How to Attract Women Without Talking

You don't really have to say a word before you attract a lady. In fact, before getting to talk to her, she will probably have decided whether or not to talk to you just by looking at you. It's all in the non-verbal cues. This is the secret to the law of attraction with women. You cave to compose yourself in a certain manner or risk loss of interest form that pretty lady.

First of all, you have to be careful about your posture. To a large extent, how you pose has a huge impact on the kind of impression you are going to make. You must exude great confidence and composure by how you walk as well as how you stand. One wrong move and you can as well forget your chances with that fine lady.

Another crucial factor is eye contact. This does not mean staring blankly at a woman you are interested in, but something along the lines of you like what you see. Research has established that eye contact is very important in communication whether verbal or not. It is therefore very important to steal a glance once in a while just to let her know that you are interested. If you are lucky she may even respond by looking back or with a smile.

If the woman gives a positive response such as a smile, it's time to smile back. The smile should be accompanied with a look that says you would like to talk to her. The amazing thing is that all this is done from a distance away. It's like a coded language that sends messages straight form your brain to hers. The truth is that this can be compared to giving a complement. As is well known to many, women do love complements.

The secret lies in such small gestures. Nothing really complicated. As a strategy to attract women without talking, eye contact and confidence will probably increase your chances of getting a date with a beautiful lady than if you went straight to talking. Moreover, if she gives you a positive response you can be sure that she is also interested in you.

The bottom line is that there are men who charm women with their words, others with their cars yet others with their abilities in music or sports. For some, it has always been a mystery how someone can charm a woman even before they speak. Indeed, as has been noted, you can also attract a woman without talking.

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