The Journey to Determining TV Advertising Prices

Every other minute we see an advertisement on the television. As if not enough, every other day there features yet another new advert. Each seems to have its own appeal. They come in different forms and as you possibly have observed, songs are the most commonly used.

Often, little or no thought is given to the masterminds behind the final product. A standard commercial takes about thirty seconds. This means that very high intelligence is applied to compile the description of a certain product or service. It is not only the description, but also the creative and persuasive language that ensures someone is convinced that the particular product or service is worth buying. Now, in order to determine the costs of producing a TV advert, you need to understand elements involved.

The services in production

Writing and Development, storyboarding, editing, motion graphics, voice-overs, green screen wardrobe for the actors' crew, hair and makeup professionals, broadcast quality and casting.

The voice-overs

In a TV advert, voice-overs are used. In a case where the project has been handed over to an advertising agency, it is easy. Agencies are linked to the right personnel. A TV commercial requires eloquent narrators to capture the audience. In some cases, the agency opts for a musician to custom produce melodies that will accompany the message of the product.

A brand

Some of the advertisements require models or celebrities. Commercials require the right actor or actress to sell. For instance, if a person who is celebrated by the youth appears in an advertisement of a product that is meant to reach the youth, good returns is almost a guarantee.


Different equipments are used in different advertisement projects. One basic tool is a camera. This is obvious as the project is a visual one. A dolly, a crane and tripod, a lighting package if artificial light will be needed, a boom operator and sound equipment which includes vocal microphones and active PA systems, are the other equipments that are necessary.

The rehearsals of voices and any unique performance are done in rehearsal studios.


There are a number of people involved in the production process. This includes the actors and actresses as mentioned above. Together, let us refer to them as a cast of actors. In every gathering, there has to be a leader to give instructions on which course will be taken. In this case, there is a writer who will come up with the content of the advertisement. This person should be given as much information as possible about the product or service. There is also a director, a producer, a director of photography otherwise known as the DP, one production assistant and the boom operator. One project cannot be complete without the harmony of these people.

Post production

We are still on the journey. It may seem long and all the people mentioned appear unnecessary but the final product should be exceptional. With the work of the above people, the process is almost done. There is still something that needs to be done. The work has to be edited. This is done by a professional editor. Music can be included, color correction done and addition of some graphics. With this the advert is good to be aired.

A good advertisement is one that goes out convincingly and at the same time persuasively. It should reach the targeted group and above all bring back the expected returns. Clients have reported of having an increase of sales not twice or thrice more but even nineteen times more.

All this accounts for the TV advertising prices that are mentioned by the agent. TV advertising remains to be the most effective way to advertise and reach the most people. Unlike other methods, the visual aspect gives this form of advertising the power to reach even the not so literate class. Although television commercials production is a long process that would require professionals, it is still worth the investment. In any case, if you take your time to sample the rehearsal studio London has to offer, you will surely find a good bargain.

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