LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet: One of The Best Christmas Toys of 2011

Children nowadays prefer to learn their school subjects in a more interactive way. Now it would be hard to teach your children mathematics or language through the conventional ways. The use of a computer or tablet in the learning process is very useful since children can use it to learn their school subjects in a fun way. A computer offers visual as well as audio features so that children can understand the subjects easily. One of the best learning tablets on the market is the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet, an interactive device specially designed for 4-9 year olds.

Key Features
This product covers numerous subjects such as science, mathematics, language, art, culture, music and more. The skill levels can be adjusted; it depends on your child's pace of learning. The tablet comes with 2GB of memory that enables you to install various applications such as ultra eBooks, Animation and Photo studios, and a Story Studio. The built-in camera and video recorder also make learning experience more interesting.

The LeapPad has an attractive and child-friendly design. It is slim yet it can withstand dirty fingers or roughhousing. The rounded edges allows for comfortable and easy handling. Additionally, the 5-inch color touch screen display allows for interactive learning and gameplay.

Built-in Camera
One of the key features of the LeapPad is the rear-facing built-in camera. With the camera, children can take photographs of interesting things with ease. Children will also be able to edit and share their photographs easily with the help of the voice-guided instructions. No matter how many shots your child takes, LeapPad always has enough space to store them with its 2GB built-in memory.

Ultra eBook
The LeapPad features Ultra eBook that guides children to read correctly. Each book in Ultra eBook actually consists of three books. They come with different reading levels that can be adjusted based on your child's reading skills. This eBook also offers innovative activities that will improve your child's vocabulary.

A Learning Device That Entertains
This small tablet consists of more than 100 electronic books, videos, learning games and applications. These features will keep your child entertained while learning new things. The skill levels can be adjusted so that your child will learn at his own pace.

A Tool to Track Your Child's Progress
The Learning Path is an online tool that you can use to track your child's progress. With this tool, you can receive regular email updates to know your loved one's achievements.

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