Things That You Need to Know About the Paid and Free Anti-Virus

Computers have been very useful to many people. They have become more useful to people since the time the internet has been introduced. Different kinds of people cite computers as important machines as they help them get their things done in a day, for example, businesspeople use computers in doing their business reports or promoting their business to the market. Also, students use computers in doing many things especially those that concern their studies. These include doing research work, homework and gathering important information.

With the rise of the internet, these people were able to do more things than what they have used to do while using computers. They include watching movies, listening to music, doing online business, playing tons of computer games, and many more. To make these things possible, they have to go to several websites available on the net and there are many of them to choose from. There are websites that are helpful to users as they are very informative. They can include sites about products, education, new inventions, science, the everyday life, and many more. However, their availability on the net does not mean that users can go through them in an instant. Users should be reminded that not all sites are safe for their computer system even though they may contain information which they needed. There are sites which may cause their system to have viruses, hence, making them not to perform well. Eventually, the system can be destroyed if not fixed right away.

Such happening motivates the computer experts to launch anti-viruses in the market. It has been known as the best ways to protect the computers from harmful software that come from the several websites available on the net. Many companies are offering anti-viruses nowadays and they are usually termed as professional anti-viruses as they have features that make them more useful to affected computer users. In addition, there are anti-viruses that can be accessed easily by the users since they can just download them through the internet any time they want. So, instances of damaged computers can easily be avoided with the help of the free anti-viruses. However, there are arguments telling about the advantages of using paid software and the disadvantages of free software. In this article, users can learn things about paid vs free programs. Their advantages and disadvantages will also be discussed here.

Facts About Paid or Free Anti-Viruses

  • Antiviruses can be accessed in two different ways: buying them on certified distributors or downloading them on the internet. This is the very reason why many computer users feel safe while they are surfing the net during these days. The days wherein users are afraid that their computer system might be destroyed by the viruses are over since the key to protect them has been unveiled and made known to the public. However, the introduction of anti-viruses goes along with the spread of harmful software in the net. This means that users have more reasons to be very careful and to start availing the program.

  • Their features. Antivirus is created to protect the computer system of many people from the viruses which are growing in number. Some experts believe that if you got your anti-virus from authorized distributors, you will surely get an increase degree of protection. Also, they make sure that their users will not feel sorry for buying, which everybody termed as "professional" anti-viruses. They got all the protection that they need, too, just to protect their system. However, this was contradicted by those who patronize the free software. For them, paid antivirus vs free antivirus based on their performance, features and quality, the latter wins. Aside from its easy access, free anti-virus offers the same and the nice thing here is that they do not have to spend money to protect their system. They are so happy with this fact and will never think of going to paid anti-virus anymore.

  • The issue of quality: paid anti-virus vs. free anti-virus. Many believe that things that are given for free do not last long or their quality is questionable. Users of paid and free anti-virus both alleged that when it comes to quality they are comparable. As to the length of time, users of the paid anti-virus do not have to worry about it because their anti-virus is set to last for a longer time. They can even hand down their anti-virus to their children or children's children. As to the case of free anti-virus, users have to update of them most of the time to enjoy their service. If they fail to do such, the possibility of having viruses entered into their system can likely happen. This is the great risk of having anti-viruses just for free.

  • The Installation of paid vs. free anti-virus. When you buy it at an authorized distributor, you get to receive a free instruction of it will be installed. If still having a hard time, the service provider is a phone call away. You can call its customer service and seek for its assistance. Also, the free anti-virus seems so easy to be installed as what their users affirmed. A simple right-click of the tab can be done, downloading that only takes for a few minutes and everything is done! You are now ready to use the software; the sad thing here is you do not have someone to help you when you encounter problems. If this happens, maybe you need to do the simple fixing or surf the net to search for some answers or some tips to help you.

These are just some of the facts about the paid and free antivirus. Those without antivirus in their computer system can start looking for one to make sure that their system is protected from any harmful software. They may choose to avail anti-viruses that are for free or those that can be purchased at authorized distributors. They will get the same protection which they want with these anti-viruses.

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