Men's Trousers to Suit All Occasions

It can be hard to know what trousers to wear to certain occasions. Levels of formality vary a lot, and dress codes are easily misunderstood. Who knows how smart smart casual is? This is a guide to help men decide what can and can't be worn to occasions like job interviews, exhibition openings and more. It is meant to stop you from making major fashion misdemeanours, and causing yourself discomfort.


Chinos are a comfortable style of trousers that are amazingly versatile. Depending on their fit and colour, they can be worn to occasions from casual to smart casual, including most jobs. Dress them down with a pair of trainers and a graphic T-shirt. Dress them up with a button-front shirt tucked into a leather belt, and a pair of leather shoes. Chinos were originally worn by soldiers so comfort and durability are obvious features.

Suitable for: most jobs, evening bar and club outings, exhibition openings, weekends, interviews for casual jobs or the creative industries.

Unsuitable for: offices that operate a strict business clothing policy, formal parties, balls.

Linen Trousers

Linen trousers are one of the most comfortable styles of clothing. They are light and breezy so are great for hot summer months, but not made for wearing in winter. They can be paired with classic T-shirts or polos for a smart casual look, or dressed up a bit with a button-front shirt.

Suitable for: museum visits, restaurants, office jobs, cruises.

Unsuitable for: formal parties, balls, winter, interviews.

Suit Trousers

In theory, you could wear suit trousers every day because they're such a fashion classic. But you might feel out of place in some settings, and it would be a shame to wear out such a nice pair of trousers that often don't come cheap. So avoid wearing them in the outdoors and to really casual events.

Suitable for: offices that operate strict business-only dress codes, balls, formal parties, interviews.

Unsuitable for: casual outings, the great outdoors.


Denim comes in so many different shapes, sizes, colours and styles from mens skinny jeans to baggy trousers we associate with the rap music community.

The most classic dark tones and conservative fis without any bleach or rip effects can be worn to many office settings and evening events. Unfortunately, no jeans are suitable to be worn to formal occasions or office-based job interviews.

Denim as a material isn't the comfiest for wearing in the great outdoors.

Suitable for: most jobs, evenings out, weekends.

Unsuitable for: formal parties, balls, interviews, hikes.

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