The Baby's Sleeping Essentials

Little babies sleep about seventy percent of the day. They also have irregular sleeping patterns, and they can be quite a handful to put to bed. But then, if you're equipped with the right sleeping essentials (e.g. like the Sealy Baby Ultra Rest mattress or the Sealy Perfect Rest crib mattress, etc.), getting the baby to go to sleep won't be any trouble at all.

Today, one will find a ton of baby products out in the market. When it comes to sleeping essentials, a lot of parents actually get surprised because not all of the stuff they end up buying are even necessary. Here are a couple of things that parents often think are needed, but aren't actually really necessary:

1. A Large-Sized Crib

A practical shopper would usually go with a bigger-sized crib because he/she is thinking of long-term use. Though it is indeed budget-friendly to do, it's not actually recommended by the experts. A right-sized crib should be bought for an infant. Meaning, it should be a crib that's just the right size -- enough room to move but not too much to the point that the child can fall out between the bars or get his/her head stuck in its corners.

2. A Pillow

Pillows are always associated with sleeping. When it comes to babies, pillows aren't actually necessary. According to medical experts, pillows aren't recommended for children 2 and below because they might suffocate on it. In case you'd really want to give the child a pillow, get one of those non-suffocating and hypo allergenic types.

3. A Mobile

Mobiles are those little rotating trinkets that are hung from the crib, right above the baby's head. Even to adults, looking at a spinning mobile is somewhat hypnotizing that it can make you fall asleep. Though mobiles can indeed help in putting a child to sleep, it's not really a requirement. Truth is, experts won't even recommend to have a mobile hung the whole day or night long as this might have a negative effect on the baby's eye sight.

4. Lullabies

Soothing lullabies can surely send someone to dreamland. However, this is also an option if you'd like to play lullabies for the child or not. Moreover, one should take note that every child is different, and there are really children who can't sleep when there's any noise (yes, even music like lullabies). So playing lullabies only works on a case to case basis.

These are just four of the many other things that most people don't totally understand about the baby's sleeping essentials. One other point that parents ought to understand about babies and sleeping is that you could actually find a way to somehow "regularize" his or her sleeping pattern. Doing so just requires establishing a regular routine.

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