Goals: Turn Resentment Into Resources With I Want Re-Frame TV

In this article you will learn to reach your goals by clearing away any obstacles from the past or that may arrive in your bright and successful future. With this powerful technique you can turn resentment and bitterness and old negative patterns into positive resources. Imagine a television screen where you control what is happening. Some of you may remember "I Want My MTV" jingle so I call this technique, I Want Re-Frame TV!

So imagine a TV set and you control all that happens on the screen. You can take an event from your day that did not go the way you wanted it and you can do it over again the way you would have liked it to go. Your imagination is very powerful and your mind does not really know the difference between what happens to you and what you vividly imagine in the right way. You will learn how to imagine vividly in the way that your mind accepts it as reality. This can then generate new and positive patterns in your life in a very dramatic and powerful way.

With that in mind, take a small not so pleasant event and imagine it on the TV screen. Now, freeze the interaction and notice the control you are already starting to feel. You can change the negative expression on your face or the face of someone you were speaking with and you can change the tones of voices, etc. Now take the frozen picture and allow it go grow into a fuzzy snowy picture (almost like channel 3 or whatever channel you use to watch DVDs where you live)

Now do the same with the sound and sensations and emotions until you feel more neutral of even positive about the event. You can fuzz out the sound or add circus music or something very silly. Notice how changing the picture to a more hazy vague image makes it feel more neutral. If you were angry or sad or scared during the original interaction, now you can feel less and less of this impact. It is as if the sensations are less and maybe you feel as if the memory happened MUCH longer ago, the way things feel when time has changed your viewpoint of things.

You can now take that blank fuzzy screen and project some lesson to yourself-basically replay the scene the way you would NOW live it, what you would say, do, how you would feel, etc. Another way to do this is to notice a lesson to your self and write it on the TV picture. Now we take this TV set with the NEW Behavior and/or NEW Lessons and notice how we take the TV set and put it behind you into your PAST where it will be a resource for you from now on, instead of an obstacle in front of you. I like to have the person actually hear the sound of it being hammered into the wall behind them.

You have taken powerful steps in reframing resentment and bitterness and repeated patterns and changed them into NEW Resources that can help you to resolve any remaining issues from the past and any that come up in your future. This powerful Resource is now for you to reach your Goals! Make this a habit as you drift off to sleep at night-go over the events of your day and creatively change them so that your unconscious mind now has clear instructions for what you want it to do to help you and how you want to think, feel, believe, act and live! Add your vivid and bright positive future in front of you and feel yourself getting closer to reaching your goals. Feel yourself already having reached your goals and now look back on the day you read this article and learned and applied this powerful technique that helped you get there.

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