Online Video Marketing - Top Tips and Strategies

You are about to discover top tips and strategies that you can use in your online video marketing to create a stampede of targeted leads to your website, even if you're afraid to get in front of the camera.

Online video marketing is one of the most powerful, under-used marketing platforms available today. I believe that most people have a fear of video marketing because they don't want to put their face "out there" for everyone to see. But did you know that you don't necessarily have to be "on camera" in order to create online video marketing. More on that later.


1. It puts a connection with you and your prospect

2. It creates instant rapport (people can immediately get a "feel" for who you are)

3. When it comes to SEO, it's easier to rank on YouTube & Google than if you are trying to rank w/your blog

4. YouTube is the THIRD ranked website in the world with massive traffic

As I stated earlier, you don't have to be "on camera" to create online video marketing. Yes... it is nice to put a face with the information being provided... but it is not absolutely necessary in order to get started using online video marketing or to make a sizeable profit! With the wonderful world of technology, there are tools available to us today that will help you create online videos using words, pictures and background music. One such simple tool is using power- point to create a video slide show.

There are several Keys to being successful when creating online video marketing. I would have to say that one of the most important keys is to be yourself! Don't try to imitate or duplicate someone else. People want to get to know YOU and your personality. Believe me, with all of the billions (40 billion to be exact, as of January 2012) of video watchers out there, there are many who will resonate with you and be attracted not only to the valuable content that you are providing, but they will also connect with you as an individual.

Remember, you don't have to be perfect. It's ok if you are nervous the 1st few times that you are on camera. Be human... people connect with those who are human..don't try to talk like or act like your some "super guru". Just be yourself, speak with confidence and be excited about the topic you are speaking on (but don't be overly excited) We don't want over-kill.

If you are going to use the power-point presentation method of creating your online video marketing, you definitely want to make sure that you "brand" yourself in the creation of your power-point presentation slide. What do I mean by this?

Be sure to include your website URL on each slide or if you have a customized banner or header that brands you then be sure to include it at the top of each of your slide presentations.

You want to optimize your videos for the chosen keyword/keyword phrase. If people search for it in Google then more than likely they are searching for it in YouTube as well.

Back-link your video URL to articles you have written or blog post that you have made in order to increase your rankings in Google and YouTube. Optimize your video by including your title when you upload it onto YouTube

Give a 4-5 sentence description of your video with your keyword/keyword phrase throughout the description. Make it flow naturally. Don't just "pound" your keyword in there


This is commonly an area where most people struggle, especially when they are new to online video marketing. The majority of people think that they don't "know" enough about their particular niche to create a content packed video. This couldn't be further from the truth.

I am sure that if you look around your home office (or where ever you keep all of you training materials that you have purchased over the years) you will find some valuable content that you could share with others that would be beneficial to their success.

If you are still confused and thinking that you really don't have any idea of what you can create content about, then let me jog your memory just a little with a few examples below. Here are some tips from which you can draw your content... and remember, your video only needs to be 2-3 minutes in length... so it's not like you're creating an action-packed movie!

Get information from value based trainings you've attended

Notes you may have taken from a webinar

Company reviews

Product reviews

Ah-ha moments you've had where the "light bulb" came on

You can Google how to do something in specific and produce video content on it

There are dozens of other ways that you can create content for your online video marketing. If you're still stuck after going through the suggestions that i gave above, then you can always look at areas that you may have needed help in when you were first starting out in your network marketing business, do some research in that area and create video marketing tips on that subject.

Once you get the ball rolling, the possibilities are endless.

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