Lucky to Be Born in the 80's

In my point of view, the 80's is the coolest decade ever. Most of us might be wondering why. The ninth decade of the 20th century, simply known as the 80's, is the time when the social and economic lives of developing countries shifts to industrialization. Discovery of high technologies happened during this time. This era lasted until the nineteen nineties (1990's). This is the last period to embrace the lifestyle of the past before high technologies invades human lives.

As to entertainment, kids of the 80's could only watch movies in movie theaters or at home on a VHS player. We can watch movies together with relatives and friends and get to enjoy the company of each other. In comparison, movies now are available almost everywhere. It is downloadable that one can watch it alone in laptops without companion. In contradictory, the 80's are the first to enjoy listening music to cassette tapes. They are the first to record home videos on video cassette recorders (VCR). They are the first to witness the superpowers of Superman on television and still the first to join the adventures of Indiana Jones.

Then the 21st century arrives and changes most things. Computers do almost everything. Computer assistance is essential even just in personal aspects. Usual routines and activities transforms into a news structure. Social Medias sprouts everywhere, whereas social networking sites are readily available in all places. Now I come to agree with this thought. "Nothing is permanent in this world but change". What matters is if the change is for the better or worse. In opinion, it is for the better. Who would want to go walk for a mile just to chat with some acquaintance? Who would want to scan a lot of books in a library just to research on a single topic? And who wants to do things manually when we can save more time by using these newly improved gadgets?

These modifications then are excellent but just like in most medicines there are side effects in everything life has to offer. We are sacrificing other aspects of life while we are busy relying on these things. We are missing what we are truly looking for. While busy chatting with someone on the internet, we are missing a bond. It is the unbreakable link we build when we are together. While using these upgraded tools on something, we are missing the experience. It is the understanding of accomplishing a task all by ourselves.

We live in different generations. Everyone has tastes and preferences, but not everyone knows what these things means. We realize what matters most in life by experiencing these kinds of things. We can always learn from the past or in the present. As for me, I'm proud of my generation. Although I consider myself a kid of the 90's, I'm still lucky to be born in the 80's.

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