'Pitch Perfect' Movie Review

In the world of movies that are based on books, here's one you wouldn't expect to find on that list: a story about competitive collegiate a cappella groups. Thinking that concept doesn't translate into entertainment? You couldn't be more wrong.

THE GOOD: Take one slightly unsociable college Freshman named Beca (Anna Kendrick), add a father who is bribing her to attend school with the promise of funding her dream of eventually mixing music in California, plus two competing groups of offbeat a cappella singers -the all female "Bella's" and the all male "Treblemakers" - and the scene is set for something resembling a mashup of 'Glee' and 'Bring it On'. It's catchy and ridiculous all at once, which -let's face it - kind of sums up a cappella competitions in general. But there's no denying that when these groups start a performance, no matter how cheesy the song choice or accompanying choreography is, it's impossible to NOT enjoy it. As an added bonus, we have the character 'Fat Amy' (played by Rebel Wilson) who brings her own level of snarky humor to the game. There's nothing sassier than a curvy girl who beats everyone to the punch by showing a little self deprication, yet still manages to have self confidence.

THE BAD: If you are hoping for deeper meaning to the storyline than "which team wins the competition", there isn't much more to see here. There's no real hidden moral to the story, and you can pretty much see the ending a mile away. There are certainly some hilarious moments, but be forewarned that the humor can sometimes be a little racially insensitive and crass.

THE UGLY:... and speaking of crass: I won't spoil the surprise for you, but there is a projectile vomiting scene in the film that, although admittedly funny, is not for anyone with a weak stomach. If the thought of watching someone hurl makes you queasy, this may not be the entertainment you are looking for.

The film is probably geared more toward the younger crowd with any adult in the movie being shown as hopelessly lame, but even if you're NOT in your 20's, this film hits all the right notes with it's harmony and humor.

The Trophy Wife gives this movie 3 trophies.

"Pitch Perfect" has a running time of 1 hr 52 min and is rated PG-13 for sexual humor, drug references and crude language. (F word used once)

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