Tips to Cut Stomach Fat and Flatten Abdominals

Following simple exercise and nutrition tips can help you cut stomach fat and achieve flat abs.

Although it's tempting to do a thousand crunches a day in an effort to cut stomach fat and get flat abs, don't focus exclusively on your abs when working out.

Pilates offers great exercise for flat abs because it works core muscles (abs, arms, back, and glutes.) You'll achieve better results engaging in a full body workout than with isolating abs alone.

Practice good posture and breathing. Walking upright and in proper alignment will keep your abs from bulging out. Physical appearance is leaner when shoulders are held square and back, not rounded forward. Good posture also has the added benefit of improving lung capacity.

Stress matters! Fat storage is increased by a stress hormone called cortisol. Take a few minutes each day to de-stress. Soothing music, meditation or simple stretches are some options to relieve stress and reduce cortisol.

Try the following great exercises for flat abs:

Sitting Rotations: Sitting up, bend knees and legs together, cross arms across your chest or extend in front of you. Tuck the tailbone and roll back slightly as you alternate slowly rotating the spine right and left.

Cat Kick: Stand with feet together, arms extended straight out like wings. Exhale, and lift the left leg in front of you and up. At the same time, sweep the arms forward at shoulder level and round the spine, like a cat. The navel will press toward the spine. Inhale, return to the starting position opening arms back up. Repeat with the right leg, alternate and do 20 repetitions.

Leg Lowers: Lay flat, face up, curl your body up, hands behind your head. Align chest over ribs. Lift the legs up with knees bent at 90 degrees, knees over hips, ankles are level with knees. Keeping the hips down, slowly lower the legs toward the floor without changing the bend in the knees, then lift them back up.

Plank Position: Start on your hands and knees, raise body to a push-up plank position, balancing on hands and toes. Align wrists under shoulders; keep your back straight and the abs and glutes tight. Hold position, breathe out for 10 seconds, exhale while tightening abs and draw the navel to the spine. Do not allow the back to sag.

Diet is as important as exercise in the pursuit of flat abs.

Any diet for flat stomachs should include fiber and exclude foods that make you bloat. For breakfast, try oatmeal with berries. Fiber in oatmeal aids digestion while berries provide antioxidants. Lean meats like fish and chicken breast paired with vegetables make a healthy dinner. Note that vegetables like cabbage and broccoli can promote bloating.

Be realistic about your results. Some people are genetically wired to have more fat around their midsection. Don't get discouraged. This simply means that your specific results may vary from someone with a different genetic profile.

As with any fitness pursuit, maintaining a diet for flat abs and consistent exercise is the key to achieving your goals. Using these tips daily will help you on the path to getting flat abs and keeping them for good.

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