Meditation Done Easy - An Introductory Guide

Using simple steps and meditation techniques for beginners, you can learn without having to take time out of your day or out-of-pocket expense to hire an experienced yoga instructor. Most exercises use focused breathing exercises that are easy to learn while listening to instructions on CD right in the privacy of your own home. Once these simple techniques have been mastered, it is easier to move on to advanced meditation techniques as you journey on through meditation.

Introduction To Meditation

Focused Breathing. Learning how to focus your breathing is one of the easier meditation techniques for beginners, and this is where anyone would want to begin. Many first-time meditation practitioners feel that they have to learn proper meditation positions for this type of relaxation to be effective, but that is just not the case. The important thing to remember that whether you are sitting in the lotus position, or just sitting in an easy chair, comfort is what you are searching for. Also known as pranayama, the person practicing this exercise begins to breathe at a comfortable rate through the nose, and with the eyes shut. When focused properly, and individual can begin to time each inhalation and exhalation of air over a period of time.

Guided Meditation. Meditation techniques for beginners must also include guided meditation, and this is the most common of the meditation techniques used by those starting out because it is easy and effective. While there are many varieties of style and methods that can be used, the guided portion of this type of meditation is practiced while the individual is listening to a meditation guide. That could be a recording on a CD or other source.

Many times, there will be relaxing music played in the background, or the sounds of nature to help achieve a settled mind while preparing for meditation. The guide speaks to you and sets the tone for meditation, and will go into detail as they describe different scenes and the pattern of breathing you should have. At last, guides will help you to come to a desirable meditative state. That could be sleep or a connection with your inner self.

All of the above meditation techniques for beginners are easy to learn, and can be used to relieve the tensions and stresses of everyday life. They also help to lay a foundation for meditation, and many experts and advanced meditation practitioners freely admit that they continue to use these techniques as they achieve a more relaxed state of mind as well as body.

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