How to Make Sure Your Drive to the Airport Goes Smoothly

Driving to the airport is one of your options when it comes to going on holiday and of course there are many others like getting a taxi, getting a limo or taking the bus/train. While there are other valid options however, it's no doubt driving yourself that is the most pleasant, most convenient and most reliable option. This way you will be able to leave in your own time and at your own convenience, you will be able to go right from door to door and you will be able to be comfortable and enjoy your own music and privacy all the way there.

But while driving is by far the best option, it's important to make sure that you take some considerations before you go to subvert catastrophe. Here we will look at some of those considerations and the measures you should take to enjoy the smoothest of journeys ready for your time in the sun.

Leave Early

It sounds obvious, but you wouldn't believe how many people decide to wait until the last minute before setting off. Of course this is only going to get you into trouble as it will mean that even the slightest thing going wrong can potentially make you late. If you leave at least an hour early then it will take more than just a traffic jam to make you miss your flight.

At the same time if you leave early that of course gives you more time at the airport which actually isn't all that bad - in most cases it means you can go shopping in the duty free section, that you can enjoy a nice pint and something to eat, or that you can grab a book to enjoy on the flight.

Organize Parking

If you are just going to try and find parking at the airport when you arrive then you may not be in luck. Of course there are a finite number of spaces for people hoping to stay in the designated parking, but at the same time you can this way risk paying well over the odds and not even ending up that near to where you need to be. Organize parking ahead of time with a separate company and you'll be guaranteed to make sure you have somewhere to leave your car where it will be safe and where it won't cost you the Earth.

As a separate note, make sure that you also look into the terminal you will be flying from/landing near. This way you can give yourself the minimum possible walk.

Plan Your Route - And Alternative Routes

Don't leave planning your route to the last minute either, and don't get too stubborn about it and let your pride get in the way. To make sure you don't land yourself in trouble just buy yourself a map, and make sure that you know precisely where you are going and how you can get there using an alternative route if you should come across building works or a big traffic jam (which is where Sat Navs aren't always so useful... ).

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