Advice on Buying the Right Cell Phones That Suit Your Needs

Without argument, the most user-friendly and the most widely spread technology in human history is mobile communication. Over the centuries, a wide variety of cell phones have been developed. In present times, you can find various brands with unique functionality. However, your needs or preferences will determine what you should buy.

Functionality of Mobile Phones

Cell phones have gone far beyond the days of walkie-talkie with which you can only talk with someone. You can now perform all manner of activities with a modern cell phone - you can access the Internet to browse websites, and to read and send emails; you can play games, listen to music, get instant news updates from around the world, and watch videos; you can even chat with a friend. Looking at the several possibilities of a cell phone, you have to decide on a brand of phone that offers all the fun you have ever dreamed of.

Brands of Phones

Here are some of the phones you can find on the market:

1. Smartphone

It is a cell phone which can perfectly run document-type applications. It has QWERTY keypad, larger memory capacity, and a big screen that makes browsing of the Internet an aesthetically pleasant experience. With it, you watch videos and play your MP3s. It sometimes comes with 3G network capability.

2. TV Phone

It is simply a cell phone that is specially made to connect with TV stations in order to watch their programmes.

3. 3G Phone

This kind of phone is enabled for an extremely fast transmission of data wherein large files are to be sent over the Internet. The speed is up to 2 Megabytes per second which outperforms what it used to be, that is, 19 kilobytes per second. A 3G phone is useful for individuals like a manager who wants to send a large file such as videos, documents and multiple e-mails to customers.

4. GSM Phones

Although, US policy on Mobile Communication has to do with use of wireless connection, a GSM (or Quadband) phone becomes necessary if you want to travel outside US. This is the kind of network that is common in many other countries.

5. Tri-mode Phone

As for a rural area in US, where there is low network coverage, a tri-mode phone is needed since it works with an analogue channel coupled with 2 digital frequencies.

The Importance of a Network Carrier

Before you buy a cell phone, ensure that you know the capabilities of network carriers in your neighbourhood. If you get the best of phones, you won't enjoy it if the carrier has certain limitations on their network. Note the following when making a choice on phones and carriers:

- All phone accessories do not work with all phone models.

- Some phones only function on a single network carrier because the phones are locked and can't work within other kind of network coverage.

- It is not all mobile carriers that have fast 3G coverage in your area.

Generally, you need to buy a cell phone that has compatibility with a particular network carrier and that has all the wireless features that will make your phone pleasant to use.

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