How Many People Remember Only Being Able to Watch Three Television Stations?

Most people that will read this article will find it very difficult, if not impossible to believe that at one time there were only three major TV stations. It is true, and they were CBS, NBC, and ABC. You almost assuredly recognize those names, since they are still a very large part of our entertainment. But, at one time, they were our only entertainment on the TV.

If you were a sports fan, and you wanted to watch a baseball game, you had to wait until Saturday when the "Game of the Week" was broadcast. At that time there was not an ESPN, or all kinds of other stations that made virtually every professional baseball game that is played today available.

If one of your favorite forms of entertainment is music videos, they did not even exist at the time. The closest thing to them was a TV show, called the Monkeys. If movies are your thing, sorry to tell you, that there were so few of them ever showed on TV that virtually the only way you could ever see one, was by going to a theater.

If your children are always complaining that there is nothing on TV that they want to watch, hopefully you will force them to read this article, so that they can see how well that they have it today. If you were a child and liked to watch cartoons and other types of entertainment that was designed for children, you had to get up very early to do so.

Monday through Friday, there were a few local shows that were designed for the children, and on Saturday morning they always showed the cartoons, but that was essentially it. If you happen to use the TV like so many parents do today, as a baby sitter, you certainly would have had a much more difficult time back then.

Having access to cable TV has improved all of our lives. It has allowed us to be able to watch specially created programming that in most instances, suits exactly what we were looking for. Cable television also has greatly increased what both parents and children know about the world by providing all kinds of exceptional educational program. Stations like the History Channel, National Geographic, and different science stations, allow us to learn about topics that were once only instructed in school. Just think were we would be if there were only 3 TV stations, kind of a scary thought, isn't?

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