IOS 5 Makes It Possible to Tweet to Your Friends Via Your Apple Portable Devices

The iOS 5 release on 12th October 2011 made millions of Apple device users extremely happy. Now there is no need to get non-Apple apps for using Twitter. The social network is now automatically accessible to all iOS 5 users.

You can tweet from various apps via your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch device which has iOS 5. This is perhaps the main benefit of the new service. You get to sign in only once, which is yet another great advantage. You simply need to go to settings and sign in. Form then on, you can send messages to your Twitter contacts from Safari and YouTube. You can do the same from the Photo, Camera and Maps apps. This gives you the opportunity to share virtually anything that you want from text to music and photos. Tweeting files other than text is made super easy, simple and quick so you do not have to worry about spending a lot of time trying to get the hand of it.

You have the option to add a location to every tweet that you send out. This makes information sharing even more genuine and fun. Given that you can add photos and videos too, you can readily take your friends to where you are right now just by using your portable electronic device. It is worth pointing out that the location mention option is available when you are tweeting from any of the apps. In general, the integration of Twitter throughout the entire system allows you to make the most out of the capabilities of the social network and of the iOS 5 as well.

Your communication via Twitter is made easy by the organizational features iOS 5 offers. The Contacts feature has the capability to apply the user names and profile pictures of all of your Twitter contacts automatically. This makes individual and group communication far easier and more hassle-free. You can readily start typing the name of your contact and the iOS 5 software will give you all the details that you need.

How do you get to use Twitter automatically with the iOS 5 software? The software is available for free download on the official website of Apple. You just have to check whether your device is compatible with the new software. Then you can easily update to it following the available instructions. It is as simple as this. In general, all new iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices have iOS 5 already integrated.

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