Smartphone Features That Influence Consumer Purchases

Smartphones are cellular phones that are able to do numerous tasks, like playing music, taking photographs, checking and sending emails, and running various apps. Unlike other phones, smartphones have much more powerful processors and run operating systems, and therefore are essentially pocket computers.

Smartphones are becoming more and more popular in the last five years as more individuals use their phones to surf the Internet and as we live increasingly mobile lives. Smartphone use have become so prevalent that these days the question is no longer whether or not an individual will purchase a smartphone but rather, why do consumers choose one phone over another? Here are a variety of factors that seem to have a bearing on consumer purchases.

Operating system

The two most common platforms are Google's Android and the Apple's iOS. There are way more applications designed for iOS devices but Apple's firmly controlled ecosystem may feel stifling for people who would like to customize their mobile phones more. This is one reason why a lot of consumers prefer or have switched to Android devices.

Form factor

Touch screens are currently a standard for smartphones. The screens on these gadgets seem to keep getting larger. Case in point, Apple's latest iPhone iteration is now 4 inches tall, a first in iPhone's history. In terms of screen size, Samsung's Galaxy Note is definitely the largest, at an exceptional 5.3 inches diagonally. Consumers seem to choose models with at least 4-inch screens since it allows for easier browsing and typing.

Call quality

You buy a smartphone mainly to make and receive calls, so it is sensible to be exacting when it comes to voice quality. Prior to buying a phone, it would be helpful to read reviews, paying great attention to network coverage; earpiece, microphone, and transmission quality; and speakerphone volume.


Sharing pictures on the Internet is a popular activity for smartphone users, hence, it is a good idea to pay attention to camera quality. Besides the quality of the camera itself, also look into the photo capturing and editing features installed on the phone. Based on many reviews, Samsung Galaxy SIII and Nokia 808 PureView are models with the best cameras at the moment.

Upfront prices

Smartphones are sold at various price points. In general, those that are sold without contracts are the priciest. One of the least expensive smartphones you can find today is Jiayu G3 Android phone. This phone can be purchased in China, and is sold at 899 Yuan or 140 dollars. It is the successor to the Jiayu G2, which became popular to many users when it was launched in China. Go here if you want more details on Jiayu G3.

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