How to Select The Right Long Range FM Transmitter

A long-range FM transmitter has the ability to be used in many different applications, from health clubs to correctional facilities to holiday light shows. It's the distance that sets it apart from the run of the mill FM Transmitters you can find at Best Buy.

In case you didn't know, all FM transmitters are not engineered with the same capabilities, some have 30 feet of broadcast range, while others can go as far as 150 feet. Some only transmit over a few selected FM frequencies while others can go up and down the entire FM frequency.

Since the FCC has placed strict regulations on the distance and power of long range FM transmitters, it's important to do a little research. Some unscrupulous people have used these transmitters to host their own pirate radio shows and knock regular radio stations off the air. Of course, this is illegal, so you should make sure the one your looking at contains the FCC approval stamp.

It's also important to note that not all of these have the same flexibility. Many were designed to work with a few select audio sources, while other can be used with a wide array of audio sources, it just depends on the manufacturer and what the deemed important when they engineered it.

So now you have a general understanding of how they work and the type of flexibility some are equipped with, now it's time to look at how most long range FM transmitters are powered. As you are smart enough to know, most are powered via a 120 volt AC wall plug in. A few can be powered by batteries. And only a select few can be powered by USB, 120 AC, batteries, and by a car cigarette adapter. In fact, very few are flexible enough to allow multiple methods of powering.

When you looks at the different factors that make up the plethora of transmitters, you can see how it can become hard to decide which one you would like to implement. If you are looking for one for a Christmas light show, then you would probably need one which could be powered by USB since your light show will be using a laptop for synchronized music.

If you will be using one for just in home use, then all you really need is one which will run on 120 V A/C and if you want one to use in your car then you will probably need it to plug into the vehicles cigarette/utility adapter.

Hopefully, you had some clarification and will be able to make a more informed decision, if you plan on purchasing a long range FM transmitter.

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