What Is an iPhone?

These days there are so many phones out on the market it is hard to keep up with them. When thinking of these phones a couple have stood the test of time! Android's, iPhone's, and Samsung seem to be the major three in regards to Smartphones. Who knows exactly which phone is better because each of them market to different genres. iPhone's seem to be the most popular smartphone on the market today. With the speculation that Apple could sell more than 170 million iPhone 5's in the first year! So, for that older generation out there you may be asking yourself, what is an iPhone?

iPhones are classified as smartphones. "A smartphone is a mobile phone that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary basic 'feature phone'." iPhones have been on the cutting edge of this industry since 2007. Apple has been very intuitive with what consumers are looking for! Since 2007 many companies have tried to duplicate and copy the iPhone, but Apple keeps coming out with ingenious designs and ideas that simply cant be copied. The iPhone also offers a lot of software functions competitors cannot. With the ability to sync up with your MacBookPro and the new iCould. It allows you to download many apps to help your everyday life. It's basically a secretary in your pocket. Kids also love the iPhones because they can call and text their friends as well as listen to their music they purchase. Many apps that the younger generation enjoys have been incorporated into the iPhone through the App store. When your kid is on the computer majority of the time they are probably on a social media site. The iPhone now has the ability to allow easy access to these social media platforms. Kids spend hours upon hours on these platforms. The iPhone was also one of the first phones to place a camera into the phone. Having a camera built into your phone that takes quality pictures is always nice. Also this is very convenient not having to buy a camera and a phone and lug two devices with you wherever you go! Many companies are also banking off the iPhone. Companies like "InstaGram" sold their company for a billion dollars because it took off with the youth! This application allows the user to adjust and modify the pictures taken on the device and share them through Instagram or other social media platforms. Not only is the phone a huge social media outlet it also has a lot of functionality. "Maps" on the phone allows your to get turn by turn directions to your destination. It has a calendar with reminders so you can set doctor appointments, special events etc. The phone has so many different functionalities for different ages! Anyone can use the iPhones they are pretty simple devices set up for the user!

The birth of the iPhone should be traced to September 7, 2005. When Apple and Motorola paired up and released the ROKR E1. However Apple was not satisfied with this device and believed they could do better. Since they had to compromise with Motorola, Apple could not create the device to their desires. January 9, 2007 Steve Jobs announced the iPhone at the MacWorld Convention, on June 11, 2007 it was released. From that point on Apple has been creating and perfecting the iPhone. After the iPhone 2g came the iPhone 3g onto the 3gs. After these phones Apple came up with a perfect design! The iPhone 4, the sleek and narrow design seemed to pop out at every user! After the 4 came the 4s, the phone many are using today! There is a lot of speculation as when the iPhone 5 will be dropped. Many believe it to be sometime in September. However here at iBroke we seem to think they would release it October 5, 2012. This was the date of Steve Jobs death and we believe Apple will honor him with the release of this incredible phone! Who knows exactly when this phone will be released and what amazing new technology it will bring with it!

So in short, iPhones are more than just phones! They allow you to have the convenience of the world at your finger tips! Being able to surf the world wide web on a hand held device is insane! Or being able to talk to your family via face-time that's half way around the world! Apple never ceases to amaze its clients and keep them satisfied and coming back for more! If anyone is considering buying an iPhone we highly suggest it! If you ever have any problems with your iPhone, iPads, iTouch's, or iPods simply send them to us at Myibroke.

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