Leadership - The Key Element of Innovation

Innovative companies are being run by leaders. Innovation departments are run by leaders. Innovation creates leaders. How do we find innovation? Question, which is related to the question: how do we find a leader or to develop leadership qualities in ourselves or our employees.

Let's look at several recommendations and at their basis, we will create a personal leadership development plan for the company.

To lead means: to help others succeed. No matter what we say: about building leadership in your company or industry leadership. Selling quality products, we allow people who purchased them to feel more confident.

The leader of the company - is the head, which focuses not only on his success, but also at the success of its employees.

Leader constantly learns and teaches others. That factor of the leadership is one of the key elements of an innovative company. Leadership will help to achieve consistent results in a competitive environment.

Let's compare the two teams: team leader of a company and team leader in the sales department. Leader of a company:

  • The leader is good at setting targets
  • Monitors the performance of employees
  • Works with key clients

The team leader:

  • Leader knows his subordinates
  • Leader knows what to teach their subordinates, thus learns
  • Leader knows what qualities and skills of his subordinates are necessary to develop
  • Leader knows which of them will become the future leader
  • Leader, has subordinate training program
  • The leader focuses on helping to achieve performance, not control
  • Leader, allocates talented, and instructs them to work with key clients
  • The leader has a development plan for the department, allowing to achieve the result of higher than expected.

It is logical to see that after some time, the team leader will rise to the Commercial Department. Subject to the given trend team leader will constantly evolve, and the team of a leader will still stay the same, leaving the company at the same level. Although, given the continued competitiveness of the market, most likely the teams with leaders will disappear under the influence of companies with departments of leaders.

Look for leaders! Become leaders! Leadership is the competitiveness of modern business. It is through the leadership you will identify and develop competitiveness factors for your company and your employees.

How to evaluate the leadership qualities in themselves or their subordinates? Answer the following eight questions:

  1. Do you have a personal learning plan for the next month, three months, six months?
  2. Do you have a plan to train your staff to the next month, three months, six months?
  3. How many employees in your company, you have helped / trained for the last month, six months?
  4. How is your progress related to the success of your employees?
  5. Is the success of your employees are linked to your success?
  6. How do you assess the effectiveness of the staff?
  7. How do you assess the effectiveness of yourself as a manager at work with co-workers?
  8. What possible problems would emerge working with employees, how do you propose to minimize them.

Leaders are always interacting with employees. A team led by leaders is always seeking to improve and maximize results.

Another key element of leadership is to create a comfortable atmosphere for creativity and work in your business. Your employees working in a comfortable environment, provide you a number of advantages: they are friendly to customers, and loyal to the company.

A simple example. Imagine two trading rooms of various companies. In an air-conditioned, playing soft music, and in the other is is stuffy and cramped. Where employees will work efficiently? In what company they will be more loyal? The answers are logical and understandable.

Internal atmosphere means a lot. We have an advertising budget to attract new customers, but do you have the budget for the creation of favourable conditions within the company?

Make your staff happy, and it's not just the words in the benefits package, but action! Actions, the result of which happy employees who aspire to the workplace tend to do the job perfectly. Employees who understand that excellence in the work will give the possibility to grow and develop within the company or become mentors for new employees.

The task of the leader - to form a team. A team that focuses on growth and creation, and not a mediocre existence in the current market situation. A team of interested people, experts, or sincerely want to become experts in their field.

Your employees need to appreciate working with you:

• We have a great company

• I developed in the company, my wealth grows

• Over the past three months, we have achieved the following goals

• In the next three months will achieve others

These phrases can describe staff, team leaders. It is similar phrases you'll hear from athletes, sports teams, the participants and their coaches. Why? Sport - is the result. This training of leadership, leaders-loners and leaders of teams. Business, too, is the result of education and also of leadership qualities.

Find the positive side of your employees look for the positive aspects of your staff and develop the positive! Use positive!

Errors will be to all, mistakes will always appear, but that the errors allow us to achieve results.

Having built up an atmosphere of positive development, you will be successful; your company will be successful! Celebrate success! Praise success! Be responsible for the success!

  • Who do you praise this week? This month? In Three months?
  • What was your expressed praise?

Your business - it is your ship; it is a coordinated work of the whole team, to the system that you have created - as a leader. A system should be trained, the system should be improved and the system must be scaled.

Leadership is the use of simple techniques that can take the business to another level.

Want to see an example of leadership - look at a sports game, assess coherence of the team and make the right conclusions.

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