Video Promotions for Your Product Increase Sales

In today's world of advanced digital media, there is absolutely no need to overemphasize upon the fact that visual media has an impounding effect on human brains. Shrewd marketers have woven upon this fact and have already capitalized on this universal fact.

About two or three decades ago, written text was the primary means of advertisement and humans had not developed much in the field of visual media. For the advertisement of an engineering college at a remote place, written ad text in the newspaper which described the entire college, the fee structure and other facilities offered by the college, were considered the choicest. People were not aware of the drastic impact that a simple two-minute video of the same college would have had on the public minds, and also the visual medium of advertisement was not rampant at that point of time, so advertisers resorted mostly to written advertisements.

We need to understand why video of a product/service is the best option for the boost of its sales. According to comScore, an Internet marketing research company, 80 percent of the worldwide internet users watch online videos. Near about 85 percent of the U.S internet audience viewed online video the previous month, with the duration of the average online content being 6.1 minutes, while the average online video ad was forty seconds. YouTube ranks first with 152 million views followed by rest of the companies like Facebook, Yahoo and Viacom. Old Spice body wash sales have shooted up by 107 percent due to YouTube videos and Twitter responses by fans. So visual marketing materializes on the fact of availability of a giant audience for response. So visualization becomes the biggest promoter of any product or service.

It is as simple as thinking that a pictorial image appeals more to the mind than an essay written on the same subject. Surveys say that humans remember about 15 percent of what they hear, 30 percent of what they read, but about 80 percent of what they see. So visualization is the most impactful mean to drill through a human brain. That's why the world is being taken by 3D animation. We see a fizzy 'Appy Fizz' dancing to the tunes of cool music, or an MRF wheel outdoing a group of wheels in an animated race. Animation has grown to such an extent that an entire industry has formed working on this area. Advertisements have formed where an entire hospital or a park is animated and 3D advertisements are formed. The promotion of all the spheres has increased since animation has ushered in. The sales of Cadbury DairyMilk almost doubled after the release of its animated advertisement. Because of this animation effect, the product itself enchants the audience. The drive to buy the product will increase since the mind will be caught in the dance moves of the product itself.

Thus a video for any product brings in the pinnacle of its sales because we have entered into a world of visualization and having understood that, the world has already begun to capitalize on that.

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