Make Christmas Shopping Easy and Enjoyable!

With Christmas just around the corner it is time for your annual Christmas shopping adventure. Are you wishing you could just ignore it and it would go away or that Christmas would take a vacation this year? No worries! There is a way to simplify your shopping and to make your Christmas gift giving an enjoyable event!

First you will need a notebook. This will take some thought on your part. Put in a Christmas music CD or a Christmas movie. Write down each person you will need to purchase or make a gift for this year. Put each name on a separate page in your notebook. Make sure you put your names in alphabetical order. For an even easier way to access your names, put tabs with each beginning letter of each person on the list on the side pages of your notebook.

What does each person like? What are their hobbies? What do they like to do? If you aren't sure about some of the people on your list you can always text them or ask them a few of these questions.

Make a note on each person's page of several ideas of things they might like to get according to the answer to the question above. Try and be creative and think outside the box as they say. If you are trying to think of gifts for your children, perhaps consider buying something to help them get started in a new hobby such as sewing, crafting, or gardening.

If you have a child that loves going to the movies, you could give him or her pajamas, several movies, popcorn, and candy and throw in a comfy beanbag chair. You could also include tickets to a movie. If the price is right, you could give a small DVD player as part of their gift from Santa. You get the picture. Something fun and unique.

Start surfing the local store ads and online for unique gifts to give and start your shopping. If you have your list handy, it should be easier to come up with the gifts you need for Christmas giving. Take it slowly. You don' t have to do your shopping all at once. Take time to reward yourself with lunch, or a snack while you are out and about. Make it fun. When Christmas morning arrives, you will satisfied that you did your best to make Christmas full of cheer for those you love and had to buy gifts for.

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