Tamworth - An Ideal Getaway

Imagine a cauldron of heritage and history, a stew of travel activities and festivities with a pinch of entertainment. That's Tamworth for you in a nutshell.

History is easily a foundation stone of Tamworth. Around the 6th century, Anglo Saxon tribes came together and formed the kingdom of Mercia. Tamworth was at the heart of this kingdom, and was the largest town in the Midlands. Situated at the confluence of the River Tame & Anker, it was a hub for trade and industry. In fact Tamworth derives its name from the River Tame. One of the oldest water mills in Britain was installed in Tamworth.

Tamworth Castle provides an excellent experience of the history and heritage. Step into the world of the royals, observe marvelous architecture, and enjoy the various articles and costumes on display. For those interested in Ghosts, there are options for staying in the castle and investigate and experience paranormal activity.

St Editha's Church is another excellent attraction. It's one of the oldest churches in the Midlands and has magnificent arcades and arches. An attraction though is the rare double spiraled staircase, spiraling one above the other around the same block. It is a spellbinding sight. The Town Hall and the Almshouses, both built by influential local Thomas Guy, are other attractions, rich in heritage and architectural value.

For the nature loving traveller, nature reserves of Hodge Lane and Kettlebrook provide an ideal getaway. Various varieties of flora and fauna adorn these reserves amidst quaint walkways and pools. One can also go canoeing on the River Tame and enjoy a nice paddle.

A must visit family attraction is Drayton Manor theme park. It is a very popular tourist destination and is home to some amazing rides. Noteworthy ones are Shockwave, Pandemonium and one of Britain's scariest rides Apocalypse. Shockwave is Europe's only stand roller coaster, featuring a lift to 120 ft and a 80 ft drop with a zero gravity roll, which is literally breathtaking. Pandemonium is a 360 degree swinging inverter ride. Apocalypse is a free fall tower ride, and the floorless stand up free fall is the scariest if not thrilling experience an adventure seeker can have. Thomas Land themed area within the park is great hit amongst the kids. With a nice walk beside the lake in the park is a good way to ease your senses after all the adventure.

There are some interesting events Tamworth offers its tourists or the wandering traveller. The Tamworth Gate Gallop consisting of a 10K race and various children runs and activities is a popular event in July. It's a fundraising event. The Fireworks Spectacular is hugely popular visual spectacle, held in November. The event signs off in style with half an hour of spectacular fireworks synced with music. One needs to be there to believe it. The Tamworth Heritage Festival is another hugely popular event taking one back to the regions unique heritage.

Tamworth offers a little bit of everything for all type of travellers. It's an ideal place to unwind for a week long holiday.

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