung PN59D6500 Review

The brand Samsung has proudly announced the detailed features of its new Plasma TV series PND6500, of the year 2011 and the positive changes and renewed appearance is clearly noticeable in the product ranges which are surely going to prove to be big hits for the new generation TV viewers for its excellence, dynamism and exclusive features.

The 59 inch Samsung PN59D6500 is certainly going to appear like a pure enigma to the onlookers and consumers who awaited a product just like this. According to any Samsung PN59D6500 Review, the product is a combination of all imaginable features which are breathtakingly wonderful and beneficial to the users. Keeping in mind the design and portability of the 59 TV, Samsung claimed that the big viewable screen will not disturb the concept of space-usage due to its narrow bezel design which does not allow the cabinet size to increase. The width of the TV being 1.5 inches, is perfectly balanced, by being neither too thin nor too thick. The mind-blowing picture quality of the TV is appreciative because of its perfect play of shades, shadows and color presentation along with amazing contrasts and combinations of smooth motion, color details and rendition and excellent realism of pictures.

The TV appears to be a superb companion for dark room viewing and for home theater purposes. The pictures are perfectly viewable in dark as well as in light shades and make the quality and comprehension purely amusing. The consumers would be awed by the quality of 3D viewing and would be happy to see some of the drawbacks of previous versions missing from the product including the much better formatted 3D glasses, its quality and performance. The wonderfully advantageous features like Wireless Access, Samsung Smart Hub's Internet Connectivity and some other exclusive features like the Connectshare features which allows the TV to have accessibility with the photos, music, pictures, movies and videos, simply mesmerize and empowers the users to enjoy a product and its extended characteristics like never before, which enables them to explore the external world with all fineness and commencement.

Apart from these awesome features, the performance of the TV is unquestionable and unmistakably admirable for its high-quality and balanced sound quality which with its richer and fuller base and volume can fill up a huge room with impressive effects and gravity. The menu functionality present in the remote control devise is easy to handle, well laid out an easy to handle for the users. The instructional tips will lead the user to use the remote control with faster access and usability.

Lastly, the appearance of the TV is purely enviable with its charcoal colored screen and heavy metal body with a glass linage surrounding the set from four sides. The product is a sure head-turner and a thing of awe and pride exuding charm, dignity, superiority and a class part. The possessor of the TV is sure to feel the trill and excitement of its sheer presentation of every details and life from each single picture presented on the screen.

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