iPad 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy 10.1

iPad 2 Features
- Front facing camera (Face Time and Photo Booth)
- Rear facing camera (Pictures and Video)
- LED Backlit Display
- Accelerometer, Gyroscope, and Compass
- Multitouch Screen
- App Store
- Smart Covers

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Features
- Front facing camera (Google Talk video chat)
- Rear facing camera (pictures and video)
- HD display
- Multitouch Interface
- Adobe Flash Player
- Android Market
- 4G

The Matchup
Samsung recently revealed it's newest tablet, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which seems to be more geared to taking down the iPad 2 than creating a smaller tablet like the original Galaxy. Each tablet has almost identical specs with the iPad and Galaxy weighing in at 1.3 pounds and each only.34" thick. Both tablets have an HD screen with the Galaxy's being slightly larger with a 10.1" screen versus the iPad's 9.7" screen. Each has a rear camera capable of shooting 720p HD video as well as high quality photos, and a front facing camera for Skyping. The Galaxy is trying to set itself apart with it's new home screen design (see picture up top on right). In the Galaxy's home screen you can place your most commonly used apps, favorite websites, music player, and most recent sites visited.

It is far different from Apple's app to app home screen, however the Galaxy has copied Apple's bottom bar where you place the apps you most frequently use and they stay on every page of the tablet. The Galaxy has also adopted Abode Flash player, which is an awesome feature that allows you to watch video on the sites themselves. This means that you won't be limited to only watching video on YouTube like on the iPad. Abode is a great feature allowing you to see more of what you want on the web. The iPad 2 does pack in it's own separate features like it's smart cover that puts the iPad to sleep when its closed and wakes it up when its opened, and it doubles as a stand. The iPad also has it's simplicity, and requires almost no prior instruction on how to use it. The final features that set the iPad apart is it's accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass which are great for games and maps.

The Verdict
These two tablets are each unique and bring an enormous amount of features to the table. Both the iPad and the Galaxy have their similarities, but each has a different feel. I would recommend the iPad 2 to the more casual tablet user, someone who wants a simple and easy to use tablet. However, for the more hardcore tablet user I would recommend the Galaxy. It's 4G capability and Abode Flash Player allow you to do more with the web, and it's home screen design is more similar to a PC than the traditional tablet.

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