The Allure of Ancient Greece

With civilized cities, rich cultures, powerful armies, and abundant mythologies involving the lives of gods and humanity, the ancient Greek culture continues to fascinate us. The influence of Ancient Greek culture can still be felt in every facet of our modern society today. The Olympics Games, music, philosophy, art, theatrical productions and many other recreational activities and hobbies we partake in today were without question pioneered by the Ancient Greek civilization. We must also note that modern democracy was developed from the Athenian government. Although there were limitations based on social status, it was still one of the world's earliest well-developed democracies which allowed majority of the citizens to participate in politics through voting. To sum it all up, it is safe to say that Ancient Greece birthed western civilization.

Collection of ancient artifacts has always been something we as humans have always been drawn to. There's no better feeling in the world than holding a piece of artifact, feeling it crumbling slightly with age, and wondering what the circumstances were at the time it was made. For instance, take one look at the unearthed weapons of ancient Greece and one cannot help but marvel at the scope and brutality of the war fare at that period. One can also deduce that the Greeks were a military might and a force to reckon with. Their armies developed a tight formation with warriors armed to the teeth with sturdy body armor, helmets, long shields, and destructive weapons including swords, spears and dagger blades. These single-bladed swords feature downward cut and were no doubt designed to maximize the force of the blow. Macedonian army also used wide range of projectile tools such as arrows. Judging from the wide range of military tools that have been discovered, it is no wonder the Greeks were considered to be the world's greatest conqueror, even expanding their power to Asia Minor. Greek influence and their military prowess can be clearly seen on the artifacts unearthed from the countries which once were conquered by them.

Other great varieties of Greek artifacts feature the scenes of Greek gods and show us of how the ancient Greek people thought highly of their mythologies. Similar to ancient Egyptian Gods, Greek gods are known for personalities that are similar to that of humans. While they lived in the world separated from the lands of people, they would occasionally interact with people in military affairs, love, and many other aspects of everyday life. The ancient Greeks honored these Gods and their stories by artistically presenting them on their everyday items such as oil lamps and pottery. Majority of Greek pottery feature mythological scenes of Greek Gods and other mythological animals. Battle and hunting scenes were also popular, since they allowed the depiction of the horse, which the Greeks held in high esteem. This form of representation of mythology and culture later on influenced Roman culture greatly, until the spread of Christianity.

With all this said and done, ancient Greek artifacts should be at the top of every serious collector's list. Not only are they aesthetically appealing, they are also highly educational as they give insight into the fascinating world of ancient Greece. A world that gave birth to what we generally refer to as the Western Civilization.

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