Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 is another tactical action game in the series. Your goal this time is to free China. Just like the episodes in the past, there are thousands of faceless warriors you will defeat in your quest for China's freedom. This new version has plenty of action and fans of the genre will thoroughly enjoy playing the game.

This game is big, providing a massive amount of levels to delve through before you finally finish the game. The storyline, although very similar to those of the past, is enticing and the player will be enthralled at the new characters and graphics. You play mission after mission in this never ending action title. If you played Gundam series before you will be familiar with all the different characters, and probably you will have a favorite personality. The four campaigns making up the story will take days to complete.

All your missions have one goal in mind. Destroy the head of the enemy forces, or degrade their fighting ability to such an extent where they provide no real threat. Eventually you over run their bases and take control. This is how you win the game. You will gain credits and get extra tactical advantages as you proceed. Some of the exciting moments of the game are fighting with your sword and slashing your enemy in half. You can also use explosives to kill huge amounts of enemy soldiers. The more you kill, the higher your score and you will try and get the highest score possible.

You can use the gold you earn to upgrade your own army, get new units and renew any equipment lost or destroyed. You can improve your skills and tactics as money can buy anything. This action packed game however, can get boring after a while, as you are basically doing the same thing over and over again. You will be killing the same armies throughout the game, from one level to the next.

The game is addictive and the more you play, the more reluctant you are to put down the controls. You can play co-op and enjoy the company of your friends, and this mode makes the game even more interesting. You can swap ideas and tactical plans with your partners and improve your score.

The graphics have been vastly improved to those in the predecessor. The music is fitting for the game. The narrative is easy to follow and you must heed his instructions and listen to his advice in order to successfully complete your missions. The story is well thought out and logically played out. The developer has ensured that fans get their money's worth. The controls are smooth and despite the massive amount of characters on the screen there is fluid movement without jerking or struggling.

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 is not a game that will appeal to everyone. You need to be a fan of this type of game and you won't be disappointed. Most enthusiasts will be raving for weeks after they finished the game, and may even play it again to relive the exciting entertainment it provides.

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