Let's Have Some Fun and Laugh

So many times we get so busy in our lives that we forget to have fun. But learning to let go and have some fun and play can benefit our overall health. Not only does having some fun help us emotionally, it can benefit us physically. Having fun will cut our stress and worry and it will decrease hypertension and depression and enhance our energy level. When our body is in a constant state of stress it is damaging to our body, but when we reduce our stress and laugh and have fun it is beneficial to our well-being. So increase your play time and you will increase your longevity and have a good time while you are doing it.

Having fun will add joy to your life by stimulating your imagination, curiosity and creativity. Play will inspire you to think differently and have a sense of lightness so that you don't take things so seriously. Maybe you didn't have healthy role models for having fun. Some people just have an overly serious attitude and don't know how to take a break from their responsibilities. Some people think that they are too busy for something as trivial as having fun and don't give themselves permission to let go and have leisure time. It's not selfish to indulge in fun personal things. It doesn't take away from your family by giving some time to yourself. You may even be able to involve your family and friends in a fun activity. You don't have to have a lot of money to have fun either, just be creative. You shouldn't put off having a good time until later when you have more time, when you have taken care of your responsibilities or when other people's schedule fits with yours. Make time each day for yourself just to have fun.

Don't know how to have fun? Have an evening picnic by candlelight in the backyard or throw down a blanket and have a picnic in the living room (my kids love this), camp out in the backyard, take a walk at dawn to relish the sunrise, do something creative like paint (one of my favorites), write your significant other a love note, take a long bath in scented water with candles and soft music, play queen for a day and pamper yourself, sleep till noon because you stayed up late the night before with some friends, finger paint with your children, run in the rain, take an art class, go dancing or for a bike ride, learn some funny jokes, write yourself a positive message on your mirror in lipstick (don't be uptight, it will wash off), roller skate, fly a kite, engage in an old hobby, look at old pictures and laugh at how you used to look, play a board game, cook a comfort meal, rent or watch a funny movie, visit a zoo or museum, have friends over for a potluck, have a root beer float or eat something from your childhood that brings good memories, go play miniature golf, pick berries, look in the newspaper for local activities, ride a roller coaster, play with silly string or play with a hula hoop, go shopping, learn to play tennis (and laugh even when you have a hole in your racquet), learn yoga, go get a makeover, read a funny book, buy yourself some flowers, play with a child or go get an ice cream cone (or catch the ice cream truck) or anything that makes you smile. Just use your creativity to come up with other things that you would find fun. Having fun starts with a positive and happy attitude.

Ask yourself -

  • What do you like to do to have fun?
  • How do you feel when you are having fun?
  • What is keeping you from having fun?
  • What benefits do you get from laughing and having fun?
  • What new behavior do you need to develop to have more fun?
  • What new activity would you like to try that you think would be fun?
  • Thinking back, what were some things that you did that were really fun?
  • What can you do everyday to have some fun?
  • What have you been putting off that would create fun in your life?
  • Can you laugh at the silly things that happen in your life?
  • Will an attitude change of having more fun in life affect others in your life?

Remember the saying that "laughter is the best medicine?" Studies have shown that laughing and humor actually does help patients heal faster when they are ill. One study showed that after watching a funny movie 95% of participants had better blood flow and 70% had worse blood flow after watching something stressful. Laughing helps fight infections, helps control diabetes, eases pain, reduces allergic responses, lifts your mood and just plain feels good. So everyday have some fun... and laugh!

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