Break Into The Acting Biz

There are many actors who may only do TV commercials or soaps or radio spots. It is entirely possible to make a comfortable living doing so. While being relatively lucrative, there is also a lot of competition. Because of the advancement of technology, it's easy to that camera and voice presentations can be made almost anywhere, and the ad agencies, independent film and video production houses are still employing thousands of actors annually.

The majority of actors are employed in television commercials, which makes the landscape even more competitive. Luckily, media companies are continually casting for new talent to fill the hundreds of available roles for its productions.

The roles needed vary widely from stunt people, actors and actresses to people who can do voice-over for animated films and commercials. The process of getting an audition is a simple as searching, finding and applying for the role. It now appears that in many of the cases, the use of high priced agents may no longer be necessary. With casting calls being held nationally and internationally, you can easily submit yourself for any role that you desire and you will be contacted with further instructions.

A winning audition will require some preparation on your part. Almost all areas of life retains a competitive spirit, and much will depend on self-confidence, the assertiveness and the ability to express yourself in a public context. The experience of an audition can also be valuable throughout a lifetime, regardless of,or independent of any career choice. Avoid approaching the audition with an attitude of desperation. Most successful actors can learn to relax, in whatever apparent state or situation. It is a needed skill that should be practiced and developed throughout your career. It should be fun and the experience should be cherished.

Depending on the role, and the type of audition, there may be different approaches and requirements. Here a some rules that should be followed.

  • Be on time and bring along a headshot and a resume.
  • Singers should be prepared to sing contrasting vocal styles, and do the very best in telling a story through the words and music. You may also be asked to learn additional material.
  • Actors can be given one minute to do a comedy monologue. They may also be asked to improvise, or read additional material.
  • Musicians should bring their own instruments, and demonstrate technical, lyrical, and improvisational skills in three short selections. The opportunity is provided to display showmanship in addition to your proficiency. Remember, this is show business.
  • Dancers, character performers and look-alikes are also asked to demonstrate proficiency in specific skills.
  • To be credible as a performer requires that you develop some discipline in your preparations. A lot of time and investment of your self in practice routines will more than likely result in your audition reflecting the best of your abilities. Your approach of self-confidence and purpose can result in a call-back than can possibly launch your career as an actor.

Thinking of the audition as a chance to show your skills can increase your chance of success.

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