Beginner Electric Guitar Packages: What You Get

Like with anything else, learning to play the electric guitar is challenging. It is also a lot of fun. There are many benefits that come with playing an instrument from better memory, improved ability to learn, a higher IQ, and greater deductive reasoning. It can also be extremely relaxing, soothing, and entertaining. For the electric guitar, getting started requires more than just an instrument, and the quality of the guitars can vary dramatically. In addition to the guitar, you also need numerous other items including an amp, strings, picks, capo, cord, extra string, and many other things are a great help. Many manufacturers offer beginner electric guitar packages that have everything you need to get started.

The most important part of any electric guitar package is the electric guitar itself. This makes up the majority of the cost of any given package, and it is the most vital part of the package. If you don't like the guitar that comes as part of the package, you should not consider buying it. Make sure to choose a guitar that you like in terms of how it looks, what genres it plays well, and whether it has all the additional features you require. Do some research and see what you want. Do you need a tremolo bar? Do you want a guitar that is good for metal? Do you want humbuckers or single coil pickups? Ask yourself what your looking for and narrow down your search starting with the guitar.

The amp is the second most important part of the package. The amp is what produces the sound that you hear. Unlike acoustic guitars which produce the sound solely with the body, an electric guitar uses an amp to electronically amplify the sound of the guitar. Typically, beginner packages include a small amp that is between 10 to 15 watts. This is more than enough for most situations when you're just starting out.

Next, you have the gig bag, which is also known as a soft case. This holds your guitar, strings, picks, and other small accessories, and it keeps your guitar protected. Guitars are relatively fragile, and they can get nicks, dents, and dings quite easily. The gig bag is designed to protect your guitar, while not being too heavy. Hard cases also exist, and they offer even more protection.

Those three things are included in every beginner electric guitar package, and most have additional accessories. In addition to the big three, you will often have a package that comes with extra strings. Strings wear out and break over time, and they need to be replaced from time to time. These packages also often include an digital tuner. These tuners make it extremely easy to tune your guitar. Tuning a guitar by hear is going to be almost impossible for a beginner, and you can't make music unless your guitar is in tune. You're also going to get a cord that is used to connect the guitar to the amp, some picks so you can play without using your finger, and often you will also get an instructional dvd to help you learn the basics. If you're just picking up the electric guitar, a beginner package is definitely the way to go because it gives you everything you need to get started all at once.

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