Why a Virtual Phone System Is the Best Solution for Your Small Business

A small business is a very stressful undertaking, especially in the beginning. There is marketing to be concerned with, overhead cost to manage and even communications needs to tackle. With a virtual phone system, however, communications can be simplified and economical, regardless of the business size.

Cost Effective

When most people consider telephone service for a business, their minds are automatically drawn to landline service providers for many different reasons. Landlines are often viewed as traditional and affordable, especially since long distance service is often included in the packages. However, when it comes to adding many lines of service and toll-free calls, these costs can truly add up. A virtual phone system combines all of these costs into one affordable monthly package that is completely customizable based upon the size and needs of the business in general. The main difference is that the service is provided via the Internet rather than standard copper wires and telephone jacks.

Packed with Features

Landline telephone service certainly offers plenty of features that are designed to make communications simpler, but they do not offer much in the way of affordability. Standard features, such as caller ID and perhaps even call waiting, will be included in almost any phone package; everything else must be purchased separately. With a virtual phone system, business owners will get these features and more, including auto attendants, call screening, access to informational hotlines and even hold music that is selected by the business itself. The cost of these features is often included in the price of the phone system package, so there are no unexpected charges or surprises on the bill.

Easy to Use

Businesses that use landline service must often use complicated telephones, and this can be frustrating for business owners and their employees. With a virtual phone system, the interface is available on a computer desktop. When an employee would like to forward his or her calls to their mobile phone for the day, they can simply log onto the interface and make the change with just a few clicks. Checking voicemail, sending and receiving fax and even returning telephone calls has never been simpler.

Privacy and Mobility

Finally, small business owners are often aware that their personal numbers should be kept private from customers and vendors at all times. Otherwise, they would be unable to leave their work lives in the office. A virtual phone system allows employees and business owners to route calls coming into their business lines in any way they see fit, whether to a personal landline telephone or even a mobile phone. The caller has no idea where the call is terminating; all they are aware of is that they called the business and an employee answered. This maintains privacy and also allows for a level of business mobility that could never be achieved with typical landline telephone service.

A small business relies upon communications to build up its clientele and make a name for itself in its chosen industry. A virtual phone system is an affordable and easy-to-use method to stay connected to customers and other employees privately, even when on-the-go.

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